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Interview With Tina Wesson of Survivor: All Stars

by Grant

Even though Tina Wesson was the first person voted out of Survivor All Star, she says she’d do it again. Her love of the game is obvious, as is her friendliness and fondness for her fellow Survivors. Read on!

[b]After seeing how terribly cutthroat it all got after a while, are you glad that you were voted out first this season? In the Outback you seemed like you were more of a lover, not a fighter, and this season seemed to have a theme of fighting.[/b]

The competitor of course was disappointed that I didn’t stay longer, but the fact of the matter is it was an ugly season this time and as it is I could go to the reunion with nothing but wonderful memories and good will toward everyone which means more than money at this stage of my life!

[b]Your living room makeover on HGTV was beautiful! What was that experience like, and would you consider having another room in your house done on a show like that?[/b]

Thanks so much. I have a new mountain house in North Carolina and would LOVE for HGTV to come give me some help up there!

[b]Were you surprised by anyone you saw in Panama? Surprised to see a few people missing?[/b]

Yes! I think Mike Skupin should have been there no doubt! The rest of the people were there mainly because they were former top three finisher, good looking, or good characters. So I wasn’t that surprized!

[b]Were the friendships you made in the Outback lasting ones, or have those bonds disappeared over the years? Did events that transpired on All Stars change your opinions of anyone?[/b]

I would not trade my friendships from Survivor Australia for anything. We really were a close bunch and I have made life long friends with many of the players. I was on All Star for so short a time I really didn’t formulate any opinion of anyone!

[b]What’s your opinion on the people who chose not to complete their stints in the game? Obviously Jenna M and Sue had personal reasons pop up, but what about somebody like Osten who left for no other reason than discomfort?[/b]

I am so dissapointed when someone quits the game for the sole reason that you have people who really want to play the game and are physically capable and would do anything to be out there. So people who haven’t ever been camping or hates the outdoors, or can’t swim NEED NOT APPLY!

[b]What was your view on the Final two? Who would you have voted for if you had made the jury?[/b]

Rob manipulated not only his tribe but BOTH tribes and he deserved to win the game. Amber only got one vote (Shii Ann’s) the other votes were anti Rob votes, so she won by default in my eyes. If there was no Rob there would have been no Amber.I would have voted for Rob.

[b]Is there any particular experience in your mind that pops out as your favorite Survivor moment?[/b]

Colby and Skupin holding the water buckets on their shoulders. There sheer will was tested and as their knees shook under the weight, they were in a fight to the finish and I was so impressed with their determination.

[b]Was is surprising to you that previous winners were being targetted from the get-go? Do you think you would have stood a better chance at survival with either of the other two tribes?[/b]

No, all of us winners KNEW we would be the first to go. I thought Mark Burnette may make things more fair by putting all of us winners on the same tribe. But such is life. I would have done the same thing if I was a non winner because it is an easy vote. No hard feelings.

[b]What was your impression of Rupert? Had you seen him on Survivor: Pearl Islands before meeting him in Panama?[/b]

Like the rest of America… I love Rupert. Yes I watched him before I went out.

[b]How would you sum up your experience with Survivor: All Stars? Would you ever consider doing it all again?[/b]

Too quick and of course I would do it again, and again, and again!


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