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Last Comic Standing – Wildcard Show

Tonight was the WildCard show. Woo hoo! Corey Holcomb, Bonnie McFarlane, Jay London, Ant and Todd Glass got a chance to perform. The winner of tonight’s show will be announced Thursday at 9pm EST/8 pm CST.

Winners are chosen by the popular vote. There’s quite a bit of rules and regs involved in voting. I hope Floridians can keep up. (Sorry, but…after the last election…well, the jokes just write themselves!)

In a nutshell,

You can vote only three times per email address, phone line or cell phone for your favorite comic.

Texting is subject to charges by your cell phone carrier. Most carriers are excepted. 4(LAST) and the number of the comic you want is the number you text your message to.

Toll free phone lines are set up. Voting is for two hours after the show ended.

Email votes are done via internet at http://www.votenbc.com. You can vote thrice 🙂 (that’s three times!) per email addy. Well, if you’re like me and have more than a few email addresses, you can vote hundreds of times, potentially 🙂 But…I didn’t suggest it to you. Those votes will be accepted until 1 pm EST/10 am PST tomorrow!

Now for the comedians.

Corey Holcomb was first. Followed by Bonnie McFarlane. Bonnie had a nice new haircut and joked with the crowd about the whopping 6% that she received as a result of her loss to John Heffron.

Third up was Jay London. He’s a sentimental favorite. I love these lines:

I’m full-time self-employed. I manage my own hair. 😆
I get all my hair supplies at Petco! :clap:

Fourth was Ant. He was funny —- for a change. I guess the pressure of holding up the alliance was off. He had a chance to focus on the comedy. MEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! Me bad.

He had a great joke about boxing:

Gays invented boxing. Two topless guys in silk shorts. C’mon. They’re fighting over a belt and a purse. 😆
(I’d like to see Carson and Kyan on Queer Eye try that!)

The final performer was Todd Glass. I think he was a bit nervous. He didn’t do his best. I still like his style.

Choose the comic you liked the best. Vote more than once and watch the results show on Thursday.

Panndyra OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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