BB10: HoH Spoiler, Another House Tour, and Jen Johnson's Impressions of the Hamsters

More news from CornerOfficeX over at Reality BBQ – this time he’s revealed who the first HoH is. Click on “show” to find out!

[spoiler]Our first HoH is Jerry, and he’s having a tough time deciding who to nominate. The food comp has taken place, and of course, half of the houseguests are on slop. Surprisingly (at least to me), Renny is the one who appears to be annoying everyone. Maybe she’s overdoing the Judy Garland impressions?[/spoiler]

And now for this morning’s Early Show clip … 52 cameras, 95 microphones, 13 hamsters …


One thing that the video doesn’t tell us is that there’s no microwave in the kitchen this year, since it’s not “retro.” How will the hamsters ever survive without this mod-con?

Also, Jen Johnson from BB8 had the chance to interview the houseguests, and her opinions can be found right here. Now, after all of the videos and clips and bios, my least favorite hamster is, by an extremely wide margin, Dan. And reading what Jen had to say about him was hilarious. Definitely worth a read – it looks like she actually has an editor this season.

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