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Big Brother 9 Live Feeds, February 24th – Part I, PoV Ceremony

Josh was the early bird this morning, getting in the nice hot shower, but probably not looking for worms. Sheila then gets up, and he tells her he wants to shave shave his hair. It’s getting too big on top for him. She advises for him to trim the top, but leave the sides alone. He asks who she would nominate if she had HoH, but she’s non-committal. He’s asking, but if he uses the PoV, she and Adam are going up. She stil doesn’t think they’re in danger of winning HoH. Either way, he doesn’t think he’ll be using the veto anyway, after Matt and Natalie fought last night.

Not happy at all with his hair, Josh starts buzzing it, which doesn’t make him any happier. Ryan gets up, and just after, this we lose the feeds for a short bit. When we’re back, it seems everyone is getting up. As Alex shaves his chest, Josh tells Chelsia he had to cut his hair, as he looked like either a child molester, or Debbie Does Dallas. A combination of the two would actually be somewhat interesting.

A Ricky Martin song was played this morning, and I’d have to think the most fitting would be Livin’ La Vida Loca, because I’m not sure I’ve ever seen more people living crazy in one place in my life. This leads to a discussion that Sheila has requested Madonna, Sharon and Josh love Celine Dion, Chelsia loves Lindsay Lohan, and Josh loves Britney as well. Are there no rock ‘n rollers in this house?

Everyone is so excited to have the hot water back, they used it all up. Amanda has none let to take her shower this morning. It’s like living in a house with a tween and teen then! Sheila has a headache, so she’s sure there must have been some alcohol in that marguerite mix last night. Isn’t that the point? At least it’s something new for her to bitch about. While Allison is still milking her horrifying evening from Friday again, by saying they’re working on finding out what produced that allergic reaction she had, others are talking bout concerts, Eagles and Dixie Chicks.

While most of the others are outside, Chelsia and James hop in the HoH bathtub together. They talk about comps in the future having prizes. After, she asks if she can wear her bathrobe, as it’s too cold out, since this is the day the girls have to wear their swim suits all day. James mentions that Ryan overheard Adam with Matt talking about one of them having to win HoH next week. Chelsia thinks it would be funny for Adam and Sheila to get it, and James doesn’t figure on Matt being around next week anyway.

We get brought into the middle of a conversation between Josh and Amanda, as he’s telling her she better not say anything. She swears she only said something to Alex. She asks him if he thinks they’re safe, and also asks him to let her know when he talks to Allison. I’m guessing it was about voting out Matt and Natalie. But … doesn’t the whole house, including the guinea pigs, know about that by now?

Adam is wearing a shirt that says, “Spring Break is For Lovers.” I’m trying to remind myself that this guy has studied fashion, but it’s a bit difficult at the moment. Amanda shaves Matt’s neck for him, then gets called to the DR with Alex. As Matt and Natalie are called to the DR next, the other guys talk about Chelsia’a nipples, and the girls are talking boob jobs. These aren’t really deep thinkers are they?

The girls’ talk then moves to the show Intervention, and Chelsia brings up the episode where a bulimic would throw up in Ziploc bags and store them in the closet. I saw that one! She also mentions an episode where a girl would weigt her food before she ate it and after she pooped it out to examine if it weighed the same. I missed that one! Natalie mentions as an aside if your poop floats, there’s too much fat in it …. thinking … I’m in the clear I think.

We lose the feeds for a bit, and while it seems it’s probably for the veto ceremony, it turns out to be a false alarm when they come back after just a few minutes. Amanda is asking Sharon what she misses most from the life outside, as she misses being able to hop into her car to head to the gas station. Sharon says she misses her dog. Somehow the two things just don’t compare well, do they?

Finally, it’s time for the veto ceremony. Josh and Sharon end up not using it, as expected, and Amanda gets called into the DR just after it ends. Sheila thinks they’re going to make her eat behind the scenes. Yet, when she returns from the DR, she makes some slop. Josh, James, and Chelsia talk about the bad attitude seen in Matt lately. Let’s be clear, though, he is on the block, and it’s not exactly pleasant.

Sheila is apologizing yet again to Allison for saying that everyone in the house hates her. Suddenly we’re finding out why Scott Baio was 45 and single, aren’t we?

James, Josh, and Ryan talk about Natalie, as she supposedly wants to stay on the block. While at first they talk about her not being strong enough for the game, they then decide she just doesn’t want to have to vote anyone out at this point, and if she stays on the block she won’t have to. I get that reasoning, but it’s awfully dangerous!

James wants to dye his hair blonde, and Chelsia is thinking about putting highlights in hers. Ryan reminds them that BB asked them not to change their looks too much on their show. Yeah, but someone does it every year. And besides, they’re the ones that came up with the PoV having Kaysar shave his head! That definitely changed his look! Natalie helps Chelsia do it anyway.

James and Ryan are trying to figure out a theme. The food challenge was supposed to be about a virus that killed the fish, and the next one was “nuclear.” They think after this they’ll be all really dirty ones. Maybe that’s why everyone got sick and ill the other night. They’re killing them off slowly with a virus and radiation poisoning. Sheila will win and be the last standing, as nothing can bring down that bitching.

I love it when the schemers get pissed because someone else is scheming them. Josh has been listening in behind doors, changing up what side he’s on, etc. He wants Sheila to tell him straight up who she’s voting for, as he wants to know if he and Sharon will be the swing vote, but Sheila isn’t talking, and that makes him mad, as he thinks if he asks, she should tell him the truth. Remember that later on, Josh.

Amanda wonders if she’s weird because she can’t poop in front of boys. Personally, I look at it as a solitary experience. I don’t want to be with guys or girls, but my dogs often like to hang out with me for some reason then. They sometimes drink out of the toilet, so I wonder if they get mad at me, thinking “Hey, I don’t crap in your Diet Coke!”

Josh doesn’t think Sheila and Adam can win a challenge that is physical or mental, as he sees them as handicapped, just like Sheila’s son. Can I just tell you how uncomfortable that kind of talk makes me?

As Natalie lets Chelsia sit with her hair all foiled, she starts setting up shop, working on James’ hair as well as Ryan’s. Amanda keeps putting her two cents in, asking about the time it will take and such, and also wants to know if anyone wants slop, as she has water boiling. That’s really a loaded question. Does anyone really want slop? While they wait on their hair, James tells Chelsia he’ll get her named tattooed on him.

Allison talks about being in AA and being proud of it, and Sheila can’t figure out why, saying if it were her, she’d never bring it up. Allison says it’s something she’s proud of, though, like an accomplishment. She hasn’t “finished,” but has been in it over a year. Sheila asks if “they” knew, and I’m assuming she means BB, as Allison confirms they did. She talks about wanting to write a book on it, and Sheila tells her she should, as people are less likely to accept women like that. Amanda joins the conversation, and they ask if it’s okay to talk about it in front of her because of her dad. She likes to talk about it.

Sheila has been involved with an addict it seems, and he’s “toxic” for her son. Uhh, yeah. That’s the one thing that’s been good about being here in the BB house. She feels she has learned what’s important in life and wants to start over when she gets out. Amanda starts talking about some singer whose mom is a heroin addict. He became an enabler, as he would buy it for her.

Natalie is apparently trying to secure that she and Matt stay, as she asks Sharon why she thinks Amanda is going around being nice to everyone. They discuss Operation Condor (again, a stupid name) and Natalie tries to show Sharon why it’s dangerous to keep Alex and Amanda, saying the HoHes are always mental, and Alex and Amanda have already won one. She promises that if she stays this week, Sharon and Josh are safe. Playing in couples, meaning there are less “players” on the chess board here, it only makes them all make the same promises to everyone. Who would believe anyone at this point? Josh comes in and she makes the same type of pleas to him.

Josh and Sharon go up to the HOH to talk this out with James and Chelsia. She’s still sitting around with foil on her head. Yeah, I wouldn’t leave the room either. However, that look is still better than the cap you put on your head and pull hair through with a crochet hook. He doesn’t want to talk about Natalie, though; he wants to talk about Sheila. He is still pissed off about her lying to him. The nerve! Lying on Big Brother! Have you ever heard of such a thing?

The gals are still talking in the sauna, and when Allison talks about reaching the milestone of 25 and “taking charge,” Amanda says she changed at 21. She stopped being so chatty and started being a nurturer. Honestly, that’s so stupid. It’s like one of those things she heard in 6th grade with “the talk,” and has kept it in her head. She is not a nurturer. And please, Sheila, do us old gals a favor and set these young things straight!

Back to the HoH room, as I can only take so much of that. James kind of wishes he could vote this week, as he’d like to vote out Matt. As the talk turns to the possibility of Alex and Amanda winning the next HOH, Chelsia says if it looks like they’re doing well, she’ll get the HoH keychain, and pull it up and away from her neck to simulate a noose. That’s just terrible. There is no other response to that one.

And on that note, I’m ending this post. I’m thoroughly disgusted.

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