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Next Action Star — Winners Announced

Tonight was the finale of this Reality TV show. Originally, it was supposed to be two-hours. For some reason, NBC chose to cut it down to one-hour. Last week, we had six contestants vying for the title. This week, we started with four. Melisande and John were cut in footage the network didn’t air.

We did see a teaser, however, which showed us that when Miss Melisande got cut, she did indeed kiss Jared good-bye and told him she loved him. Wonder if that relationship will work out?

Regardless, the final four were Jared, Jeanne, Sean and Corinne. Jared got struck in the nether regions by Sean, who said he was aiming for his stomach with that football. That was probably one of the funnier scenes of the season. Sad, huh?

Jared actually felt very unloved without his fair lady Melisande. He and Jeanne argued. He and Sean, well, you read about that already. Corinne even had a verbal sparring match with her good buddy Jeanne because neither of them wanted Jared as her scene partner.

Oh well. Jared did win the NetZero obstacle course challenge so he got to eat lunch with the producer and director of the movie. He used it as an opportunity to promote himself and ask questions. He also hinted that John might not be right for the part, but every so slightly.

When he got back, the group went to their final acting class with Howard Fine. Howard didn’t choose who to give the casting card to in their session, which was a little unnerving for the final four. Later, host Tina Malave announced that Corinne would win that coveted position.

She, of course, chose Sean as her partner, leaving Jeanne and Jared to fight it out. Jared allowed Jeanne to take the part he wanted, which was decent.

Before the screen test, the group had a party for Sean’s birthday. Jared made Sean, the macho-man, a pink cake with a Barbie™ appliqué on top. They all ate cake, played with balloons and laughed in the hot tub.

There was even a birthday card signed by their former housemates, who have long since been booted off.

The next day was the screen test. Everything didn’t go according to plan. Corinne and Sean fought quite a bit. Jeanne and Jared didn’t argue. However, Jeanne kept her distance which was to her disadvantage because she had all sorts of troubles with the stunts.

In the end, the group got to go to a screening of their final test. The previous players except for Viviana, who quit the show, returned for hugs, tears and cheers.

Corinne and Sean won the title of Next Action Star. They will both be starring in the movie to air next Wednesday on NBC at 8pm EST/7pm CST.

I’ll review that here next week.

–Panndyra, Goddess of Chaos


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