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Big Brother 9 Live Feeds, March 3rd, Part One – Same Old, Same Old

Big Brother wakes everyone up around 9am this morning, and they’re all unusually quiet. Joshuah plans out his next three days, and his plans include tanning, making hamburgers, sleeping, saying his goodbyes to Allison, blogging, more sleeping, and kicking Allison’s ass out the door. Sounds like a pretty productive three days to me.

Josh is also really tired of talking game with everyone, and I can’t say I blame him. He feels that it’s a straightforward vote this week, so there’s no need for everyone to talk all game all the time.

BB calls an outdoor lockdown, and there’s still very little going on. A little bit of quiet talking, Allison works out, and everyone else is lying comatose in the sun.

The lockdown is over, and a few people go inside. Joshuah decides to go inside, but changes his mind quickly when he walks in and sees Allison in the kitchen. As he goes back out the door, Allison says he’s a control freak, always wanting to see what she’s doing. She looks at the camera and asks BB to sound the siren. Then she goes to the door to watch what Joshuah is doing, thinking that he’s going to come back in any minute now.

Josh eventually comes back in because he wants to make something to eat. As he goes about making meatballs, Allison confronts him again asking why he hates her. He says he doesn’t hate her, he doesn’t care anymore, and as far as he’s concerned she’s already gone. He just wants to make his meal in peace. Allison keeps pushing though, and it turns into another ridiculous shouting match where they insult each other with the same lines they’ve been using since Wednesday night. Even Joshuah says he’s tired of doing this.

Allison goes to find Matt and asks for reassurance about the vote. He says that she’s golden, because he thinks the vote will be 2-0 to keep her. She wants to know why he won’t tell James that he’s voting for Sheila/Adam, and he says that he doesn’t want everyone to know that he’s voting to keep her because then they’ll all be on his back until Wednesday. Matt adds that James isn’t telling anyone how they’re voting anyway, so it doesn’t matter. Allison thinks they should all just come out and be honest that they’re keeping her this week. She reminds Matt that she single-handedly saved him last week. Of course she doesn’t mention that she also single-handedly put him in jeopardy last week. But whatev.

She goes back inside and trades barbs with Joshuah once again. This is getting old. If they could come up with some creative new insults, that would be one thing. But this is the exact same argument recurring every few hours.

Allison goes to Ryan and asks him once again to stand up for her and protect her from Joshuah. A little light bulb goes off over Ryan’s head, and he asks, “Are you scared of Josh?” Time to backpedal! Allison says no, of course not, she just doesn’t want to put up with his shit all the time. Heh. And she’s positive that he’s going to “start something.” Even though it’s her who usually starts the bickering. Ryan can’t be bothered, and tells her to just ignore him, walk away, or stay away from him all together.

Now Allison heads outside, looking for fresh ears to bombard with her tales of woe. She finds Sheila, and tells her that she has lots of gay friends and has never had any of them treat her this way. Sheila, who gets major props from me, asks her why she would generalize like that. Allison is once again playing defense, saying that’s not what she meant, she just doesn’t understand it.

Sheila says that the reason she and Adam can’t win any competitions is because he gets nervous before them and then they can’t function together as a team. That and the fact that she can’t get a full nights’ sleep because he snores so much.

Natalie and Allison talk about the other hamsters, and Allison says she can’t believe that people would stoop so low as to bring personal issues into the game. I can see this as a montage on the show, with that line followed by all of the personal things Allison has tossed around during her time in the house. Then again, they only have an hour for the show …

Natalie is still thinking that James is planning to attack her or try to break her down. Did no one explain the misunderstanding to her? She tells Allison that however many times James insults her or comes after her, that’s the number of blessings she will receive in return. Oy.

Sheila seems to think that Adam’s surplus of cigarettes is what’s going to keep them in the game. She’s sure that James will vote to keep Adam, because James is out of ciggies.

Allison and Ryan are together in the hammock, and she’s telling him that the siren thing was obviously designed by BB to save them. She thinks that America must love her, and must be heavily involved in the game, so there’s no way that she’ll be evicted this week. Someone give this girl her stipend so she can buy herself a clue. She tries to get Ryan to go to Joshuah and talk to him, sticking up for her in the process, but he has no interest in doing so. He tells her that he’ll jump in if Josh goes after her before a competition or something, but if it’s just personal stuff or things that have nothing to do with him, then she needs to defend herself.

James and Adam are playing pool, and discussing Matt and the vote this week. James says that Matt told Ryan he has his vote this week, and Adam admits that Matt told him the same thing. James is upset because he says that Matt’s waiting for James and Chelsia to tell him who they’re voting for, and he’s just going to jump in and do the same thing. I don’t know why this is a big deal, but apparently it is.

There’s some chatter about how the prize money will be awarded in the end, and whether it’ll be split between couples. James thinks they’ll be in couples until the end, and each person will get $250,000. Sheila isn’t sure. She brings up her book deal, and James says that she shouldn’t talk about it too much because the others will think she doesn’t need the money if she’s writing a book. Ha! I hate to break it to you James, but if your name isn’t Dr. Phil or JK Rowling, you’re probably not going to get rich by writing a book. It’s possible, but unlikely. Getting published is one thing – raking in millions is quite another.

Here’s a drug safety message from Joshuah and James: never do drugs alone. You know, just in case something goes wrong, you’ll have an equally stoned person around to look after you.

Sheila is concerned because someone told her that Allison and Ryan would be the best couple to take to the end of the game, since no one wants Jen to get her hands on any of the prize money. If that’s the case, didn’t any of these geniuses figure out that there’s money to be won for second place too?

Coming up … James has a bee in his bonnet, and its name is Matt.

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