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BB10: Go Jerry! Go Jerry!

CBS has released this little teaser video from inside the BB10 house. And I gotta tell ya, Jerry cracks me up.


Also, Joker’s Updates has a quote from Watch! magazine, which credits Allison Grodner with revealing that there’s a secret room in the BB house that may come into play later in the season. The magazine also has a bunch of errors, so who knows if it’s true or not. But that could be one of the upcoming twists, since there were rumours to this effect a while back.

The hours are ticking away until the premiere! The feeds will kick in right after the premiere (sometimes they wait until the premiere has aired on the east coast, but they haven’t for the past few seasons), so if you want to be ready, here’s where you can sign up: Big Brother Quarterly (save 10%!). Canadian users click here, Mac Users click here.

For more on Big Brother, visit SirLinksALot: Big Brother 10 and Big Brother 10 News.

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