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Big Brother 9 Live Feeds, February 22nd – Part III, For $40, That Would Suck.

Now with Yeast-gate finally settled, we have more drama immediately following.

Natalie and Amanda are walking from the kitchen (see video two posts below), and Amanda complains of needing something with sugar. Because she’s hypoglycemic, this slop diet hasn’t been doing her any favors. Natalie tells her to eat some brown sugar or something, and she says it has to be more than that. She’s been trying to get into the DR to get permission for something. Just then, in front of the DR, Amanda faints, and drops to the ground. We go from seeing them walking, seeing her on the floor alone, face down and still, while Natalie runs to get help.

James, Alex, Ryan, and Sharon run to help. James runs off somewhere else for something, and Ryan opens the DR door banging on it, saying they need help. Amanda comes to and starts hyperventilating, unable to catch her breath, and we lose our feeds. It’s definitely scary.

Ryan had been yelling to hit the panic button in the house, apparently that alerts all to immediate danger and cuts our feeds. Once it was finally hit we did lose the feeds for a half hour or so. When the feeds come back, some HGs are in the hot tub, and Sheila is talking to Natalie who is in bed. They mention that the cops were there, and apparently that was because the panic button was hit. Matt, very concerned, tried to ask the cops for game scores. What a guy!

Amanda has left the house, so Sheila starts wondering if Parker or Jen will come back. We find Allison is gone as well. She ate a peanut and had an allergic reaction. Alex says he didn’t recognize her when she came inside, as her face was all swollen. She had hives, and her lips were so swollen she couldn’t speak. Josh and Chelsia think Amanda was overreacting, but Sharon disagrees. Matt just wonders if Amanda and Allison will have a TV in their hospital room. He must still be looking for those game scores.

Chelsia figures Amanda is coming back anyway, and figures Operation Condor should remain in effect. James seems to see the seriousness of this a little more, saying her body was lifeless when she came to, and then she started shaking with her jaw locking. Chelsia says she thought she was faking at first, but James believed her all the way, saying it never even crossed his mind. James just feels numb now, and can’t believe everyone else is still in game mode. He’s especially pissed at Adam for talking game right after Amanda left.

Sheila mentions that the paramedics asked what brought on Allison’s allergic reaction, and she told them she ate a peanut. She claims Adam tried to stop her from telling them anything. What? What would the purpose be of that? Let’s let her die and there’s one less person to worry about? I thought Matt was cold …

Josh and Sharon discuss the veto, and he says he’d rather save Alex and Amanda than Matt and “what’s-her-name.” Alex promised Sharon that if they saved them, he and Amanda would never vote them out. They know they need to talk it over with James and Chelsia. They want to go to the final two with them, as they figure they can win over them. Wait until the game goes single player. That’ll sure change everything up, won’t it? They also know they can win over Ryan and Allison, as if Ryan wins, Jen wins, and everyone hates her too much to allow that to happen.

Sharon doesn’t think they should win PoV next week, as it will make them look too strong, but Josh still thinks they should. He thinks it will be a tiebreaker next week, and that would mean they get to decide who stay or goes. She’s worried this week she’ll have the blood of Matt and Natalie on their hands, but he doesn’t think they will, thinking it will be a 3-0 vote. She feels bad for telling Natalie she didn’t need to worry, and Josh explains that’s why you don’t say that. I think these two are way better together as partners as they would have been with their original partners.

Things are pretty much dead after this. The guys are sitting around playing pool, Natalie’s in bed, and Sharon and Chelsia do their deed of cooking for their partners. Matt seems surprised that Chelsia knows how to cook, and she tells him to F off, as she loves to cook! This totally isn’t her persona at all, but for some reason I got the image in my head of the part in 16 Candles when one grandmother opens up a box of donuts with the knife, saving her long fingernails, while the other grandmother is following her cigarette around with a spatula before it drops the ashes. No idea why that’s in my head.

Sheila thinks about going into the DR to ask for her Tylenol PM, then talks about her son’s godfather, as he was an actor in Karate Kid. She thinks he may end up coming to the wrap party. His name is Billy. I was pretty much thinking it couldn’t be Ralph Macchio. She still wants something to help her sleep, but can’t even get ear plugs out of BB. Chelsia is having a fit with the oven not working. I’m not sure what the deal is with it, but everyone seems to have trouble with it. The cameramen should show a close-up of what type of oven it is so we all know what kind not to get.

Ryan talks to Josh in the sauna room, telling him he doesn’t think they should use the veto. He thinks they should let Matt/Natalie and Amanda/Alex fight it out to diminish their partnership, and a week later, they can then get Sheila out. They must all be figuring Amanda and Allison will be back soon.

With mostly everyone in the kitchen now, except for Natalie and James (he’s upstairs in a puddle of drool passed out, as Chelsia explains), everyone talks about how it doesn’t seem like many people there without Amanda and Allison there, and after Wednesday, this is what it will be like. With only one more day to wait until they have hot water back, Alex is waiting to shave. Sheila is upset to find it’s only the second day of slop.

Over dinner, Matt talks again about wanting to move out here to L.A. He says he’ll give it six months, and move back to Boston if it doesn’t work out. Eventually, he wants to settle down with a wife and kids in either Boston or New York City. He has some major settling down to do if that’s ever going to work out.

We lose our feeds to trivia, but they come back just for a few moments, as we see everyone in the DR, getting told that Amanda and Allison will be back later, and there’s some flowers waiting for them that someone requested. Did Amanda request them? The people on slop are allowed to eat real food this night.

I’m not sure why, but after everyone is out of the DR, Matt is squeezing a zit for Chelsia on her forehead. It’s really something I didn’t need to see, and something I don’t need to see again. And there are other scintillating things happening in the bathroom. Josh picks his own zits, instead of having Matt do it for him, then goes to the SR to get some Advil for Natalie who still isn’t feeling well. Sharon suggests ice on her forehead, but Natalie is talking the opposite, getting in the hot tub. Chelsia and Matt make cards and signs for Amanda and Allison with nail polish.

Nat is still complaining of not feeling well, and thinks she might throw up. Josh feels her head and thinks she might have a fever. Amanda comes back first, and she has some pills with her as well. Her stomach still hurts, and she wants to go to bed, but they told her she should eat some peanut butter. We now find out the reason they couldn’t get into the DR when she collapsed is because Allison was already in there seeing a nurse about her allergic reaction. They were in different rooms in the hospital.

Matt gets a bucket for Natalie to throw up in, then goes to the DR to ask them about her. Sheila wants him to ask for her Tylenol PM, since they won’t give it to her. She starts crying, telling Natalie that Matt is so nice and caring, helping Natalie out, the opposite of Adam. She also says she wants to go home. She’s second-guessing leaving her son, and says she hasn’t slept in two days, since she can’t sleep with Adam. She just wants to be allowed to sleep on the floor. She also wants to be put on the block with the veto and to just go home. She feels she’s done.

Allison comes back in, although she needs to go back to the hospital tomorrow for further tests. They told her her throat closed completely up. She complains she thinks it might be something in the slop, but Chelsia asks her if she hasn’t been eating the slop before tonight. Allison doesn’t have a good response for this and just says she’s not thinking straight right now. She gets even more melodramatic, saying had she waited ten more minutes to seek help, she could have died. She has also been given an Epi-Pen.

Sheila’s still complaining about Adam, as she can’t figure out how he passed psych tests, and Matt is still working on the dilemma with Natalie being sick. He doesn’t want to sleep in the same bed with her in case she’s contagious. Allison and Amanda reach a common understanding, and decide to treat each other better. When Allison is talking about what happened to her, Sheila keeps trying to point out it was a peanut, but Allison seems to prefer the dramatic explanation instead. Yet, she seems to think the answer to all of this is to go back on PB&J. Now, that would fix Amanda’s problem, but what about Allison?

The three continue to talk, deciding to all start fresh with each other. Sheila would rather be in the house with Evel Dick than Adam, saying she could handle Dick. Amanda doesn’t recall hearing Adam say many mean things, but Sheila points out one night he said to her, “Don’t take that f’ing blanket off me, Bitch.” Amanda is aghast. Once Sharon walks in, Sheila starts her sob story about Adam all over again, as Amanda apologizes to Allison yet again. They leave to “wash up,” leaving Sharon stuck in there with Sheila going on and on about Adam.

Meanwhile Matt and Adam are talking about Sheila, with Matt advising Adam to try and get along. Everyone knows she’s crazy, so he needs to do the same thing Matt does with Natalie, and that’s just pretend to be listening. Ryan and Matt are talking about what to do with Sheila, and they don’t want to get her out this week, as it will F up their plan. Josh points out that’s why men win every year, because women come into the house and rip each other apart. With two hospitalizations today, Ryan wonders what’s next, and Josh thinks it will be a death, with them burying the body in the backyard.

Allison comes out of the DR and has some pills for Sheila, which is probably her Tylenol PM. Do you think BB allowed this just so she would shut up about it already? Sheila and Adam are busy talking in the boat room, but Alex and Amanda want them out, as they want to go to bed. Ryan and Allison go to bed too, and she thanks him for sticking up for her. He says he wouldn’t even want Jen back in the game right now. He started with Allison as a partner and wants to finish that way. Hmm. She’s sad about what happened in her relationship with Sheila, as she really liked her.

James and Chelsia chat, and he says he wouldn’t want to be in the game with anyone else but her, save for maybe Josh, but he’s not gay. He thinks Josh lucked out by losing Neil and gaining Sharon as a partner. Chelsia agrees, as before, it was always, “Let’s get the gay guys out.” He says Matt wanted Josh out, but he’s a real homophobe. She asks if he always drools when he sleeps, and tells him about trying to wake him up to eat steaks earlier. They also wonder if the internet feeds, are the same as what they see on the spy camera, as he says for $40, that would suck. I think I just found my headline.

James talks about hunting. It’s not something he’d want to do, but he doesn’t see a problem with it if people use or eat what they kill. He’s a talkative guy tonight, and you can tell the scariness of the night is now on his mind. James asks Chelsia what he should do for her if they’re in a comp and she has an asthma attack. She tells him not to worry about it, as she’ll probably just throw up.

Still talking, James says he went to a boarding school in his middle school years. He was the there for three years, and was the token poor kid, having everything paid for for him by someone else. So poor, he grew up without a TV. He still doesn’t watch much TV, but he does enjoy watching movies.

Chelsia was in student council for four years and student task force for seven years. This girl that passed out the other night after drinking too many margueritas did anti-drinking commercials back then, too. She was in dancing and ice-skating, but was also a bad girl. Her and a friend used to go to a high school teacher’s house to drink beer, and he liked her friend. Their parents found out and that was the end of that.

They talk about dating married people. James never has, that he knows of, but Chelsia knows she has unknowingly, if that makes sense. There was one guy that would take off his wedding ring every time he saw her, and she says that stuff makes her never want to get married. Chelsea’s house was the one where everyone hung out and was allowed to drink, as her mom took the keys. They lived on ten acres, so everyone would pitch tents. There’s always one mom that allows that in every bunch, isn’t there?

James’ middle name is Michael after a boyfriend his mom was seeing when she was pregnant. His father was married and had a child older than him. Chelsia was her dad’s birthday gift. Chelsia runs down to see what time it is, and locks her herself out. James comes to let her in, and says he was just sitting down to pee, prompting the discussion where she mentions her dad smoking on the toilet.

This brings James to say he has to go outside to smoke, yet he can’t find the cigarettes. He admits to Chelsia that he thought she was a lesbian when he first met her. They make out a little bit, but keep talking. He wonders if she doesn’t like kissing, as she always turns to the side. She’s just worried it will look like they’re having sex, and she promised her parents she wouldn’t do that. He has to ask her how old she is to be worrying about that still. James talks about wanting to be the little spoon in spooning, and because of that and sitting to pee, Chelsia thinks he just wants to be held after missing out on something growing up.

This guy just isn’t slowing down tonight. James wonders what BB actually shows on TV, and Chelsia tells him everything, from people kissing to having sex. He doesn’t like that she’s a blanket stealer and wonders what she does with other guys back at home. She tells him there hasn’t been that many. He thinks she’s interesting, and she thinks he’s weird.

Now they try to figure out where they’ll sleep when their HoH reign is done. They don’t want to go to a room that someone has been evicted from, and they don’t want to go back to sharing a room with Sheila and “Bailer.” They joke around about Adam smelling Chelsea’s panties. James tells her he really digs her, but outside the HoH, they should stick to just flirting.

Still going, James asks what her biggest pet peeve is, and she doesn’t like certain words. She, like Sheila, can’t see how Adam could used the word retards when he works with kids that have special needs. It’s different, though, to say, “That’s so retarded.” She doesn’t like people that chew with their mouths open (then don’t have kids). She’s not sure which political party she belongs to, but she might support Obama. They’re happy to not use their phones. Chelsia admits she’s on Face-book and James is on MySpace. Good to know.

After this, they finally fall asleep. That was one marathon session. I think James is trying to challenge All Night Dick.

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