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Big Brother 9 Live Feeds, February 23rd, Part One – Allison Almost Died, Did You Hear?

After an eventful evening, the hamsters had a pretty peaceful night’s sleep. Allison and Amanda are both called in to the DR early in the morning (not at the same time) to see the doctor. Both of them end up heading back to bed when they return.

Joshuah gets up, followed by Ryan and Sharon. Alex heads for the kitchen, where Joshuah is making breakfast. Alex immediately starts talking about how strong Matt and Natalie are, and hints around about using the veto on him and Amanda. Joshuah asks Alex straight up who he thinks the stronger team is, and Alex replies that, with Amanda being so unpredictable, it’s definitely Mattalie. Josh agrees, and says that he enjoys having Alex in the house and needs to be sure the vote will go the way he wants it to. He makes no promises, but Alex seems satisfied – for now.

Amanda says that that her convulsions were pretty severe, according to the doctor, so she’s going to be sore today and likely have a headache. She has to go to the DR if she needs medicine to deal with the pain, and complains that she’s old enough to handle her own medication.

Sharon, Ryan, and Alex are attempting to wash the towels by hand with the washboard. This should be interesting. Sharon seems to know what she’s doing at least. They’re getting their hot water back tonight, so there’s a lot of anticipation for that big event. The margarita party is also tonight, while the house if off food restrictions.

Natalie is up and feeling much better. Thank goodness. She tells Amanda that she hit her head hard on the floor, and isn’t surprised that Amanda has a headache this morning.

Joshuah and Sharon head outside for a secret partner whisper-strategy meeting. They’re trying to figure out what to do with the veto that they’ve won. Sharon thinks that if they use it, then James and Chelsia will be angry with them. Then they risk James and Chelsia teaming up with Sheila/Adam and Ryan/Allison, and the numbers won’t be in their favor any longer. Joshuah thinks it’s best if they just let the two couples who are nominated fight it out. So basically they decide to keep the nominations the same.

As soon as Joshuah leaves, Amanda is right there trying to convince Sharon to use the veto on her and Alex. I’d love to think that Amanda and Alex thought up this divide-and-conquer scheme, but it’s probably just coincidence. Because really, it’s Amanda. Anyway, she thinks that, if Sharon uses the veto, then they’re guaranteed to have the votes to take Matt and Natalie out this week. Otherwise it’s a gamble.

Joshuah finds Allison, who tells him that she was injected with steroids in the DR, and then rushed to the hospital. She says it was lucky for Amanda, because BB had already called 911 for Allison when Amanda passed out. Because, in case you haven’t heard, Allison almost died. Allison isn’t happy that, as soon as she got back, Sheila was stuck to her the whole time, complaining about how Adam was ruining her game and her life in the house. Amen, sister. Joshuah says that Sheila absolutely has to go next week.

Guess what Sheila is doing? If you guessed “complaining about Adam,” you’d be right! Her victim this time is Chelsia, but there seems to be a method to Sheila’s madness – at least for now. She’s explaining that she freaked out last night because she’s so sick of Adam, and wanted to go home. This morning she’s realized that she wants to stay and play the game, and hopes that Chelsia and James won’t nominate her if the veto is used. She also promises to vote however they want her to.

Allison is telling everyone who will listen about her near-death experience and how it wasn’t peanuts that she reacted to, it must have been something in the slop. She only had a bite of the slop to see how it tasted, but she’s pretty sure that was it. She has to wait until Friday for allergy testing, because she’ll still have the meds in her system until then. She also wants to get everyone together for a house meeting later, so she can show them all how to use the Epi-Pen in case it happens again. That’s actually a good idea.

Chelsia goes upstairs and tells James all about the conversation she had with Sheila. She’s tired of listening to Sheila go on and on about the same things, over and over again. Welcome to my world. James decides he wants to stay in bed for a while, so Chelsia puts on her bathing suit and heads outside.

Apparently BB wants me to suffer today, because every feed eventually leads me back to Sheila. She’s talking to Allison in the bathroom. It’s a carbon copy of the chat they had last night, after Allison almost died and came back from the hospital. Almost word-for-word. As this is going on, Sharon, Joshuah, and Chelsia are in the hot tub discussing how crazy Sheila is, and maybe it’s because she’s menopausal.

Allison breaks free and ends up in the sauna with her new BFF Amanda. Natalie joins them and they’re talking about how everyone thinks Sheila is psycho and needs to go. Allison can’t understand why Sheila turned on her so quickly. There is much rejoicing elsewhere in the house as the hot water comes back on early.

Joshuah goes up to the HoH room to chat with James and Chelsia. He tells them about the deal Amanda proposed to him and Sharon, and Chelsia wants to know if he’s going to take it. He says no, because if the veto is used, then both couples who were nominated would be staying, and that would be dangerous to Chelsia and James. He doesn’t want to put them in a bad spot like that. Then they rip on Sheila and Adam arguing while Amanda was being placed on the stretcher last night. Apparently Adam’s first concern when he heard about Amanda and Allison leaving the house was whether or not Operation Condor was still going to work. There’s something seriously wrong with that guy, besides the obvious I mean.

Josh is worried that he’s being portrayed as a complete asshole on TV because of his fight with Amanda. Oh Joshuah, honey, you’re all being portrayed as assholes. Don’t worry, you don’t stand out in that sense at all.

Allison, Adam, and Ryan are outside talking about … yep, talking about Sheila. Go figure. Adam is worried that the veto will be used and he’ll end up going home because Sheila can’t keep her mouth shut. Allison says that he shouldn’t worry, because she thinks the nominations will stay the same. Then she tells Adam that he’s one of her favorite guys in the house, other than Ryan of course. Ew, Allison, check thine head. She thinks it would be good if Adam and Sheila win the next HoH, but Adam would rather see her and Ryan win it first.

Allison goes upstairs and a long conversation with James and Chelsia ensues about how stupid Matt and Natalie were to give Parker and Jen a pity vote last week. James figures they did it to keep themselves on the fence, and to play to potential jury votes. Assuming they don’t know that people are coming back in the game, how would giving a pity vote to the first officially evicted couple have anything to do with jury votes? They decide that Allison/Ryan, James/Chelsia, and Joshuah/Sharon will go to the final three together. Allison goes to shower in the HoH bathroom, leaving James and Chelsia alone to snuggle and kiss for a while.

James goes downstairs, and Chelsia tells Allison that she thought Amanda was faking it last night at first. Allison thinks it’s strange that Amanda’s situation was so serious, but she was in and out of the hospital much quicker than she was. Because, of course, Allison almost died. They also think it’s weird that Amanda didn’t want her mother notified about what happened to her. See, that surprises me too. Because she had to know that it would be on the feeds/TV show and word would get out anyway. Why not let BB inform her mom that she’s okay?

After Amanda approaches Joshuah yet again about using the veto, he’s had enough and tells her that he’s not using it, but he’s going to swing the vote so that she and Alex stay. He tells her though that she has to keep this to herself, or else she’s out the door. Yay, good for you Joshuah! He then convinces Amanda to promise that, if she and Alex win HoH, they won’t nominate him and Sharon. Thank goodness someone is playing the actual game in here, and not basing it solely on having to win competitions.

This is as good a place as any to end part one. Coming up, the margarita party. But first …

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