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Assistant – Episode Three

This has to be the best episode of the Assistant yet. The butler tells the group that today is Andy’s birthday and they need to plan a party for him and keep it a surprise.

Speaking of surprises, Nikeda, who was ousted in the first show, returned to the fold. Most of the crew was upset at her return, but they hid it to get the job done.

Andy whined and yelled and said he was having the worst day of his life. Poor guy. He just wanted to be left alone.

Melissa takes it upon herself to make sure he gets to the party. She finally pursuades Andy to go out.

When they get to the restaurant, there’s a group of people outside and someone asks Andy, “Is it your birthday?” He was all like….”NO!”

The assistants are in big trouble. They invited friends, acquaintances and Andy’s current and ex-girlfriend to the party. The ex throws a drink at Andy and his current lady. She got all psycho.

It was NOT Andy’s birthday, but rather a mix-up. It seems the butler made a mistake. It was ANDY GARCIA’s bday. (Can you say contrived? I know you can!)

In the end, Andy let Nikeda go again. He sent Ebony, the quietest of the crew, along with her. The send-off was like Survivor with the tikis and the torches.

In the end, Andy has trouble extinguishing Ebony’s torch and sets his bushes on fire. Now, that’s good TV.

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