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Mormon Bachelor To Air Soon

“In our efforts to recruit more people into the faith, we have decided to enter into the genre of Reality TV,” a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir announced today.

“We did have that one girl on the Real World. Her name was Julie, but she didn’t forward the faith like we had hoped she would, so we are going to premiere our new dating show – [b]Mormon Bachelor[/b] – in the Fall of 2005.” said Danny Osmond, no relation to [i]those Osmonds[/i].

“Right now we are in the process of recruiting handsome young, eligible males from Brigham Young University. The show will be a lot like ABC’s [b]Bachelor[/b] with a few minor differences. First, there will be no kissing or drinking or any of that outrageous behavior that takes place on those other shows. Secondly, when the Mormon Bachelor gets down to the final four, the game is over. He doesn’t need to make any more cuts. He can offer up to four engagement rings and the ceremony will take place in the finale. The best part will be guessing how many brides show up!” He continued.

“Wait! Did I mention that the girls will go on biblical dates with their Bachelor and instead of roses, we’ll give everyone a copy of the [u]Book of Mormon[/u]. Sorry, I’ve got to go. It’s time for my medication.” Danny said and ran off singing some song.

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