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BB10 House Tour Video, Cast Dissection, Spoilers, and More!

Apparently CBS doesn’t love us Canadian BB fans, because their house tour and cast videos are not available to us. Thankfully, there’s YouTube! Here’s the new house, complete with the BB Diner, a white picket fence, and lots more. Tacky tacky tacky!


Don’t ask me what’s up with the music – it’s the best one I could find.

LauraBelle and I were on Blog Talk Radio again yesterday, dissecting the new BB cast. It was a fun show, and if you’d like to listen in, just head right on over.

In other news, Reality BBQ is kicking some major spoiler ass this season thanks to member CornerOfficeX. He’s the guy who correctly spoiled the cast list, and now he’s got some news about the hamsters, who have now moved into the house. Want to know what the “game begins before they even enter the house” thing was all about? Here you go:

[spoiler]The hamsters voted on the first HoH before going inside, based solely on looks. Apparently we might be surprised who was chosen. My money’s on Jerry.[/spoiler]

Also, Angie is the only smoker in the house. Jerry is bunking with Brian and Jessie. And Memphis was the first one to find and wear the Davey Crockett hat. Okay, so these aren’t exactly riveting spoilers here, but at least we’ve got a taste of what’s happening!

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