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Big Brother 9 Live Feeds, March 1st – Part I, Allison Makes the Rounds

I’m beginning to get this seaon’s Big Brother group figured out. Instead of only one or two people doing it, everyone will promise everyone else to save them and will throw everyone else under the bus. Everyone will also at least make out, if not have sex with, everyone else, male or female, doesn’t matter. And, they even mix the two, as everyone will make out with everyone else, thinking they can now MindF*** them. They are one big disillusioned group, and I’m looking forward to the day they all get out of the house to find they don’t have an adoring public waiting for them, and except for one person, aren’t getting a huge chunk of money, meaning they whored themselves out for nothing.

Within minutes of waking up, Matt and Ryan are already talking about taking out Josh and Sharon next week. Pretty presumptuous, considering they’re both on the block, although one of them just won PoV. They talk about the lying lesbians, and while Ryan tells Matt it was all made up, Matt says it wasn’t a good move. Which just means Sheila and Allison are no better or worse off than anyone else in the house.

Meanwhile, Sharon is already counting on final three, since she’s so well-liked. See what I mean? Allison is talking to Natalie, telling her she has no idea why Sheila flipped on her the way she has and why she’s being so mean now.

The girls were mentioning earlier about being upset that it’s too cold to lay out, so Sharon figures on catching up on her Bible-reading today. She has about 30 Psalms left, and then she’ll get to the Proverbs. I wonder in which of those it says to whore out yourself to the man of another team so that you can control him and make final three.

Allison thinks if James and Chelisa go up, they’ll go home, and Ryan is telling Matt that if James and Chelsia go up, he and Allison stand a better chance. Matt disagrees, saying they’d have a better chance against Sheila and Adam, yet no decisions have been made yet.

Looks like we have another Whamber on our hands. Natalie tells Sheila that she believes everything happens for a reason. So do I, but Natalie is saying once she started reading the Bible, crazy things started happening in her life. She visualized winning PoV and having it around her neck, and it happened. I wonder if she also sees herself on America’s Next Top Model after the show. She also tells Sheila that Allison asked why Sheila was so mean to her now. Sheila explains Allison thinks she’s better than everyone because she’s never had a yeast infection. Back to that again?

Sharon thinks her plot to control Matt is working and thinks he’s really trying to suck up to her, so is planning spending the day in the HoH, hiding out. She ought to get plenty of Psalms and Proverbs read that way.

The Allison/Sheila war continues, as Allison tells James and Chelsia that she’s going to talk to Sheila, but thinks it will be a wasted conversation, as she’s a good actress, and she has no idea what she’ll concoct this time. She again is asking why she turned on her. Sheila wants a wall between them. Yet, Allison so loves James and Chelsia. She and Ryan will push them to the end. Because, you know, she and Ryan must have been doing so well in the game, with James and Chelsia barely hanging on, so they really need her help apparently.

Adam wonders to Chelsia if there are hot chicks in Iowa. What does he think, it’s an entire state of dogs? She says all her friends are cute, especially one that is drop-dead gorgeous. He wonders if she turns Chelsia on. In previous years, this info would have sent him to Howie’s jack shack, but they no longer have a use for that, as they just do it out in the open.

With a conversation that starts on the possibility of another All-Stars, they figure Erik and Evel Dick would come back for it. Ryan knows Erik screwed too many people in the game, then blamed it all on Nick. Nick also got screwed for dating Danielle, but Chelsia points out he’s now with Jen from their season, which garners many ewwws. Matt thinks at least he got to bang both of them. I’m sure Erik’s and Dick’s blogs will be lit up after this.

Ryan, apparently forgetting his own Jen more and more by the minute, asks Chelsia when they’re going to shower together. Matt is asked where Natalie is, and he says talking to Sheila. He set her up on “a play date” today. Okay, it’s bad, but it’s really funny. Allison corners Adam now, asking him why Sheila flipped on her. Is she going to keep asking people until someone finally tells her the truth, because she was a bitch to her?

Allison now goes straight to the source, finally getting around to asking Sheila why she was distancing herself. She blames it on Allison ignoring her when she came off the block. Allison puts on the fake tears, saying it’s more than just a game. Sheila talks about it being stressful being the odd man out around here. She cries now, loudly, saying, the game is so hard for her and she has no education. Many of the other HGs eavesdrop on their conversation., and Natalie wonders if Allison’s ears are bleeding. Well, mine are.

Natalie tells Josh that Allison is too good at lying and manipulating. She told Natalie earlier that she didn’t trust Sheila, but is down there now telling her she has trusted her since day one. And while she’s saying this, Allison is downstairs telling Sheila that Sheila deserves to stay more than she does. Sheila asks her point blank if she has ever told anyone that she deserves to be in the house more than Adam and Sheila. Allison lies and says no.

Allison moves along her manipulation trail and talks to Ryan, telling him she overheard James telling Adam he’ll vote for Adam to stay. She wants him to work on James a little and says their last ditch effort to stay would be to make a deal with James and Chelsia, but Ryan tells her that just isn’t gonna happen. Why not? Everyone makes deals with everybody.

We lose the feeds and when we come back, the HGs receive the note that Carrie blogged about below.

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