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Big Brother 9 Live Feeds, February 23rd, Part Two – Wasting Away Again in Margaritaville

If you’ve got that song in your head now, I apologize. I do as well, and it’s killing me.

Allison is still in the HoH room with Chelsia, and they’re talking about how much Allison likes Ryan but hates that he’s with Jen. She thinks Jen is just a bad person, plain and simple, and can’t believe she called her boyfriend a racist on TV. Wow, have we already run out of current things to rehash? We have to go back to the racism thing? Allison says that when she gets out, she wants to start a rehab clinic for gambling addicts. Chelsia wants to know why, but Allison won’t tell her until after they’ve left the house. Let’s see how long this lasts.

Alex and Joshuah are getting food from the storage room. Looks like they’re making fajitas for the big margarita party. They have to make their own food? What a gyp. Suddenly all of the feeds are on Amanda and her new BFF Allison, who are in the bathroom tarting themselves up for the party. And talking about Jen. Seems that Allison is carrying over her earlier conversation with Chelsia. We get it. She hates Jen. So do I. Let’s move on.

Heh – now they’re talking about their near-death experiences last night, and Allison claims that if she hadn’t been in the BB house when it happened, she would have died. Amanda counters with, “If you hadn’t been here, you wouldn’t have eaten slop.”

People are pretty much milling around and getting ready for the party now, even though none of them seem to know when it’s going to start. They’re on indoor lockdown, so I guess they’re assuming it’ll happen soon. Even though it isn’t even 5pm yet.

Allison has moved on to Sharon now, and she’s still freaking talking about Ryan and Jen. She’s on perpetual repeat mode. Finally she breaks out and says that she doesn’t think the veto should be used this week. Sharon agrees. Then it’s back to the Jen talk.

Elsewhere, Adam and Sheila are having a discussion. Well, “discussion” isn’t exactly the word I’m looking for. It’s more like Sheila is lecturing and Adam is sitting there looking really creepy. She’s saying something about Tylenol PM, and I’m really having to concentrate now so I don’t automatically tune her out like I did last night. She wants to know who James and Chelsia want out this week, and Adam says it’s Alex and Amanda. So now we know who’s out of the loop, don’t we?

Sheila wants them to try for HoH this week, because she’s pretty sure that they’ll go up otherwise. She apologizes for being a bitch to him, and blames it on lack of sleep, hormones, and the generation gap in the house. Adam tells her that’s an excuse, but she insists that he doesn’t understand. She thinks they’re in a good position because the guys like Adam. He thinks she should be working on getting the girls to love her. Now Sheila is telling him about her life in high school, how she got beat up and didn’t have any girlfriends. Adam is actually yawning, and not trying to hide it. She wants them to come together as a team and start winning some comps.

Ah, looks like dinner is ready. They didn’t have to make their own food for the party after all, they just decided to run with the theme. Fajitas and tacos for everybody! Lots of chatter going on over dinner, but none of it is worth recapping. Trust me on that one.

After dinner Allison shows everyone how to use the Epi-Pen. I don’t know if I’m capitalizing/hyphenating that one correctly or not, but I’m too lazy to look it up. This is followed by some more primping, including Natalie wearing that light-blue shirt that she has on in her “official” BB headshot – except that it’s not a shirt, it’s apparently a very short dress. Matt has to help her with her bra. Isn’t that special.

Outdoor lockdown time now, so everyone scampers to put the finishing touches on their outfits before going outside. Once there, the conversation revolves around Chelsia’s Passion Parties and how much money she made selling dildos to her friends. Matt pipes up and says that his fantasy is to do it with a teacher. Original. Then he goes on to say that when he has a girlfriend, he expects her to do everything with him except when he wants to go out with the guys – then she’s supposed to sit in his apartment and wait for him to come home. That sound you hear is all of the women in Boston calling up to get unlisted phone numbers.

Sheila is saying that she made $5,000 for her, uh, spread in Penthouse. That’s it, really? And now we’re on flames, because I guess it’s time to start the party, and we’re not allowed to see the prep. Oh wait! I see people I’ve never seen before in the house setting up the party. Stay, new people! Please?

No such luck. The hamsters go inside to find their fiesta awaits. The margarita machine is back – remember when it was last used, during Janelle and Will’s big evening? Yeah, somehow I don’t see any tribute videos being spawned over this one. And that’s not a bad thing.

There are big funky sombreros, necklaces that look like of like fat leis with light-up chili peppers in the middle, house decorations, and lots of food. The hamsters don’t have any cups though, as Julie so helpfully pointed out on Wednesday night, so they have to drink from their bowls. Which again isn’t really a bad thing – nothing wrong with a bowl of margarita.

They’ve got piñata shaped like a donkey, which is kicked around and busted open to reveal toy jewelry, temporary tattoos, candy, and that kind of thing. Natalie shouts out repeatedly that she’s suffering from brain freeze. That would explain a few things. She lifts her skirt and shows off her thong underwear so that Amanda can stick one of the tattoos on her butt.

The margarita machine is already broken, so they have to take the lid off and scoop the contents into their bowls. Someone says that they can’t taste any alcohol in the drinks. Amanda wants to do tequila shots off of each other. They’re all talking at the same time. Now more people are getting their butts temporarily tattooed. Apparently there’s a time limit on how long they have the machine for, so they’re all quickly scooping up margaritas.

The piñatas also had colored lip gloss, and almost everyone is wearing this stuff. Matt looks like even more of an idiot with blue lips, if that’s possible. Natalie asks for a kiss with the blue lip gunk from Matty, but he refuses.

James comes downstairs stark naked, with a sombrero covering his bits and pieces. Lots of laughter over this. Then he’s running around naked, without the benefit of the hat. After a brief interlude of flames, Joshuah is naked too from the waist down, and dancing around with a sombrero covering his manhood. Natalie has to get in on this action, so she goes topless with a hat tied around her to hide her boobs. Apparently there are 30 minutes of “party time” left. Natalie wants to get in a strip show before everything is over.

They’re trying to get Sheila to go naked. Why? She says she would if it were 25 years ago, but not now. Thank you Sheila. Natalie is getting more tattoos. Allison and Chelsia are putting them on her nipples. No kidding. Chelsia tells James that Natalie’s boobs are “perfect.” Natalie is planning on revealing her tattooed nips during the strip show. Then she gets on the table and lays (lies?) on the lazy susan, and people are spinning her around. Cue BB: “Stop that!” Chelsia is getting her nipples tattooed as well. This is SO very different from the All Star margarita party, wouldn’t you agree?

After the voice of BB serves up his reprimand, things quiet down a little. Lots of people are eating like they’re afraid the food will be taken away from them. And just like that, the party is over. BB calls for an outdoor lockdown, so everyone grabs as much food as they can to take out with them.

We’ll get to the party aftermath in part three!

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