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Big Brother 9 Live Feeds, March 3rd, Part Two – You're Playing the Game Wrong!

Trouble is brewing this evening between Matt and James. Matt thinks that James is after him, so he plans to get under his skin by hitting on Chelsia and spending a lot of time with her. James, on the other hand, is annoyed that Matt has promised his vote to both sides this week and thinks it’s shady.

James is getting antsy. He goes up to the HoH room where Sharon and Joshuah are once again holed up and tells them that he’s getting ready to call Matt out. On what? On playing the game? As much as it pains me to defend Matt, just because he’s not playing the same way James does is not a reason to “call him out.” Besides, both Adam and Ryan have already figured out what’s going on, so who benefits from this?

Chelsia comes up and James tells her to stay upstairs because he doesn’t want her involved in this. Yeah right. Good luck with that. He promises Josh and Sharon that his vote is still solid and they can still count on him, but he’s had enough and it’s time to say something to Matt.

James goes downstairs and outside, quickly followed by the other three. He tells Matt, Adam, and Ryan that he wants to have a chat after their pool game. And so it begins. James says that he knows Matt has promised his vote to both sides and he doesn’t like him telling people how he’s going to vote. Please. As if James can keep people from telling others how they’re going to vote. Matt honestly looks like he doesn’t care at all. He agrees that he did, and points out that this is Big Brother. It’s a game. People lie. And he wonders why this is any of James’ business. Dammit, I agree with Matt. That’s not good.

Matt brings up Operation Gardener, and Ryan wants to know what that is. Poor Ryan. He really doesn’t have a clue about things that are going on all around him. Someone tells him it’s about Allison, and that’s all he really needs to know. James tells Matt that he’s shady, and then starts to go inside. Chelsia comes running out and yells at Matt that it’s messed up that she has both nominated couples coming to her and telling her that Matt is voting to keep them in the game. She doesn’t know what to think. I know what I think – this whole situation in ridiculous.

Matt says something about Chelsia and James not telling anyone who they’re voting for, and Chelsia promises that she will tell “when the time comes.” Oh, and when would that be exactly? Sheila pipes up that it’s more stressful to have everything secretive and not know what’s going down. But then she says that people have to play the game the way they want to, and they can’t control others. I’m agreeing with Matt and Sheila. Welcome to Bizarro World.

Matt keeps insisting that “this is Big Brother.” At least the boy knows where he is. He says that he didn’t want people bugging him about his vote this week, so he just told them both he was keeping them. Ryan asks him if he knows who he’s voting for, and he says he does. But he’s not telling. Neener neener. James insists that it’s wrong to make those promises when he’s lying to one of the couples, and Matt counters that he tried to talk to James and Chelsia about the vote, but they wouldn’t discuss it with him. Wow. Matt’s winning a fight that actually requires a bit of logic. Where’s Natalie’s tin foil hat?

Now James is yelling that he burned Matt, so now Matt thinks he’s going to burn everyone else. What the hell? Matt agrees that yes, James broke a promise to him. People please. That’s so last week. Sheila pipes up again and says that keeping the votes secret is stressful, and that they should all just lay everything out on the table. Honestly, have these people ever actually seen the show before?

Chelsia shouts that she and James are playing the game straight up and not being shady, promising votes and then going back on their word. Matt and Natalie are playing the wrong way. Natalie says that they did go back on their word last week. Sheila asks if this means that Chelsia and James are going to say who they’re voting for then, and James starts to backpedal. Chelsia, however, says she will.

Now James wants to know who told Natalie that he’d use her schizophrenic mother against her to break her down and make her cry. Nat won’t mention any names, and when James starts getting riled up again, she says, “god bless you.” Heh. Chelsia says they would never do that to her because it’s sick. Matt actually defends James and says that he didn’t say anything about that.

The argument starts to settle down now, and small groups are breaking off to talk. Ryan tells Matt that this strategy of his might turn around and bite him in the ass when it comes to jury votes. Meanwhile, Natalie is telling Chelsia and Joshuah that they told Allison and Ryan they were keeping them just so that Allison wouldn’t campaign for their votes constantly. Joshuah mentions that the theory has been floated that, if the vote ends up being 1-1, Natalie and Matt will blame Chelsia and James for the dissention. Natalie swears she would never do that. She’s got a point – she’s a terrible liar.

Matt explains to James that he’s in a tough spot, because he owes three couples for keeping him and Natalie the week before, and now two of those couples are on the block and want him to return the favor. James starts to wonder if it’s Chelsia’s fault that he blew up at Matt, because she’s getting paranoid. Matt agrees that the women are messing them up. Ah, there’s the old Matt. Welcome back.

Everything’s back to normal now – well, as normal as one could hope for, anyway. Sharon gives James a massage, and Natalie is telling Sheila her views on this season’s casting. Natalie and Matt are the “cute couple,” Sheila and Adam are the “old married couple,” and she doesn’t know how the hell James and Chelsia even got chosen to move into the house. Sheila agrees and calls James a “young Evel Dick.” Oh no. No no no. That’s just so very wrong, on so many levels.

Joshuah sounds frustrated and fed up. This was supposed to be a simple week for him, with his only aim to get Allison out of the house. All he needs is one single vote, and this aim will be accomplished. Natalie promises him and Sheila that she and Matt are voting for Allison and Ryan.

Allison, who has been thankfully quiet and absent lately, is now talking to Ryan and Adam about trying to buy people’s votes by promising them part of their stipend. Ryan says he’s done this and … flames. Hee.

James and Joshuah are in the sauna with Chelsia, trying to convince her to mess with Matt this week and try to flirt with him. She agrees, and says that she’ll bad-mouth him in the diary room, making fun of his lazy eye and chicken legs. This is the girl who plays straight-up, yo.

Matt goes upstairs to talk to Sharon. He rubs her back, they kiss, he figures everything’s fine again. He even gives the camera a big smile. Bleh – I liked the other Matt better. Marginally better, but still. Joshuah wants to rip up some paper towels and make confetti for Allison’s eviction. Sharon talks him out of it though. Party pooper!

Joshuah and Sharon head upstairs for bed, and the others stand around yapping about sex and game shows and all kinds of stuff. Natalie is busily counting things in the house, preparing for the upcoming HoH competition I guess. She tries to recruit Matt into counting with her, but he gives up when his brain starts to hurt. Which doesn’t take long, of course. Natalie says something about there being 27 letters in the alphabet, so immediately all of her counting is suspect.

Eventually everyone goes to bed. James gets up and has some solo sauna time, and then walks around the kitchen and grabs a snack. He’s up for over an hour before heading back to bed with Chelsia. She must be thrilled that he goes and sweats in the sauna and then crawls back in bed with her without showering. And now all that we can hear on the feeds are the sounds of Ryan and Adam snoring.

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