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Assistant – Episode One

Andy Dick lives up to his last name on MTV’s newest addition to Reality TV, “The Assistant”. The wanna-bes meet Andy and go to a Bachelor-style mixer. Some of them feel a little cheated ‘cuz they were told that they would be assisting an A-List celeb and well, despite what Andy thinks, he’s at least a C-list dude, according to these aspiring producers, casting agents, models and actresses.

Andy has a butler, a la Joe Millionaire, and everyone gets to live in the same house.

What makes this show funny is Andy’s insanity. Right after meeting everyone, he cuts one guy. This individual told Andy he was just here to ‘hang out’. Andy is adamant about making these would-bes work hard for him.

He is the weakest link, buh-bye.

After that, Andy gives the remaining assistants a huge binder filled with information about him. They’re supposed to study this. Nikeda doesn’t take it seriously. Tamika gets bored with doing nothing and goes to cut the grass with some scissors.

In the evening, everyone is asked into the house to play “Who Wants to Be Andy’s Assistant” a cross between “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire” and “The Weakest Link”.

The questions are based on the binder of info Andy gave them all. Nikeda only got one out of five questions correct. So, she was eliminated.

—-Panndyra, Goddess of Chaos


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