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Big Brother 9 Live Feeds, February 22nd – Part II, A Good Place for a GyneLotrimin Ad

As soon as the feeds come back, we figure out that James and Sharon have won PoV, as he says at least they finally won something. They celebrate upstairs in HoH with Chelsia and James. From the way they’re talking it seems the comp was a close one between the two teams, as Josh says he’s still out of breath from falling. Falling? Sounds like an interesting comp!

The four discuss what to do with the veto, and while James and Chelsia think Matt and Natalie are strong, Josh and Sharon point out so are Alex and Amanda, as they nearly won PoV! Chelsia points out that Alex and Amanda next week will be coming off slop and won’t be as strong, yet Matt and Natalie will be. Josh just doesn’t think Adam can be trusted. Josh and Sharon decide they won’t change the noms at all, but they’re going to keep that knowledge secret, as they want Sheila to sweat a little! They’d also like to see what the reactions of the rest of the house will be.

Amanda pulls Josh aside and asks him to take her and Adam off the block, then end up keeping Matt and Natalie. He says he owes her, but I’m not sure why that is, these two that were apparent enemies just a few days ago. He refuses to tell her what he’s going to do, yet tells her she doesn’t need to worry about it. Sharon is telling Chelsia she’ll feel bad about Natalie leaving, and Chelsia advises her to use the partner card and blame it on Josh.

Adam comes up to the HoH to ask what they’re going to do, and James tells him he doesn’t know. Adam wants to still stick to Operation Condor (still say it’s a stupid name), and James says he might, but says nothing about the possibility of Matt leaving. James tells him he doesn’t need to worry about it, and Adam replies he just wants to know when they get it figured out so he’s not stuck in the middle. They leave and go down to eat pizza.

Amanda dyes her hair in the sink and tells Sheila, yet again, that she threatened to leave if she didn’t get it. The others are in the kitchen eating either pizza or slop. They talk about the comp and say it was a thing for the show Jericho. Awfully convenient CBS can get free advertising out of this, isn’t it?

Sheila and Natalie are talking, but once again it’s whispering, so it’s hard to hear, even for Josh who is trying to listen from the other room. They want the veto to be used and Allison and Ryan to go up, as Allison is spreading stuff around the house about Sheila’s yeast infection. I swear I just got done listening to my daughter and her best friend fight, and it sounds so similar, although thankfully it doesn’t concern yeast infections. Sheila and Natalie then argue over who gets to call Allison out and call her a two-faced bitch. They want to go to Chelsia and James and tell them Allison is talking shit about them, hoping that they’ll put Allison and Ryan on the block. Again … 6th grade.

Amanda’s hair dye fumes are apparently getting to her, as she thinks that Josh will take her and Alex off the block because he feels badly about the things he said to her. Right.

Allison and Ryan head to the HoH to discuss PoV and replacement noms with Chelsia and James. Allison is like a hamster on a wheel with her thing to get rid of Matt and Natalie. When the talk turns to Sheila getting crazier, she points out that getting rid of Matt and Natalie would get rid of an ally for Sheila. It goes full circle, though, as Sheila is downstairs in the SR complaining about Allison to Matt. But, Sharon is outside the SR door, listening. She heads to the HoH to spread the gossip she heard. Somehow making these people couples has made them lose the thing of two separate factions in the house and increased the every man for himself feel.

Adam talks to Sheila and tells her to go talk to Allison, since she’s already starting shit. She looks for Allison, yet also tells others Allison better stay away from her. She saved Allison and Ryan’s ass, when she should have kept Parker and Jen, and now she’s just enraged about Allison telling everyone about her yeast infection. Upstairs, Ryan doesn’t want anyone saying anything to Sheila, but Allison knows. She knows she’ll be on the warpath gunning for them now. They talks upstairs about how crazy it’s going to get this week, and James says it’s going to get “aggro.” Can someone please explain to me what that means?

Natalie finds Matt and tells her she wants to go off on Allison, but he says it’s too dangerous when they’re on the block. He asks who told her and if the name starts with an S. Well, that narrows it down to two people. Sheila walks in and goes off on Allison again, so there’s the answer to that puzzle. Sharon heads up to the HoH, saying there’s a traitor in the house. She knows it’s going to lead to a screaming match tonight.

Josh finds Sheila and tries to get to the bottom of this, asking why she’s so hostile. She says yet again that Allison was telling everyone she had a yeast infection. Honestly, I’ve held my tongue enough. Can you find something more worthwhile that is gossiped about other than the yeast infection? Josh wonders if Allison is only creating some distance between the two of them since they were being looked at as a possible alliance and another couple that needed breaking up. Sheila dismisses that and says she’s too gullible for a 45 year old.

As he now heads up to the HoH, Josh tells them that Sheila is about to blow the lid off everything. In an effort to bring down Allison, Sheila is telling everyone the plan to get rid of Matt and Natalie because they’re not on slop. He says everyone is mad at Allison now. Everyone is asking him to use the veto and put Ryan and Allison on the block. Allison says she never told anyone about the slop thing with Matt and Natalie, so they begin to blame Adam, thinking it must have been him that told.

Regardless, Josh refuses to use the veto. He says he can’t trust the votes. Josh is scared for Allison, as everyone is mad at her now, but she says she’ll go talk to Sheila. He thinks everyone sees Chelsia/James and Ryan/Allison as an alliance, and suggest that she wait for Sheila to come to her, but she can’t wait like that.

While Matt and Amanda plot, figuring one couple should make a deal with Josh and Sharon, as it’s the only way to keep both couples there, Sheila and Allison finally have it out. Sheila tells her she talks shit about everyone else, while Allison tells Sheila she’s being “absolutely pathetic.” Sheila screams that Allison kisses everyone’s ass and told everyone about her yeast infection and that she was an actress. She was dong the acting for Allison, to save her! She brings up she may not have Allison’s education, but Allison can’t figure out why she keeps bring that up.

Ryan and Adam enter the picture, and Ryan tries to help, saying Allison never told him about the yeast infection, and he starts to go off on Sheila. She tells Ryan that Allison talks shit about Jen all the time. He says Allison tells him everything, and he just can’t understand why Sheila is now going behind her back. Sheila wants Amanda and Natalie to come in and back her up, and she also wants to know why Adam isn’t defending her.

Allison tells Sheila she has sabotaged all her relationships in the house, as she likes everyone except Jen, and Ryan knows that. Allison doubts Sheila’s yeast infection, and she shouts back to Allison, “How would you know? You haven’t gotten laid in f’ing years!” This worked to finally piss off Allison, as she leaves. Adam finally jumps in, saying that Sheila just made him look bad. Umm, sorry, Dude, you didn’t need Sheila’s help for that … just saying. Am I the only one that sees comparisons between ADam and Zach?

Now that she’s fired up, Allison starts to go off on Natalie, but Matt tells her not to listen. Natalie says it’s okay, as she isn’t going to fight. She only wanted to know about the comments that were am about her and Josh, but that’s all cleared up now, so she’s good. Allison and Chelsia go up to the HoH and celebrate, and Matt kind of knows, saying he wonders if the whole fight thing was staged. He tells Josh “I know nothing about yeast!”

Sheila and Amanda start to argue, trying to get to the bottom of just who it was that was spreading stuff about Sheila’s yeast infection. I swear to God, I never thought I would type those words so many times in one night. Not unless I was preparing an ad for GyneLotrimin.

Allison and Sheila make up, as Sheila says she’s just really emotional right now. She’s now found out how told anyway. It was Amanda that told Natalie. She knows Amanda was just starting stuff again. She apologizes and they end it in a big hug. Allison has her own excuses, saying she’s tired and on slop. Sheila’s still upset with the way Ryan and Adam were yelling at her. As if on cue, Adam comes in and they argue.

Sheila and Amanda talk, and she blames her for starting the yeast infection chatter, but she swears it was Allison and not her. Sheila just doesn’t want her womanly problems talked about on a TV show, but if that was the case, she shouldn’t have shouted it so many times tonight. She admits she only came on the show to promote her book. Once again, Josh is eavesdropping.

Honestly, I think I heard the words “yeast infection” more tonight that ever before, and I’m guessing it’s more than a gynecologist hears the words in a year’s time. Who would think that would be the main topic of conversation?


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