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Big Brother 9 Live Feeds, February 29th, Part One – Waiting for the PoV

This week’s nominees are Matt/Natalie and Allison/Ryan, just as expected. Last night was probably the most uneventful in the house so far, with the highlight (if you can call it that) being James donning a green unitard from the food comp and prancing around showing off his junk.

Gotta give BB props this morning, as the wakeup song is “Strangers in the Night.” After a brief interlude with the flames, we’re treated to Joshuah, complete with King Dustin’s crown, describing how he’d like to rip Allison’s heart out, take a bite, and then toss it away. That’s going to be difficult to do from five feet away. He follows this with a premonition that he and Sharon are going to win their third competition in a row today.

Allison walks around telling everyone that she has to win the veto competition, because she knows that she’s not well-liked in the house. Gee, what gave her that impression? She’s worried that Ryan doesn’t want it badly enough, and tells him that he has to give it everything he’s got. He knows, but she doesn’t feel enough energy coming from him this morning. The dude just woke up, give him a break.

Natalie’s had a premonition about the comp, and apparently she “knows” it will have something to do with lifting and possibly endurance. That’s like saying the next HoH comp will have something to do with questions, and possibly involve Julie Chen messing up.

We get flames around noon, but we’re back shortly thereafter. Seems they were just picking the magic ping pong ball to determine the wildcard spot in the comp. Sheila and Adam are the lucky participants. James will host once again.

Sharon tells Allison that the kiss she shared with Alex in the hot tub was completely initiated by him. I don’t remember it that way, and I sure remember her hanging onto him for quite a while afterwards. Allison says that she knew Alex liked Sharon, and that she can usually tell these things about people. Ugh. Can we just evict her now and be done with it?

Joshuah tells Matt that if he and Sharon win the veto, they’ll take Mattalie off the block so that there’s no risk of them leaving. They’ll be replaced by Sheila and Adam. Oh man, let’s hope that doesn’t happen. Sheila will be unbearable.

Everyone’s waiting for the PoV competition to begin, so they’re all just kind of walking around and making small talk. They’re bored. I’m bored. You’re probably bored too.

Allison is still pumping herself up, saying she’s going to be like an animal out there and no one will be able to stop her. She tells James and Chelsia that they’re the only ones in the house that she trusts. No idea why. She’s told Matt and Adam and Ryan the same thing.

Sheila and Natalie decide that they have to get Allison out of the house this week. Well, there’s something new. Snore. Nat says that if Allison and Ryan win the veto, it’ll be the biggest upset in Big Brother history. Wow, I don’t think that would even make the top ten. And this is only season nine.

Heh – Allison is saying that she’d do anything to stay in the house, even break her own hand like James suggested last week. James jumps in and explains to her how to do it – something about slamming your hand repeatedly with the fire extinguisher until it breaks. Ryan says there’s no way he would do that. Then someone asks if Allison would shave her head to stay in the house, and her answer is no. So she’d break her hand, but not shave her head. Gah.

Joshuah, Sharon, and Natalie decide that if Allison stays and someone else comes back into the house as part of a twist, they hope it’s Jen because she’ll make Allison want to leave voluntarily. The viewers will want to leave voluntarily too, kids. Natalie says that Allison told her, “if you hang around with me more, Matt will pay more attention to you.” That’s just cruel.

Just as Ryan and Allison are starting to get into another argument over Allison’s lying, we get flames and then a shot of people praying before the competition. People, if god cared about Big Brother, you’d all be struck down with a mystery virus and we’d be put out of our misery.

Now we’re at the trivia screens of doom, awaiting the results of the veto.

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