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Accusations and Meltdowns – Big Brother 5, July 27

by Wumple

The episode picked up right after Drew made his shocking nominations of Nikomus and his fellow horseman’s bed buddy, Holly.

After the nominations were announced, Holly and Jase retreated to the bathroom in order to kick off “Pityfest 2004”. Holly was visibly upset, wanting to know what was going on. Without having much to say, Jase and the horsemen gather to discuss Drew’s nominations. Drew defends himself quite nicely by saying that she (Holly) is driving a wedge between the horsemen, and they need to get rid of her before it’s too late. He also brought up a good point that it would be a good way for Jase to save face with the other housemates if he got rid of Holly. The horsemen buy it, and leave satisfied with his decision.

Meanhile, Holly begins to work her ditsy magic, trying to make Diane promise she won’t evict her. Diane can’t keep a straight face, and gets out of there fast! Holly then confronts Drew about her nomination. Drew doesn’t seem interested, and stands by his nominations, leaving Holly even more upset.

Next we get treated to more of Jase’s ego, and his undying obsession with Brad Pitt. Explaining how he loves Brad Pitt, he admires Brad Pitt, he wants to be Brad Pitt! Much to the dismay of his fellow housemates, he constantly talks about him, telling stories and showing off his vast Pitt knowledge.
Marvin: “Brad Pitt oughta sue his ass for slander any time he say he look like Brad Pitt… you look like a damn arm pit!”

After sitting on it for awhile, the horsemen begin to discuss what a bad move Drew made.
Jase: “He hardcore betrayed us dude”
Once again they corner Drew in the HOH room and begin to make him feel like crap. They keep saying what a dumb move it was, and Holly would never nominate us and blah blah blah. Eventually Drew broke down and began to cry! Confident with his work, Jase began telling Holly that she’s going to be safe and that she will have a 5 out of 6 chance of being taken off the block.

Elsewhere, Scott and Michael begin to work over Nikomus. Telling her that Drew made a bad move and that one of them (Holly and Nikomus) needs to be taken off the block and replaced with Marvin. Of course these are lies, and their true intention is to get Nikomus to pick Cowboy for the the veto challenge, increasing their odds of winning.

Next up is the Veto challenge. It is a casino style betting game, where each participant takes turn being the dealer. They much choose a card and read the question on it, providing an answer. They can either tell the truth, or bluff and give any answer they please. The others must then wager if they believe the dealer is bluffing or telling the truth. The dealer will then reveal the real answer and collect the chips of everyone he has fooled. At the end of the competition, the person with the most chips wins veto. For the competition- Drew chooses Scott, Holly chooses Jase, and (in a shock to the horesmen) Nikomus chooses Adria. After several rounds of action, Nikomus and Scott were in a dead heat. But in the end, Scott’s limited vocabulary screwed him, (as he didn’t know what “confide” meant.) and Nikomus claimed the veto prompting Diane to pull a page right out of the horsemen’s book by running and jumping around like an idiot.

After the veto, Big Brother broke down into an episode of “Paradise Hotel”. After striking a deal with Marvin, the horsemen and Holly began trying to bully Diane about her actions.
Holly (in her most obnoxious voice): Diaaaaaaane! Why didn’t you give me a hug after I lost? Do you not like me?
Diane: You guys do back flips everytime someone on your side wins so…
And with that it was on. The guys began taunting her about it, and when she left Holly wanted to follow her to “confront” her. Following her into the backyard, Holly and the guys started jabbering on about how she’s lied to them the whole time and that she can’t be trusted blah blah blah (Nothing anyone was saying really made much sense because only Nikomus and Holly were sober). Jase even went so far as to say that Diane named her alliance, and then he and Scott told her that she had better win HOH next week or else she’ll be gone.

Up next, they show the Adria and Natalie switch. After this, Adria has a talk with Drew in the HOH room. Drew confesses that he is being presurred by the guys to put her up if the veto is used. He also confesses “outside this house I hate these guys. I don’t like them as human beings”. After a long a desperate attempt by Adria to save herself, they hug and leave. At the Veto meeting, Nikomus saved herself, and Drew was forced to nominate Adria in her place.

Who will be evicted Thursday? What will become of the twin twist? Does Jase really look like Brad Pitt? Will Scott find someone to “confide” in? All these questions and many more will hopefully be answered soon.

btw- An ad during The Amazing Race last night said that if Adria was evicted, Natalie will enter the house. 😕


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