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Big Brother 9 Live Feeds, March 2nd – Part I, Allison Completely Losing It

Big Brother starts things off this morning waking the houseguests up by playing Hungry Like the Wolf. Next we’ll have HGs guessing that when a bells sounds, a goat will walk in and sit down with them at the dining table. Or, maybe he’s one of Allison’s lifelines.

Sharon’s at it early this morning telling Josh that James told her that Matt and Allison have a secret alliance, but he made her pinky swear to not tell Josh. Well, that worked great! Apparently James hasn’t even shared this info with Chelsia. Josh figures this is why Allison is working extra hard for James and Chelsea’s vote, thinking it will then be 2-0. Neither of them figure James would steer them wrong on this, but they know they now can’t trust Matt as he has told them he doesn’t have any alliances in the house.

We get flames for a bit, and when we come back, Sharon is telling James and Chelsia that you can’t have sex with animals. I don’t even want to know.

Sheila is back to talking about Allison behind her back, saying how desperate she is. She finds a willing ear in Josh. She thinks she’s a hypocrite, too, as she was so against the orgy the other night, but she’s now having sex with everyone just to get votes. Chelsia comes into this saying she won’t vote for anyone just because she made out with them, yet, she chides Sheila a little bit for talking shit behind Allison’s back but not telling her to her face.

Allison’s in the backyard pretty much doing the same thing to Sheila and wanting Ryan to back her up. He’s not into the drama, though, and tells her she should go confront Sheila herself. Chelsia asks for the drama to happen in the backyard so they can all hear, but Allison goes to talk to Sheila in the bathroom. Allison tells her she has sex with lots of people, not just for votes. She just wants to have a little fun in the house.

They go back and forth and Allison even insults Sheila as a parent. Sheila asks Allison why she wouldn’t make out with Ryan in the pool, and she claims it’s because she has great respect for Jen. Does she seriously expect anyone to believe that? She claims to have made out with lots of women before and says Chelsia wasn’t the first. When Sheila doubts this, Allison asks if Sheila wasn’t the one claiming to be bisexual at one point.

In the back yard, Adam is telling everyone Sheila acts like a little kid, and Natalie explains to everyone they don’t need to worry about the votes, as they did the “holy matrimony” thing on the house last night. Yeah, they married the house last night in the eyes of God. The after-effects are Sheila telling Josh and Sharon everything that Allison said, and Allison and Ryan, still sure that Josh and Chelsia are going up, thinking they’re screwed now, because Sheila will be voting. He tells her she’ll have to make it right again with Sheila, and Allison just blames it all back on Ryan, saying he told her to go talk to her.

It’s all coming down on Allison today. She and Sharon go up to the HoH, and Sharon confronts Allison about the word asinine again, saying she knows she said it. Chelsia comes in and the talk goes back to Allison making out with Chelsia for votes. While Josh and Chelsia talk and listen in the HoH bathroom, Sharon sits out in the HoH bedroom to listen and sometimes partake in the argument between Sheila and Allison. Sheila feels like whenever she tells Allison something, Allison treats her like something under her shoe.

Ryan breaks it up as Sheila asks if she’s now being tag-teamed. He says he was just coming in to check on Allison. Allison apologizes to Sheila, but she’s still wants nothing to do with her. They end up taking it down to the kitchen, and things seem to go a little better down there. Much of this has to do with Allison making out with Chelsia, and it seems like she’s irritated because Allison made her feel bad about doing that before, and now she’s doing it herself.

Josh breaks all this up announcing that the veto meeting is in thirty minutes. There’s a little talk still about this fight as everyone is preparing for the veto meeting. Matt sits outside saying there is going to be a lot of fighting the next few days, and he’s just going to stay out of it. Finally a wise person! Chelsia comes outside and James asks for a boob shot. So much for that moment we were having.

Allison complains about Ryan not letting her be herself to Natalie, and she certainly understands, as Matt won’t let her talk. She wants to be herself, too. She thinks Matt is probably the chattiest person, not herself. Sheila tells Sharon if she had been alone earlier, Allison who have tried to manipulate her like she usually does. Sharon thinks it will be funny when Allison and Sheila are on the block together, and she’s going to think her and Chelsia have gelled, but that’s not the case. Sharon know Chelsia is just playing a game with Allison.

Coming back after the veto meeting, the results are as expected, Adam and Sheila are the replacements for Matt and Natalie. Allison tells Natalie she was really glad it wasn’t Chelsia on the block against her, and Chelsia overhears, saying so is she. Matt tells Adam he already has his mind made up who he’s voting for, assuring Adam he has his back.

Sheila’s feeling sick for saving Allison the first time around, and Natalie figures it’s only going to make her play with James and Chelsia, which Sheila says already happened the night before. With Sharon also in the conversation, Sheila adds that Allison tried to touch her compassionately during the PoV meeting when her name was called, and it made Sheila sick, knowing it was for TV only, so she didn’t want to be touched. Plus, we know where those hands have been.

James and Chelsia are laying in bed and decide if Matt and Natalie vote for Allison, then try to blame the vote on them, they’ll break Natalie down and make her life hell. I don’t think it would take long to break her down. They could probably just hide her tin foil hat. James looks at Chelsia and decides he needs better words to describe her than beautiful, stunning, and captivating, and believes she makes him look ugly. Those types of relationships never work.

Sheila, Sharon, and Natalie continue to talk, deciding it was a low blow for Allison to bring Sheila’s son and Josh’s boyfriend into all this. The hole in between the rooms is going to make Sheila sick as she listened to Allison try to save herself with James and Chelsia. Natalie says if that happens, she’ll throw up all over them and asks what she can eat that will be gross coming back out. Isn’t everything? They decide slop would be the best for this.

Adam and Matt play pool in the backyard, and both say Allison has to go. Well, yeah, of course Adam would think that now! They want to go to final three with Josh, and think one of them should win HoH next week and put Josh/Sharon and James/Chelsia on the block, since they’re the only couples that haven’t been up yet. Allison just seems to be going crazy through all this, sitting there washing her laundry by hand and talking to herself, mentioning something about having tarantula eyes, a third eye, and no style. Soon she’ll be singing “They’re coming to take me away, ho-ho, hee-hee, haha.”

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