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Assistant – Episode Two

I can’t believe I came back to watch the second installment of this show. Of course, I say that, but I just do it for effect. I must admit that I am getting hooked on the sheer craziness that Andy Dick brings to TV. (Remember NEWS RADIO!)

Anyway, this week Andy has chores for all of his assistants. He makes Anna, a really attractive brunette, wash his car. Then, he and his friend, Jonathan…who Andy affectionately refers to as the “Littlest Groom” ‘cuz he’s a little person and about to get married, take the car out for a spin and get it so dirty, it’s almost unrecognizable. Anna has to clean it again.

Then, there’s Colin, the handsome wanna-be model with Ashton Kutcher good looks. Andy, in his oh-so ambisexual way, is appreciative of Colin, Anna and a few of the other assistants. Anyway, I got off track. Colin had to look for a lost lens in Andy’s pool. It took him all day to try and find it. Then, Jonathan dives in and grabs it, showing Colin up.

Poor Colin. He is afraid he’s on his way out for this faux pas.

Stefani is a goth-chick with lots of tats and piercings. Andy decides to have her tame his cat for commercial work. It doesn’t work out too well and you wonder if Andy is just setting these kids up to fail.

Melissa and Ebony had to read scripts for Andy. He said he can’t read so he needs them to act the scripts out for everyone, which they do commendably despite their reservations.

Sarah and Jeff have to cook dinner. They work all day on it and Andy hates everything about it. Sarah tries to keep her cool, but Jeff loses it, and calls Andy a few names, behind Andy’s back, of course.

However, what the group doesn’t realize is that Andy has cameras everywhere. He’s like BIG BROTHER —the Orwell book, not the show—watching them all to catch their screw ups.

In the end, the group appears before the judges just like in America’s Next Top Model. (Too bad Janice Dickinson wasn’t there. At least she’s got personality!)

Andy again removes two assistants from the crew. He takes out Sarah and Jeff as a team, more for the attitude than the crappy food.

———-Panndyra, Goddess of Chaos


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