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Big Brother 9 Live Feeds, February 22nd – Part I, It Never Rains in Southern CA

Alex is the first up this morning, and after weighing himself and brushing his teeth, he wanders over to the memory wall to have a look. Sheila gets up, but it’s a false alarm for both of them as they just go back to bed. Why get up and brush your teeth, then go back to bed?

Around 9 AM we get flames, and it seems BB was waking the HGs up. Chelsia and James take their plan of early this morning to Josh, for them to win PoV, take Amanda and Alex off, and nominate Sheila/Adam or Ryan/Allison to rid themselves of Matt and Natalie. He thinks it’s a swinging idea. Josh asks about Natalie’s striptease the night before, as he’d heard it was all the way down to nothing, which is was really only down to her underwear, bra, and ugly wig.

Sheila struggles trying to figure out how to work the oven, but just as Alex is showing her, she gets called to the DR. Whatever she was about to bake, will have to wait. Alex talks to Matt about not wanting to do the PoV comp out in the rain, but Amanda says she wouldn’t mind. Just for grins, someone really needs to start singing It Never Rains in Southern California.

Out of the DR, Sheila talks to Allison and tells her she thinks Matt has had her, meaning Sheila’s, back, since the beginning. Allison tells her Matt has been leading everyone to think that. Allison thinks Amanda has been lost since Jen left, but their conversation is interrupted by Natalie. She’s worried that Alex and Amanda will win PoV, and she and Matt won’t have the votes to stay. They talk about not knowing who will be playing for PoV, and Sheila tells Natalie she has nothing to worry about. If for some reason she and Matt win HoH next week, they know for sure they’ll be putting up James and Chelsia. As the feeds switch, we see Sharon is trying to listen in on their conversation. Hey, hide in a giant vase.

Josh strategizes with Chelsia, but it’s hard to focus on what they’re saying, as she’s running a lint brush repeatedly over a pair of black pants, with such a horrifying noise, I thought it was one of the guinea pigs in pain. Chelsia, Sheila, Allison, and James move on to talking about how to play in the rain, and this leads to a chat about Zach and Dick sitting out in the fake rain nearly catching pneumonia. This makes them realize BB doesn’t really care what the weather is like out there.

Natalie is fascinated with the sex of the guinea pigs. She figures they must be all girls, as if they were boys, you would see their dragging jumongo balls. Her and Ryan sit there staring at them in the cage, and this is on all four feeds. I wish they would have had a feed on the GPs themselves, with faces like “Get the hell out of here!” The HGs signed up for this gig of people watching them all day, but not the GPs.

While Josh swigs what I believe is mouthwash in the HoH bathroom, Allison tells him and Chelsia that she thinks Matt and Natalie are in danger of winning HoH next week. It’s hard to hear the reasoning, though, as she’s whispering. Josh enters the HoH room and tells them Sharon is busy reading the Bible, and that’s really going to get her pumped up for the comp! He’s also joking about her wearing jeans instead of athletic attire. He says she reads a certain section of the good book every day. They all say they feel bad for her, as she’s a little out of her element.

Josh hopes the PoV today is one with prizes in it, such as “Would you rather win the PoV or a trip to Hawaii?” They discuss the merits of both, with Chelsia saying the problem with that, is that if you take the trip and not the veto, someone else gets the veto, someone that you don’t want to get it. Plus, we’ve seen it before, if you take the prizes, people get pissed off at you. Still, Hawaii!

Allison has gone to Sheila again and talks about trying to convince James and Chelsia to get rid of Matt and Natalie this week. They know that it will be one of them going up if someone comes off. Neither of them will be playing in the comp, and both are glad. Allison points out she has personal reasons for wanting to get rid of Amanda and Alex, but strategic reasons to get rid of Matt and Natalie.

The group in the HoH is starting to go a little stir crazy. They’re talking about wanting a unitard like Jen’s, and are calling it a weenietard. Chelsia jokes about hiding Alex’s cross, and then wonders if the comp will involve a noose. Josh then suggests Amanda would die just like her dad. OMG, that is terrible! With Adam out of the room, the others wonder if he is in an alliance with Matt, or if he’s part of another twist. They don’t like his and Sheila’s game play of blaming each other for the decisions they make.

I wish everyone would quit whispering! It makes it so hard to understand what they’re saying. Natalie is whispering the Bible to Amanda. Maybe it takes on greater meaning then or something. Once again, she reads with delight, the passage “reap what ye shall sow.” Will there ever be a season again where that isn’t mentioned?

Adam is probably pleased to be with Sheila now. as much as they hate each other, as Chelsia tells him if she didn’t like him, she’d cut his dick off, prompting them to call her Lorena Bobbitt.

They really need to start this PoV comp soon. There’s only so much I can take of this. It’s either listen to the guys and Chelsia chat about nothing in general or rehash yet again why Matt and Natalie need to go, or listen to Natalie read the Bible to Amanda. Please, for the love of God, start the Comp.

Finally, something different. Alex and Matt plotting downstairs in the SR. The two are definitely nervous, with both of them up on the block. They are saying it’s essential that one of them has to win the PoV. Duh! They start talking bout not liking Chelsia, so they really want to win and change up these noms. They even start to compare themselves to Will and Goobie. Sorry, Guys, no contest on that one.

Finally something interesting, as James walks into the SR and asks Matt and Alex if they’re ready to lose. Matt tells him he’s going to be mad when they get themselves off the block. James tells him they’re in a real shitty place, and as he walks out, James tells him at least they’re not in a shitty place in their life. You just have to love the maturity, don’t you?

Yum! Amanda says she would eat a bite of poo to win POV right now. If it were me, I wouldn’t be giving BB any ideas.

Sheila proves to be a double-crosser, going to Matt and Natalie and telling them of Allison’s plan to get rid of them. She’s mad because Allison has been telling people that Sheila is too much of an actress in the house, but she’s been doing that to save Allison’s butt. So now for her to go against her, Sheila says, “Hell no!”

Ryan tries to figure out Josh’s diet, and asks him and Alex what else has carbs in it? Is he serious? How do you get to be a 20-something in this day and age and not know what has carbs? My kids learned that in 6th grade!

And finally, we get feeds for awhile, so it looks like the PoV comp is finally under way.

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