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Big Brother 9 Live Feeds, February 27th, After the Live Show – Another BB First: The Restraining Order

Joshuah and Sharon are the new HoH couple, and Josh spends a lot of time hooting and hollering about their victory. Apparently, before the feeds came back, there was a shouting match between Allison and Joshuah, with Josh calling her a bitch. Imagine that.

Allison makes a point of telling Matt and Natalie that she’s the sole reason they are still in the house (even though it was her idea to oust them in the first place), so he’d better make good on his promise to use the veto on her this week when she goes on the block. Do we all foresee Mattalie throwing the veto if they get to play?

Allison says that she wants to egg Joshuah on and make him so mad that he hits her, thereby eliminating himself from the game. Josh is already on a mission to get Allison out of the house – can’t wait to find out what this “Operation” will be called. He’s telling everyone that he wants Allison out this week.

Sheila goes to Sharon, who is obviously the more reasonable of the two, and says that she understands if she and Adam have to go on the block as pawns, but she would be willing to vote the way that Sharon and Josh want her too if she’s not nominated. Sheila also points out that she and Adam haven’t done well in the comps so far, so if Sharon is looking for someone to be able to beat Allison and Ryan in the veto, they probably aren’t her best bet. That’s not a bad strategy there Sheila – well done.

Natalie joins this conversation, as does Joshuah. Natalie, dear sweet Beaver-State Natalie, tells Josh that he has to keep yelling at Allison, especially before the veto competition, to break her down and hurt her performance in the comp.

Allison ramps up the drama by saying that Joshuah is scaring her by threatening physical violence and almost hit her with his HoH key when he was swinging it around.

Joshuah mentions that he wants the vote split so that he can have the honour of evicting Allison himself. He’s only been co-HoH for a couple of hours, and he’s already got the whole week planned out. He gets called to the DR, where they tell him (according to what he tells his “group” when he returns) to keep his distance from Allison because she’s accusing him of physical threats. In fact, he has to stay five feet away from her at all times. He tells Sheila that she’s safe this week, and that what he really wants is for Allison to leave voluntarily.

Ryan is getting edgy, and pleads with Adam to use the veto on him and Allison if he wins it. Adam bugs his eyes out and says that he doesn’t even know if he’ll be playing for it. Ryan has a whole scenario planned though, that Adam can win the veto, save Ryan, and then vote to keep Matt in the house, thereby saving the alliance and making Joshuah responsible for James and Chelsia’s demise.

Time now for an end-of-slop pizza party. The whole house gathers ’round the table for a pretend happy-families meal.

Allison gets deeper and deeper into the victim role, telling Ryan that she put a “restraining order” on Joshuah because she’s afraid of him. She also says that she really doesn’t care what “a retarded gay man” thinks of her. Ruh roh. I guess we know this clip will never make it on air, huh?

Meanwhile, Adam, James, and Matt have developed a new “Operation.” We saw that coming, right? It’s “Operation Gardener,” so-named because Allison likes to plant seeds. Hee. That one’s actually kind of funny.

Allison, who is apparently so afraid of Joshuah, starts yelling at him and Sharon about calling her a bitch. Joshuah likens Allison to wallpaper, saying that she’s so boring even he can’t be bothered to put her up. Which would be funny if he hadn’t been talking about putting her up for the past several hours.

Allison leaves, and Adam and Sharon tell Ryan about Allison’s plan to bait Joshuah and get him thrown out of the game. This angers Ryan, and he goes to confront his partner. They shout at each other a bit, and Ryan leaves. They both refuse to talk to the other until one of them apologizes. And of course they don’t want to be the one to apologize first. So third-grade.

Allison tells Chelsia that Ryan had better smarten up and realize that she saved their asses this week, because if he doesn’t, she’s going to make damn sure they get evicted. Good lord, what is wrong with this woman? Then she decides that she’s had enough, and wants to quit. She’s pissed off that BB isn’t doing anything about Joshuah’s threats except telling him to stay five feet away from her. Chelsia tries to convince her to stay, probably knowing that if Allison walks, it’ll be either Jen or Amanda who comes back to take her place. And no one wants that.

Chelsia goes to tell Ryan how upset Allison is, and he doesn’t care. Someone brings up the lesbian lie, and it seems that this is the first time Ryan’s heard it. Chelsia tells him everything, and this makes him even angrier. He wants her to leave as well, wondering why he would want to keep a partner who continually messes with him game.

A bunch of hamsters get together in one of the bedrooms, lying on all of the beds and the floor. Chelsia is talking about (and touching, apparently) Sheila’s boobs. Sheila notices Matt has a hard on. James says that he keeps having sex dreams about Sheila, and offers to go “three rounds” with her if she wants to. Sigh. It always comes back to this stuff.

Joshuah goes to the memory wall, takes Allison’s key, and puts it down the back of his pants, seemingly wiping his butt with it. He hangs the key back up on the wall. Gross. And just … wrong.

Allison and Ryan go at it again, with Ryan telling her that the whole lesbian thing is going to come out tomorrow (doesn’t everyone else know about this?) and that people will know that she’s a liar. She tries to blame all of it on Sheila, and takes responsibility for the two of them still being in the house. Ryan argues this point, saying that he worked hard for James and Chelsia’s votes the first week. They call each other names and Ryan walks away.

Natalie is once again upset that Matt doesn’t want to talk to her, but liked her enough to ask for a hand job. Hee. They fight, and Natalie runs off crying, saying that she too wants to go home. Open the door, BB. Let ’em walk. Allison joins Natalie for a pity party.

Joshuah decides to decorate Allison’s bowl/cup with “-6 Ugly Bitch” in nail polish. I see he’s adopted Parker’s rating system. A little while later though, he goes and puts the bowl in the storage room and washes the key before putting it back on the memory wall.

Sheila comes up to tell Sharon and Josh that Ryan tried to kiss Allison and now she’s mad that she can’t have him. Or something. Who the hell knows.

Things finally start to settle down and people are getting ready for bed. Joshuah gets called to the DR, and moans that he knows what this is about. Heh. When he returns, he tells Sharon that he’s not allowed to talk about it, but everything is fine. The lights go out, and we’re on night vision watching the hamsters sleep.

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  1. That’s awesome…how old are these people? I feel for you – as immature as they are on the broadcast epis it’s amazing to what they’ll do when no one’s watching…except that everyone is still watching. A sequestered restraining order though, that’s excellent.

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