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The Inevitable Check Swap – For Love or Money 4, Episode 3

by aurora

As we join Rachel and her men this week, the guys are facing a daunting task; they must paint Rachel’s portrait for a chance at a private date with her. Rachel is carefully strewn across a love seat wearing a red satin robe, and the men are perched behind easels looking like first-graders with watercolours. The only things missing were their fathers’ old dress shirts worn as smocks.

Mike, ever the romantic, decides to paint something symbolic rather than an actual portrait. David and Caleb, who seem to be art-challenged, follow Mike’s lead. Only Morgan and Chris paint something that resembles a human, and that human may or may not have been Rachel.

Eventually Rachel will choose which painting she likes best, without knowing who the artist is, and that guy will get the one-on-one date. Not only that, but he will also have the opportunity to swap his check with someone else. But before that happens, there are two group dates to go on first.

Mike and Caleb meet up with Rachel in the limo and head out. They arrive at what looks like a ranch where a target and bows and arrows are waiting for them. Mike is over the moon – he says this challenge must have been made just for him, as he’s been doing archery for years. Caleb, on the other hand, has never used a bow and arrow in his life.

The competition, of course, is for alone time with Rachel. Caleb is up first and he hits one of the centre rings on the target – not bad for a first try. Mike then ponders whether he should go for the bulls’ eye or throw the challenge. Huh? Apparently Mike thinks Caleb is someone he could be friends with outside of the show, so he throws the challenge and lets his buddy get the alone time.

Caleb and Rachel head off to have lunch together. They must take a rowboat to the spot where their meal is set up, and Caleb is having trouble. He’s never rowed a boat before either, but makes a valiant effort to get himself and his girl to their picnic. Rachel finds this funny and endearing, and rewards Caleb with a spontaneous kiss on the cheek.

They get along well over lunch, and Rachel confesses privately that she’s surprised by Caleb’s sense of humour and happy that he’s finally opening up to her a bit. After lunch, Rachel tells Caleb that she wants to spend a bit of time with Mike.

She heads over to see Mike, who is still shooting arrows. By the way, I didn’t see Rachel cross any sort of water, not even a puddle, to get to Mike. So the boat was obviously a prop, much to the dismay of Caleb I’m sure! But I digress…

Rachel and Mike sit thisclose together and talk about the mutual attraction they have for each other. Mike tells her that she hasn’t seen the best of him yet, and they kiss. A lot. Rachel comments that their physical chemistry is amazing, but she’s still concerned that he has a sizable check, and wonders about his motives.

On the ride home, Rachel makes a major boo-boo. See, the guys think she doesn’t know this is For Love or Money – they think she’s just there to find the love of her life. But somehow Rachel flubs up and calls Morgan ‘Jordan’, the name of the smarmy host, and Mike and Caleb are onto her. She gets flustered and makes a joke about being bad with names, but the damage has been done. Both Mike and Caleb wonder if Rachel isn’t playing for money herself.

Once back at the house, the boys reveal Rachel’s slip of the tongue to the others. Morgan believes it could have been an honest mistake, but the suspicions run rampant.

The second group date finds Rachel taking Morgan, Chris, and David to a skeet-shooting range. The guys practice while in voiceover, Morgan tells us that this is the ultimate manly-man competition. They’re outside, they’re shooting stuff, and they’re competing for a woman. Does it get any more manly than this? Well yes, but I can’t figure out a way to incorporate fire, beer, and porn into this scenario.

The competition, of course, is to hit the flying target and win alone time with Rachel. Morgan and David both miss their target, but in a suspense-filled slow-motion scene, Chris hits his and wins the time with the fair maiden. Or something.

Rachel and Chris walk off and sit together, where they talk about meeting the right person. Chris feels that Rachel is there for the right reasons, and Rachel thinks he would choose her over the money. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of chemistry between them, however.

It’s finally time to find out whose portrait Rachel picked. The guys line up on the stairs as Rachel enters the house with painting in hand. She says that she would have created an actual portrait rather than something symbolic, so she chose a painting that was a portrait as well. That takes Mike, David, and Caleb out of the running. The winner of the private date and a chance to swap his check is…dun dun dun…Morgan.

They get in the limo together, and for some reason or another Rachel decides to plant a big ‘ole kiss right on his mouth. Morgan is surprised, but in a good way. He thinks that will make his job of sweeping Rachel off her feet that much easier.

They head off to a wildlife reserve and walk around talking and looking at exotic animals. Rachel is impressed and intimidated that Morgan is older than she is and has had more life experiences.

After having a little dinner, Rachel and Morgan go for a walk and find a cosy little hammock set up for them. They cuddle and smooch, and Rachel comments privately that she felt things were going a bit too fast, but she understood that she had started the ball rolling by kissing him in the limo. Morgan is sure that he’s snagged her, and Rachel is sure that he has fallen for her.

Back at the house, the rest of the guys grill Morgan about the date. Morgan denies kissing Rachel, but privately confesses that he wanted to tell the guys that the game was basically over now. Tsk tsk Morgan – you know that the cocky guy never wins!

Prior to the check swap, Morgan asks Mike what he thinks about swapping for Caleb’s check. See, everyone else knows that Caleb is worth a million, but Morgan is unsure. He knows the value of Mike’s check, and he knows Chris has at least $100,000. Mike tells Morgan to go for it – so much for wanting to be friends with Caleb outside the show!

Jordan (who looks like he’s been bathing in self-tanner) meets up with the men for the check-swapping ceremony. Okay, they didn’t actually call it that, but it has a nice ring to it don’tcha think? After some dramatic music and long pauses, Morgan swaps his $1 for Caleb’s $1 million. Caleb looks like he’s either going to throw up or beat the living daylights out of Morgan.

Back in their rooms, the men duke it out a bit. Caleb isn’t that upset with Morgan; he’s angry that someone snitched about the value of his check. Mike sits calmly looking at his fingernails on the couch.

It’s elimination time now, and the guys dress up in their finery and head outside. Rachel says that things are getting down to the wire now, and she has to be careful in order to have options at the end. Smart girl, that Rachel!

Only one guy is leaving tonight, so the first three are obviously safe. They are Mike, Morgan, and Caleb. David and Chris are left, and of course it’s time for a commercial or eight.

Back at the mansion, Rachel calls Chris down first. She likes him, she appreciates that he opened up to her when she asked him to, however…she doesn’t feel that there’s much chemistry between them. Chris is a real gentleman and wishes her the best of luck, saying that the rest are great guys and he hopes she finds what she’s looking for. Way to go Chris – very classy.

Obviously David gets to stay, and he says that he can see himself falling for Rachel. There’s something about this guy that makes me want to take him into my kitchen and feed him cookies and milk, then send him off to watch Sesame Street.

While the four remaining men clink their champagne glasses, Chris is burning his check. He says that this is the closest he’s come to tears during the entire time in the game. Yup, Chris would have taken the cash.

As the scene fades and Chris gets into his cab, we hear Rachel say that it’s crunch time – she has to figure out if she can really fall for one of these guys. If not, she has to figure out how to play them for the money.

Here’s my prediction – no spoilers here, just a hunch. The final two will be Morgan and Mike, with Rachel choosing Mike and Mike choosing Rachel.


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