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Big Brother 9 Live Feeds, February 21st, Part One – Food Comp and Lots of Nomination Chatter

It’s that time of the week when things are actually happening in the house, so the hamsters are awoken at about 8:30. The wake up message this morning is, “Time to get up, or this competition could kill you.” That rocks.

Cue showers, primping, breakfast, and coffee – the usual stuff. They’re drinking their coffee out of bowls. Hee. They’re talking about the food competition coming up, and how those on slop won’t be able to participate in the margarita party. They think that they’ll all be competing for food for the house, rather than individuals going on slop.

Chelsia and James get a little ribbing about how drunk they were the night before. Allison is talking a lot this morning, about living overseas, running marathons, and penguins. Natalie shares farm stories about feeding chickens.

James and Chelsia hide away again in the HoH room, vowing not to drink that much again because it seems everyone else is upset with them. James feels that this might not have been the best week to win HoH, because they’re going to end up with targets on their backs next week. And this happening in a different week would change that?

Sheila and Adam bicker about where their clothes should go. Adam likes to store his under the bed. This guy gets less and less attractive every day, and it’s not like he was a stunner to begin with.

Josh and Sharon talk a bit of strategy in the storage room. Joshuah is worried because he thinks they will end up going on the block next to Alex and Amanda. He says that Adam told him it would be either them or Adam and Sheila, and he’s stressing about it. He’s especially worried about what would happen if Matt and Natalie won PoV and took Alex and Amanda off the block. I’d be concerned about that situation too.

Joshuah asks if they should volunteer to go up as pawns, and Sharon thinks it’s a good idea. Then Joshuah backs down and disagrees with his own suggestion. Smart boy. Pawns are never a good idea. Ask Dustin.

Upstairs, James suggests to Chelsia that they make an alliance with someone who wouldn’t be nominated next week. He thinks that, if they have a strong bond with a couple who isn’t at risk of being nominated, then their chances of getting taken off the block with the veto are doubled. He’s convinced that the two of them will be nominated next week. That’s not a bad plan, except that there’s no way to know who will win the next HoH, and therefore no way to know who would be nommed.

Joshuah comes upstairs and the three of them talk about how they can’t trust Adam because he seems to be playing both sides. They decide that priority number one is to get rid of Amanda. I’m down with that plan. They talk about Sheila and Allison’s big lesbian lie, and James thinks it’s really shady. He can’t understand why they would do that, but also doesn’t think that they should let on that they know it was a lie.

Joshuah finally addresses the real reason he came upstairs – he wonders if he and Sharon are going up as pawns. James admits that he floated the idea as a possibility, but Chelsia doesn’t like the idea of using pawns and thinks it’s too risky. Smart girl. James wants to put Matt and Natalie on the block, but is worried because they made a deal not to. He wants to find a technicality to get them off the hook, but also knows that people break their word in this game all the time. Sounds like he’s made up his mind to do this.

Talk then turns to Sheila’s yeast infection, Jen’s panties that she left for Ryan’s sniffing pleasure, and Jen’s ass-rash. Lovely.

We get flames all of a sudden, so it must be time for the food competition. We’re out for almost two hours. When the feeds come back, there’s a lot of chatter about going through fish guts. Seriously? If that’s what the competition was based on, then that’s awesome because they don’t have a washing machine, and they only have cold water for showers. I’m all for torturing the houseguests.

There’s some talk about prizes too, so maybe it was a combo luxury/food comp. It’s hard to tell the results yet though, ’cause everyone is talking over each other. Natalie and James seem to have food. Sharon and Chelsia are talking, and Sharon is saying that Sheila just gave up in the comp so they should take her and Adam to the final three, because they’d be easy to beat. So I’m guessing Sheila is on slop.

Alex and Amanda are on slop too, apparently. So right now, it looks like our sloppers are Amanda/Alex and Sheila/Adam. Chelsia mentions that nominations are today too. Oh goodie, I see more flames in our future. There’s a lot of complaining going on, because they just did a messy and smelly competition, and now they won’t have enough time to “dress up” for the nomination ceremony. People, you don’t have to dress up for these things.

Sharon goes to Chelsia and James and tells them that putting up Amanda and Alex along with Mattalie would be the best idea. James is worried that Mattalie will win PoV again, take themselves off the block, and then swing a vote to keep Amanda and Alex in the house. Then, both couples that he and Chelsia nominated would remain. I’m not sure why everyone assumes that Mattalie will win the veto again.

Ryan takes a turn in the HoH room too, to remind James of his promise last night not to put he and Allison on the block. He suggests that Sheila and Adam should go up against Alex and Amanda. He says that he likes Matt but doesn’t trust him at all. When Ryan leaves, James and Chelsia agree again that they’ll nominate Alex/Amanda and Matt/Natalie, and say something during the nomination speech about breaking their promise to Matt, just to get it out in the open.

Then they try to figure out the order to put the keys in. Sheila and Adam will be first, but before they can continue Alex comes up. He says that he’s not going to beg, but he’d rather not be on the block. He only came up to talk to them because he figured everyone else was going to as well. Looks that way. When Alex leaves, James and Chelsia get a good laugh at the parade of hamsters arriving at their door.

In the kitchen, Amanda, Alex, and Sheila are making some slop concoctions. There are slop bars, and Amanda is making “slop salad,” a take-off on tuna salad but without the tuna. Gross. There’s more chatter about the competition, which apparently had something to do with basketball and throwing fish.

Matt goes to James and reminds him of his promise not to nominate Mattalie, but then says he understands that the HoH has to do what they have to do. James hints that Matt might end up on the block, and Matt responds that he doesn’t have anything to offer him as far as a deal goes, but took him at his word. James insists that they don’t want to see Matt and Natalie go this week, but also mentions that they voted to keep Jen and Parker even though the rest of the house wanted them gone. Matt tries to suggest that Alex and Amanda shouldn’t be nominated, but James brushes that off pretty quickly.

James tells Matt about the whole Allison/Sheila thing, and asks him to watch them to see what he thinks. James isn’t sure if they were lying about their relationship in the first place, or if Sheila is lying now to try and cover it up.

Chelsia and James toy with the idea of not agreeing on the nominations, going up themselves, and letting Allison and Ryan have HoH. Which is the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard. Even dumber than Marcellas not using the veto on himself. They nix the idea, thankfully. Now they’re cuddling together on the bed, talking about the nomination speech.

Time for more flames, which means that the nomination ceremony is about to get underway. It’s almost another two hours before they come back. I was going to leave a teaser here before part two, but since it’s late and you probably already know who the noms are, I’ll confirm that Alex and Amanda are on the block with Matt and Natalie.

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