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Big Brother 9 Live Feeds, February 28th, Morning – Joshuah and Allison at it Again

The wake up call comes at 9:30 this morning. Josh and Sharon are already making plans for next week, saying that once Allison and Ryan are gone, they can backdoor Mattalie. But of course we know there’s a twist coming up, the game could be turning individual, and that you can’t backdoor someone if they play for and win the veto.

Josh claims that he will go off on Allison before the veto comp, but that’ll be the last time he does it. Sharon thinks he should do it to Natalie next week too, but he says no. She’s too innocent for something like that. The stripper who rubbed whipped cream all over her boobs and let others lick it off is too innocent for a verbal assault? Really?

Sheila and Allison laugh about Ryan being upset about the lesbian thing, calling it “so last week.” Natalie is there too, and she’s still complaining about Matty not talking to her. Let. It. Go.

Allison tells Chelsia and then Adam that she went up to Joshuah and told him that he did a great acting job last night. She seems to think this is incredibly funny. She thinks that there’s no way he passed the psych exam to get into the house. Honey, Booger passed the psych test. Crappy, April, Amber, Zach … they all passed the psych test. How hard can the test be?

Ryan comes out of the DR and says that there’s a competition coming up “soon.” They say exactly what I’m thinking: that “soon” will be in three or four hours. They all figure it’s a food comp, and complain about the possibility of going on slop. Lots of speculation on what the comp will be like.

Joshuah is in the kitchen, and Allison comes walking through. They bicker, even as Allison goes to the bathroom to put her face on. Joshuah’s telling her that he can’t wait to send her home. She counters by wondering what Josh’s boyfriend Chase is doing right now, and who he might be “butt-f*cking.” She says, “that’s what gay guys do.” And that would be another clip we won’t be seeing on the actual show.

More arguing, and then Allison comes into the kitchen. Joshuah tells her to stay at least five feet away, but she says she can go wherever she wants to and he has to move if she comes near him. Wow, she really is a bitch. This brings up flames, of course.

Joshuah goes upstairs to pace in his anger. Sharon tries to calm him down, talking about the upcoming veto competition. They wonder if they should put Allison and Ryan on the block, or try to backdoor them. Sharon tells him to go get everyone else except Allison and Ryan, and they’ll have a house meeting to figure it all out.

Joshuah goes downstairs and loudly tells everyone except the dead couple walking that they need to go up to the HoH room for a meeting. Allison and Ryan sit and whine while everyone else goes up. The meeting is interrupted constantly by flames, as Allison is downstairs complaining about CBS allowing this to happen. What? Allowing what to happen? Is no one supposed to yell at poor Allison? I doubt that’s in the rule book.

Upstairs, the general consensus is to put Allison and Ryan on the block along with Matt and Natalie, who are ensured safety this week. We’ll see how that goes, won’t we? If Allison and Ryan win the veto, it’s bye-bye Mattalie.

The flames reappear and then go to trivia, so either BB is laying a royal smackdown, or we’re waiting for food comp results.

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