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Big Brother 9 Live Feeds, February 28th – Allison, Persona Non Grata

After the food comp, everyone returned to their strategy sessions. Josh, Sharon, and Chelsia talk again about the merits of putting up Ryan/Allison and Matt/Natalie. If for some reason Ryan and Allison win PoV, Matt and Natalie will go home, and James and Chelsia can win the next HoH and put ryan and Allison up again. Why do they always strategize and not plan out the “what ifs” as well?

Once Chelsia leaves the HoH, Allison comes up to talk to Josh and Sharon. She apologizes for what she said this morning to Josh and also wants to know why he’s mad at her. She wants Josh and Sharon to know how much she adores them, they’re her favorite people in the house. She has never felt connected at all to Ryan, and she waits they weren’t partners. She claims to only have flopped with the votes this week because Sheila and Adam refused to. She adds that Ryan was dead set against getting rid of Matt and Natalie.

Before Allison can leave the HoH room to get that Clearance tag for the Brooklyn Bridge, Josh has a few things he wants to say. He’s exhausted and doesn’t want to fight anymore, but is upset with her for starting all this drama saying he wanted to choke her. When he went into the DR, he flatly refused saying anything, and when they played the tape back for him in the DR, it was proven that he hadn’t said a thing. He refuses to talk to her anymore. Allison blames it all on being on Prednisone, Benadryl, and Pepcid.

The next person Allison throws under the bus is Natalie. She asks Sharon if it was Natalie that came to her and told her who she was really after. Sharon says it was, and Allison nearly throws herself on the bus, as she starts to explain how it was all her idea, then stops and says she just can’t believe it because it never happened. Sharon asks her to please not go out there and cause more drama. And … she’s asking this of Allison? The only other worse person to ask would have been Amanda.

Allison leaves, and Chelsia comes in again, talking to Sharon about the plan. They figure they’ll just wait and see what happens with PoV. James then enters, and asks if the plan is still on to evict Allison and Ryan. When the two girls don’t answer right away, he freaks out that they’re actually thinking of keeping her and asks if they’re on crack. Somehow everyone found out about the final two plan of James/Chelsia and Josh/Sharon, and James gets pissed at Chelsia for blowing it, storming out.

Chelsia goes down and announces to everyone that she told no one about a final two. While ADam and James both say they heard Allison talking about it, Ryan backs her up, saying he thinks something must have been misinterpreted. Chelsia then resigns, going to bed, and calling everyone stupid MFers. You have to love it.

Matt and James talk about Allison, calling her diabolical the way she messes with people. James plans to still keep Operation Gardener in effect. Josh and Sharon, meanwhile, are upstairs not knowing who to believe. Josh chimes in that Allison’s game play scares him. Plus, he’s ticked that everyone talks about how strong Matt and Natalie are, yet they’ve only won one comp to Josh and Sharon’s two.

After this, we lose the flames for quite some time, so it looks like the nominations are finally under way.

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