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Big Brother Live Feeds, February 29th, Part Two – Kissing and Telling

When we last left our intrepid hamsters, we were watching BB2 trivia (can they not update this?) and awaiting the results of the PoV comp. We’re back, and Matt and Natalie have emerged victorious. Allison is making something to eat and talking about the comp. Joshuah and Sharon seem happy enough with the result, and promise James and Chelsia that they’re not going up. So that only leaves Sheila and Adam.

Allison complains that the instructions weren’t clear for the competition. Here we go. She claims that she finished first but one of her answers wasn’t right, but she wasn’t aware she could then change it. She tells everyone that James and Chelsia are going up now, and she thinks that this is an opportunity to get them out of the house. Adam and Sheila both tell her otherwise, but she insists that she’s right. Duh.

Adam goes up to the HoH room where Josh, Sharon, Natalie, and Matt are. They all assure him that, even though he’ll end up being nominated, he’s completely safe this week. Operation Gardener is still in full effect. Natalie’s just happy that she gets to stay another week, because that means she’ll get more exposure and more fans. I shudder to think that there could possibly be more Natalie exposure. Pretty sure we’ve seen it all.

Allison seems to think that Matt will either save her with the veto, or that whoever doesn’t go up in Mattalie’s place will vote to keep her and Ryan, along with Mattalie. So she figures she’s completely safe this week. Heh. Sheila goes to tell Joshuah about Allison’s theory about James and Chelsia going on the block, because she thinks they’d vote to keep her.

Matt tells Sheila that she has nothing to worry about this week, that he’s voting against Allison and Ryan. He also asks for a promise that she won’t put him up if she wins the next HoH comp. Sheila agrees to this. She’s pretty sure that America will be voting two people back into the house soon.

Matt then goes to Ryan and tells him that all they have to do now is keep Ryan and Allison in the house, and then one of them wins HoH and they have control of the house.

Meanwhile, Allison is deluding herself with theories that BB doesn’t want her to leave because her feud with Joshuah will be good for ratings. Uh, no. She also threatens to tell everyone that if the vote isn’t 2-0 for her to stay, then she’s not giving “them” her vote from the jury. Are we at the jury sequester point already?

Matt kisses up to Allison for a while, and then we find out why. He tells Adam that he wants a blow job from her before she leaves on Wednesday. He thinks she’ll do anything for votes. You know, except shave her head of course.

Natalie cooks dinner, and afterwards the alcohol makes an appearance. Lots of wine and some beer. Terrific. You know what’s coming next, right? It’s either a big dumb fight between Joshuah and Allison, or we’re getting down and dirty again. Or both, I guess.

Matt, James, and Adam go outside and discuss who they want to have sex with in the house. Matt wants Sharon and Allison. He’d even do Sheila. He says he could have Natalie any time he wants, but doesn’t like her because she’s a lunatic. I guess he’s not completely wrong on that one. James would be happy to just watch and pleasure himself. Aren’t you glad you know that now? Maybe it’ll come up (no pun intended) in BB trivia some time.

Adam reveals that he’d been taking OxyContin before coming in the house. He had a prescription for it because he got bad headaches, but gave it up.

Allison tells Ryan that she has a ton of dirt on Sheila, but she doesn’t want to use it because she doesn’t think she has to. She wants to save it for later on in the game. Honey, if you’re both on the block together, “later on” isn’t going to happen for one of you. They decide to play chess later and Allison will tell Ryan everything.

Natalie’s got her boobs out and she’s squirting milk at James. So, so wrong.

Out at the hot tub, Chelsia and Allison are kissing each other. Yep, you read that right. James joins in, and we get flames. When the feeds come back up, they’re all just chatting. Is BB doing some damage control now? Nope, don’t think so. James goes to kiss Natalie, and Chelsia comes over, pushes James out of the way, and starts kissing Nat herself. Good grief people, you haven’t had THAT much booze.

Matt, who is concerned that Natalie is drinking too much, tries to get her to slow down. She doesn’t want him controlling her, so they have a little tiff. Matt goes to Joshuah to find out where Sharon is. She’s in the HoH room, so he goes up to “check on” her. He tells Sharon about all of the kissing, and wonders if Chelsia and James shouldn’t go up on the block to make sure that Allison and Ryan actually leave this week.

Sharon says that Sheila is happy about going up, because then she can campaign against Allison. Matt says it’s fine, but if the votes end up 1-1, then they know that Chelsia and James can’t be trusted. And then Matt leans in for a kiss, and gets it.

Chelsia and James are making out in the sauna, and Allison catches them. She runs upstairs to tell Matt and Sharon about it. Why? I have no idea. Allison leaves, and Natalie comes up looking for Matt. He’s hiding in the HoH bathroom, and Sharon tells her he’s not up there. Poor Natalie.

Matt and Sharon talk some more, holding hands. Matt says that Alex told him not to mess with Sharon, because she’s “his girl.” Sharon denies that there was anything serious with Alex, and that she was just playing. And then they’re kissing again. And hands are roaming everywhere. And they both seem pretty into it. And then Joshuah walks in. Hee.

Matt leaves, and Sharon tells Joshuah what he just interrupted. She says that Matt really isn’t her type at all (atta girl!) but she thinks that she can control him a little now that she knows he’s attracted to her. Joshuah is all for whoring her out to help their game.

As this is going on, Matt is downstairs telling Ryan that he now has Sharon in his back pocket, and to just let him know who Ryan and Allison want on the block next to them, and he’ll make it happen. Ryan says Sheila and Adam, and Matt tells him it’s a done deal. If I lived close to the BB set, I’d be breaking in right about now and assaulting Matt with a pool cue.

Adam comes out and complains that he can’t “get any” in the house. He’d rather be with a “nasty fat chick” who would do him than Sheila. Add Adam to the pool cue attack list.

Some of the hamsters are getting ready for bed, and for some reason we keep getting flames and trivia. James and Chelsia tell Allison that they’re probably going on the block tomorrow. Then James invites Allison into their bed to “play” for a while. Allison declines, but says tomorrow night it’s a date. That’s great.

James and Chelsia kiss and fool around – they’re facing each other and there’s a lot of movement under the covers. It’s kind of sad when this is standard stuff for an evening in the BB house. I mean, I know some people are tuning in to BB:AD just for this, but wouldn’t you rather see some really good strategy discussions, or goofy games, or things that make you laugh? Or is that just me?

After a few rehash conversations, everyone seems to be settling down for the night. No fights, minimal nudity, and only brief make-out sessions, even with the booze. Maybe there’s hope for this crew after all.

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