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Big Brother 9 Live Feeds, February 25th, Part Two – Milking It

Looks like I’m getting a little behind in the live feed recappage, so let’s blaze through this somewhat dull evening and get back on track.

This week’s vote hinges on how Ryan and Allison decide to play it. They spend a lot of time discussing the pros and cons of hooking up with either Matt/Natalie and Adam/Sheila, or James/Chelsia and Joshuah/Sharon. Either way, it looks like Alex and Amanda will be left to fend for themselves if (and that’s a big “if”) they survive the vote.

Amanda is fixing some slop in the kitchen, and saying that her sugar is low and she doesn’t feel well. That could be because the girl just doesn’t eat this week. Allison tells her that she needs to eat more because BB is going to be upset with her that she’s doing this to herself.

Natalie has done her hair in what she calls the “Farrah Fawcett” style. So basically feathered. It’s not hideous, and certainly better than those goofy butterfly clips she had before, but she keeps talking about this hairdo and how much she loves it.

Amanda works on Ryan, telling him that he and Allison are safe if she and Alex win HoH. Matt goes one better and promises Allison that he’d use the veto on her and Ryan if he won it and they were on the block. They pinkie-swear on being the final two couples, and decide to target Sharon and Joshuah next.

Allison goes back to Ryan, and they share the deals that have been offered. Ryan wants to keep Alex and Amanda, which puts a real wrinkle in Allison’s plans. She says that they’d be better off with Mattalie, but Ryan thinks it’s a gamble to keep them. Hello, your partner is a gambling addict. Ryan doesn’t really confirm either way, and now I’m wondering if Allison is really going to let him decide how their vote goes.

Adam shows up, and Allison tells him and Ryan both that they’re pretty hot guys but would be even hotter if they quit smoking. Please. The words “Adam” and “hot” definitely do not belong anywhere near each other. They discuss the upcoming HoH competition, and of course, one of them have to win it. Adam wants it to be a memory thing, because he “don’t forget nothin’.”

Allison goes inside and meets up with Matt in the storage room. She tells him that he’s safe this week, but he can’t tell anyone and he has to understand that she and Ryan are making a huge gamble on this. Which apparently makes Allison giddy. Then she tells him that he has to win HoH. Because all game plans hinge on having to win HoH.

Ryan goes upstairs and tries to play like he’s sticking with the plan to vote out Mattalie. Except that he isn’t really a good liar. I don’t think James, Chelsia, Sharon, and Joshuah are buying it. When he leaves, Sharon mentions that Amanda is planning to cause some drama tonight and call out someone who’s been lying. Oooh, she might want to enlist Joshuah’s help with that one. He’s pretty good at making a big scene.

Alex and Amanda are surprised that things in the house are so boring. They figured they’d have things to do all the time, and instead all they do is hang around, eat, sleep, and play outside. I’ve said this before, but if you’re going to commit three months of your life to a reality show, wouldn’t you do all you could to research what that particular chunk of your life is going to be like? It’s crazy that people sign contracts and move into the BB house/trailer and then not understand basic things like the live feeds and the boredom.

Matt and James talk outside, and Matt plays dumb (I know, it’s hardly an act, right?) about what he knows about the vote. He tells James that he isn’t his number one target next week, should he still be in the house – he’s number two. Oh, well that should make James feel better. Matt complains about Natalie as well, saying that he’s the only one she trusts in the house and he has to explain everything to her like she’s a child. They both think Natalie will have emotional problems after leaving the house. Matt says that he really tries to make her see that things in the house aren’t real, but she doesn’t see it.

Speaking of Natalie, she’s having a down day. She’s depressed because no one listens to her in the house. She’s stood with people all day, and no one is listening to her or including her in conversations.

Matt goes to Natalie and tells her that she shouldn’t walk around looking sad like that. She asks him if she should just give up her personality and be a bitch then, like everyone else. Heh. He says no, that she should stay sweet and nice, but not to trust anybody. He says that now it’s just the two of them and Allison, and they have to stick to that. They hug, and the conversation is done.

Chelsia, James, Josh, and Sharon are still holed up in the HoH room. Sharon thinks that Natalie knows that she and Matt are leaving this week, and that’s why she’s been depressed all day. Chelsia thinks this is a problem, because Mattalie leaving is supposed to be a big shocker, even though it’s not going to happen. This group of four is ridiculous – they suspect Allison is flipping, but then they think Natalie is acting strange because the vote is staying the same. Chelsia sends Sharon down to cheer Natalie up.

Someone’s found a bunch of multi-colored dental dams in the condom drawer. Matt is all over them, wrapping them around his head and sticking his tongue out. Even Sheila gets in on this action. They look really silly, but at least they’re having some fun in there. Natalie comes out and tries one, and she’s smiling finally.

Ryan and Allison are playing chess in the living room, and there are quite a few people watching them. I can’t think of anything more dull than watching other people play chess. Joshuah is giving Natalie a massage in the spa room, and warning her that there are a lot of people in the house who will stab her in the back, so she needs to be careful who she trusts. He’s talking about Allison of course, but she doesn’t catch it. Instead, she wants to know who was sucking on her boobs last night. That’s something that most people don’t have to wonder often, I’ll bet.

After the massage, Natalie decides to paint Joshuah’s portrait – with nail polish. And she’s actually making a pretty nice picture. It doesn’t look a helluva lot like Josh, you understand, but considering the medium she’s stuck with, it’s commendable. She’s a little concerned about what happened last night, because her father might have been watching on Showtime. Ew.

Adam and Ryan are outside smoking, and Adam thinks Sheila is jealous because he “made out with” all the girls in the hot tub last night. Bwa-ha-ha-ha! Snort. This boy really does live in a world all his own. James comes out for a smoke, and after they yell for a while just for the sake of yelling, they decide to play pool.

Joshuah and Sharon are bored, so they decide to make water balloons with the condoms. They get going on this project, but BB interjects and tells them to “Knock it off!” Heh. Not to be deterred, they then set up a bowling game using protein shake bottles and a small basketball from outside. The bowling alley is in the long hallway from the bathroom to the kitchen. It actually looks like a lot of fun.

The bowling and chess games continue, with Amanda now playing chess with Allison. Others are walking around making food in the kitchen, because nothing cures boredom like eating. Natalie and Joshuah decide to paint the bowling pin bottles with nail polish, so they retire to the spa room to undertake this task. Amanda joins them in the arts and crafts project.

After some more milling about, Sheila, Allison, Amanda, and Natalie are in one of the bedrooms talking about whether or not you can breastfeed after having breast implants. Natalie says she has milk right now, and can squeeze it out. And she does! She pulls her shirt down and squeezes her boob, and whoosh – milk comes shooting out. That’s … odd. Sheila says, “That can’t be normal.” No kidding. Natalie says she’s been able to do that ever since she had her abortion “3 or 4 years ago.”

Natalie tells Chelsia about this bodily phenomenon, and Chelsia makes her go into the bathroom and show her too. Natalie says that her doctor told her it was normal, because her pregnancy was so far along when she had her abortion, and her body hasn’t registered yet that she’s not actually pregnant. What the hell? What kind of messed up doctor would tell her that, “3 or 4 years” after being pregnant?

Natalie is regaling anyone who will listen with stories about her abortions. Now she’s saying she’s had two – one when she was 19, and another a few years later. She found out she was pregnant right before her boob job was scheduled to happen, so she asked her boyfriend to pee in the cup for her so the boob job could go along as scheduled. If the lab actually tested this urine, wouldn’t they know it was from a male and not a female? Just asking. Then she had the surgery, and an abortion a couple of weeks later. She claims that she was on birth control both times.

A few random hamsters are getting ready for bed now. Yay. Matt and Amanda have a little chat about how weird it is that one of them will be evicted soon. They both say they’re not going to campaign against each other (little late for that now) and that they can’t believe neither pair could pull it together and win the veto.

Adam, Matt, and Natalie sit and talk for a while. Matt makes a final four deal with Adam, saying that he promised Ryan he wouldn’t put him up, but this is a game and all’s fair. Natalie seems to agree. Matt warns Natalie to keep a low profile tomorrow and not mess anything up for them. He and Adam get all excited talking about how they’re going to take Joshuah down and send him goodbye messages with lisps and other stereotypical gay themes. Ugh.

After this conversation, it’s lights out for everyone. Tomorrow is voting day, and Matt is planning to confront Joshuah as soon as all of the votes are locked in. Will it actually happen? Who the hell knows.

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