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Interview With Alicia Callaway of Survivor: All Stars

by Grant

No one was surprised to see Alicia cast as a Survivor All Star. Her physical strength combined with a confident attitude made her a memorable force to be reckoned with in Australia. She is as frank and honest with her answers here as she was on the show.

[b]Obviously you’re one of the physically strongest and in-shape people to ever compete on this show, but your individual challenge performance was never spectacular. Were you, at times, holding back so as not to appear a threat?[/b]

Absolutely. The first time I played the game I was voted off specifically because I was a threat, I didn’t want that to happen again.

[b]In the Reward Challenge on the episode you were voted off people named you and Shii Ann as the two people most undeserving of being All-Stars. Before the season, much hooplah was made about Amber being a contestant because she “did nothing to earn her spot there.” As somebody who was with her originally, and somebody who competed with her in All-Stars, do you feel she deserved to be there?[/b]

Amber played the same game this time as she did the first time, the only difference is that she chose to hide behind someone who took her all the way. I think almost every Survivor alumni was deserving to be there, but Amber didn’t have any memorable moments in Australia.

[b]You made some pretty strong comments about Jenna M. leaving the game. Now that you know all of the circumstances and have learned of her mothers’ death, do you still feel the same way?[/b]

Yes, she should have been home with her mom. When she played the game in the Amazon her mom was not doing well. When she came back to do All-Star her mom was worse. Jenna won Amazon, she had nothing to prove to herself or anyone else. I don’t think my comments were strong I think they were honest. I wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

[b]Did you and Big Tom ever consider joining up with Lex, Kathy, and Shii Ann for an alliance or were Rob’s promises still fresh in your mind?[/b]

I wanted Big Tom to approach me but I knew he wouldn’t go against Rob. If I went to him first he would have told Rob. I never believed anything Rob said to me.

[b]If you were put up against somebody in the final two, who would you want that person to be? Why?[/b]

It would have to be Shii Ann because she wasn’t very popular with anyone on the jury.

[b]Were you surprised to see anybody there? Kathy claimed to have predicted all of the cast members – did you do the same? Surprised to see somebody NOT there?[/b]

Like everyone I was surprised to see Amber but I think Mike Skupin should have definitely been out there.

[b]Has your relationship with Rob Marino changed at all? Have you two made up yet?[/b]

I was never close with Rob and nothing has changed about that.

[b]Your fight with Kimmi was one of Survivor’s best moments EVER. Have you two spoken much after the show or are you still on “finger wagging” terms?[/b]

Kimmi and I will never be friends, but we have seen each other several times and we are always nice to each other. We agree to disagree.

[b]Which challenge was your favorite? Which was your least favorite?[/b]

My favorite was the reward challenge when we won the day on the yacht. My least favorite was the barrel roll.

[b]Looking back, do you wish you had done things differently? What and Why?[/b]

No. My down fall was when Sue Hawk left the game, at that point I was on my own. There was no way I could have stopped that from happening.

[b]What’s next for you? What are your plans for the future?[/b]

I’ve done a walk on roll on the show 1/2 & 1/2, my first acting job. However, I’m still pursuing work in broadcasting, which is what I’ve been doing for 3 years. I also have a possible show in development… we’ll see!


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