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Big Brother 9 Live Feeds, February 20th – Part II, Margueritas for 2

Back to the feeds after the live show, and Amanda, Alex, and Sharon are chatting in the boat room. Alex is positive he and Amanda will be nominated, but she seems to think they might be backdoored. For what purpose? It doesn’t need to be a surprise move, and it’s not like you’ve proven yourselves to be big challenge winners that are in danger of getting PoV above anyone else. It seems Alex and Amanda are moving in here now that Parker and Jen have vacated it.

Allison is in the bathroom confessing to Josh. She wants him to know the truth about the whole “lesbian” thing. Apparently, when Sheila cried after the votes the other day, it freaked Allison out a little, and she is worried that people will now think the two of them are in cahoots. So she clears up the lie with Josh. She wants to make sure he hasn’t told anyone else, and he says he hasn’t. I can’t remember now if they know Chelsia knows or not.

It doesn’t take him long to find Chelsia outside the HoH room and tell her what Allison just told him. They can’t figure out why they would make up this lie to begin with. They’re a little upset that they were asked to keep a secret that wasn’t even true. So, you don’t mind keeping it when it’s true, but you mind keeping it when it’s false? I don’t get that. They’re worried now that Allison and Sheila will tell the rest of the house that they made this thing up, and Josh and Chelsia kept the secret and didn’t tell anyone. Josh just thinks the whole thing is a f’ed up thing to lie about.

James joins them in the discussion, saying he knows who to put up against Alex and Amanda this week, and assures Josh it’s not him. He also tells them Adam told him that Sheila’s big drama after the vote, the whole crying on the bed thing, was all a plan. Josh leaves, and the other two talk nominations again. The consider Alex and Amanda for sure, and Matt and Natalie in their place if they get PoV. Chelsia says it just can’t happen for Matt and Natalie to win PoV and then take Alex and Amanda off.

Ryan joins Chelsia and James with concerns over Adam being a loose cannon. He feels badly that Jen left, yet he’s still glad he’s here. Maybe someone should get in his ear and make suggestions of what Jen and Parker could be doing alone.

This happy little conference is broken up by Chelsia and James getting their HoH room. Chelsia figures her mom did the basket, as it has her pink and black woobie in it, along with a Nine Inch Nails CD, some candy, and wine and beer. James’s basket has a picture of him and his mom, along with some marguerita mix, cream soda, and ramen noodles. Looks like party time in the HoH this week.

A little later, while Chelsia and James are moving their stuff into the HoH, Adam, Alex, and Matt are working out in the backyard, and Alex is bemoaning the fact once again that he will probably be nominated, and Matt is backing that up. Is Alex taking up Parker’s case as the new whiner? Sheila, Amanda, and Allison are in the kitchen, and Sheila is complaining again about Adam, wondering if she’s the only one that sees him this way. Allison tells her that Adam was telling the others that Sheila was forcing him to vote a certain way. While Amanda shows Allison how to cut an onion, Alex walks through and starts talking again about his nominations, and how it wasn’t selfish, but for the house. Good grief.

Sheila then finds Adam in the bathroom and lets him have it. It seems he blew her whole plan thing. She had that whole thing created on how she’d come out of the DR crying and hurling herself on the bed after their vote, but he went and then told everyone what really happened anyway, and she’s pissed. It gets really heated between the two of them, until he leaves. She then talks to Allison in the bedroom and says she doesn’t ever want to hear his name after their time in the house. She’s been so up and down with her opinion of him, so who really knows?

Let’s not forget all these things the house promised to do/give up/get, etc. in the HoH comp. The girls need to make dinner tonight, and with her current feelings, Sheila wants no part of it. Allison and Amanda try to talk her into it, though, so she doesn’t get penalized in some manner. Meanwhile, Alex is telling Adam and Ryan in the backyard that Sheila plays the “mommy card,” and that if he didn’t make his nominations “for the house,” he would have put up Sheila and Adam. How long does he plan to drag out this magnanimous bit?

Sheila is turning into a loose cannon here. She’s so upset about Adam, saying it’s horrible how he treats women, and she hasn’t seen anything like his before, as he’s “no Evel Dick.” No one is, Sheila. He was one of a kind. Adam comes into the room and they go at it again. When she came out of the DR after voting, apparently he got in her face and said “they’re going to come after you.” She’s so upset and screaming different things, it’s hard to follow. He tells her she’s nuts, and she responds that anyone watching the show will know who’s nuts. Umm, the whole house? She then goes to find Allison and tells her she hopes she won’t be portrayed as the crazy one. Well, honestly, we have a lot to choose from.

James and Chelsia are literally drinking their baskets. He mentions the possibility of putting Sheila and Adam up as pawns after realizing in all the relationships, the guys are making the decisions, except no one knows how Sheila and Adam make decisions. James mentions their loose alliance with Josh, but Josh counters he gossips. That doesn’t matter to James, though, as he says he can be their ears. We know Amanda can’t fill that bill. They both agree no one is really going to hang out together after the show.

Continuing to make a case for putting Sheila and Adam up, James and Cheliea think they can say Sheila is only there to promote her book. James starts to wonder if Josh is trying to be “puppetmaster,” and figure Josh is definitely running the show for the two of them. They wonder if they don’t put them up now, who will do it the next week. James figures a great plan of attack will be if he takes cares of the guys, and Chelsia takes care of the “broads.” I think everyone knows they are a strong couple, but I don’t know if anyone realizes how strong.

In the backyard, Alex says there was someone back at home that he was interested in, and he wonders if she’ll be waiting for him when he gets outfox the house. Matt thinks she’ll be out there with open arms. Sure, her and Steve Perry.

James and Chelsia agree they’d lie to others in the house, but never to each other. And that includes even if their execs come into the house. This, though, is said over the booze they’re drinking sans drinking glasses. Discussing Natalie, Chelsia says she’s using Matt to her advantage, but James disagrees, saying Matt has groped her just to make sure she’s not the tranny in the house. They aren’t sure about Amanda and Alex, if what she said happened happened. James says he will cuddle with Chelsia, but never anything else, as that’s not cool. You have to love their mutual respect for each other. Before they head downstairs for dinner, James tells Chelsia he really likes her a lot because she’s a rad chick who doesn’t care what others think and says what she thinks. Awww, he likes her.

After dinner, James and Chelsia head back upstairs to drink some more margueritas in their cereal bowls. They lay in bed together and start making out in their drunken state. James keeps getting on top of her on the bed, and they pull the covers over their heads. She says, “Daddy, I’m sorry,” and pulls away from him, but always goes back. He’d say good night, and she’d laugh and tell him they are not going to sleep. She tries to explain they’re on national television, and he calls her a “Goober.” These two are actually really cute.

We lose the feeds, and when we come back, Chelsia is gone. It seems she might have been called to the DR. She comes back upstairs, and after a short bit, they’re back in bed together making out. After a little while longer, she’s quiet, and he leaves the room. It seems she passed out.

James goes outside for a smoke, and finding Ryan, he tells him he and Chelsia made out a little. Ryan, no dummy, tells James he thinks he has feelings for her, yet also adds, who wouldn’t? Adam joins them, and they talk about Allison and Sheila being lesbian lovers which Ryan says he knew about, but thinks is fake. James is worried about it in the same way they were all worried bout Ryan and Jen, but Ryan tells him not to, as he is sure it’s fake and that Allison only did it because she was feeling left out or something.

The three guys talk about “Operation Condor,” (could there be a more stupid name? At least they’re not calling each other “The Friendship” I suppose) and they discuss the possibilities of Matt and Natalie up against Alex and Amanda, but James doesn’t want to do that in case Alex and Amanda get PoV. He wants to talk about it tomorrow when his girl can be part it. James wants to give Ryan the week off, though, after being up last week, and they talk about doing rock, paper, scissors, always a sound decision maker, to see who will get that spot against Alex and Amanda.

James had some plan to never agree with who the women wanted to vote for to negate the power of the female vote altogether, but BB told them if they don’t agree, they not only lose their stipend, but also go on the block. Whoops. That won’t work. Not a good plan, James. Keep thinking.

For the stupid question the day, Matt wants to know if the guinea pigs pee, as he doesn’t see anything that’s wet in the cage. Is he serious? And he’s not the drunk one. See that water bottle inside their cage? Think about it.

Natalie starts giving James a massage in the sauna, and he is totally into it, probably wishing it was Chelsia. Alex walks in and points out James is drooling. He’s not down for the count yet, though, as he tells everyone there that he and Chelsia were making out. Matt tells James he’ll fix him up with a massage every night if he doesn’t have to go on the block this week.

With James passed out on the massage table, Adam and Sheila appear to have worked out their problems, but it only leads to a lecture of hers, telling him he needs to be careful what he says to people, especially women, as they can get hurt. Ryan joins them, and she asks him if he understands her reason for crying after the vote, saying it was just so no one would ask her about the vote. He claims to understand.

It seems Jen left Ryan a little present. Her underwear. He claims he will smell them every night before bed. Aww!

For everyone that’s still awake, Amanda has made cookies. With Natalie right there, Allison and Matt flirt a little back and forth. Ryan massages Amanda’s shoulders, and I have to wonder what Jen is thinking watching this. Imagine being on the show with your boyfriend, then going home, and getting to watch him along with all the others, half of whom you can’t stand, all day long. And this is after you know they all voted you out! Josh wants to take them all to some gay bars, and Matt is up for the challenge. This is after Sheila wondered if Boogie would be having a party for them after the show.

BB calls out James’ name, but he’s out cold. The rest of the people in sauna try to wake him up, but he doesn’t even flinch. They discuss moving him upstairs to the HoH, but instead just move him to the couch there, as Josh goes upstairs and covers Chelsia with a blanket. They all start to realize that this is why BB doesn’t give them more alcohol on a general basis. Ya think?

Sharon and Amanda do some plotting together, and decide to break up Sheila and Allison. Seems like a major cat fight on that one. They have some good ideas, but they’re half-baked. Thinking that James is closest to Ryan, Sharon wants to convince James to put up Ryan and Allison as pawns, but then really get rid of them instead of Alex and Amanda. Alex walks in, and they talk about getting James to put up Sharon and Josh as pawns. Have you people never learned anything from this show? Never offer to go up as pawn! They resolve to make Sheila and Allison look like a threat to everyone else.

Breaking news: Matt claims to not have lied once in this game. Back to your regularly scheduled recap before you go off to purchase that Brooklyn Bridge.

Sharon talks to Josh and tells him she’s worried she doesn’t want to screw everyone over in the game to only come in second place. She’s also worried that if Alex and Amanda leave this week, Matt and Natalie will cover after them the following week. He is sure, though, that it will be Ryan and Allison up against Alex and Amanda. Amanda joins them and gets back on the bandwagon of breaking up Sheila and Allison. Josh thinks targets could be on Sheila and Adam, as they’re the ones that broke their word with the votes. They decide the house is more calm without Jen and Parker. No kidding. Now get rid of Amanda, and all the causes of drama would be gone.

Amanda comes in to wish good night to Josh and Sharon, and asks where her hubby is. Josh is incredulous that one minute he’s raping her and the next, he’s her “hubby.” Along again, Josh and Sharon continue to strategize, and she still wants to offer to go up as pawns, but he thinks it’s way too risky.

Matt and Adam talk outside, smoking. Matt admits the first night he thought he would like Natalie, but then she got obnoxious. He told her not to like him, as he would hurt her, and he didn’t want to. But the BJ is okay, I mean that’s not going to hurt her, right? He’s surprised when the pairs were done that they didn’t put Ryan and Jen together in the first place. Ah, that’s the whole master plan! He talks a little about the BJ, and says he doesn’t know why she still likes him, as he’s such an asshole to her. He realizes, though, t hat some girls are like that. The more you act like a dick, the more they want you. Bad boys! Bad boys!

This ain’t no LNC. It’s 1 AM and everyone is in bed! Well, not everyone, as James is still passed out on the massage bed. It’ll be interesting to see if he and Chelsia rekindle this when they’re more sober!

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