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Big Brother 9 Live Feeds, February 20th – Part I, Flames and Trivia Mostly

Y’know, these folks on BB9 sure keep different hours than the crew last year. They were all in bed last night by 3 AM, and Sheila is up already at 8. Gone are the days when I would go to bed at 4 AM Chicago time, and get up at 7 AM, and still be able to watch some of All Night Dick. Then again, it’s not like there are any animal topiaries to decorate with this year.

After Sheila gets up, Alex and Amanda wander out as well, and shortly after Chelsia gets up, BB reminds them it’s time to get up for the day. It’s not even 9 AM. There must be a lot to do today to get ready for the live show. Maybe it will be one of those where they make them get up, then lock them in the HoH for several hours. Those are always good for a few laughs.

Allison has her big rollers in her hair again. Y’know, those never do much for my hair. They barely even give it a bend. Just saying. Jen is still complaining about her rash, and really, she got some drugs for it, so deal! She should be glad she doesn’t have to worry about the ear infections that go around from slop. Jen corners Josh in the sauna, telling him she’s counting on him keeping his word. Didn’t they already vote secretly? What’s he going to keep his word on?

We’ve finally found a redeeming quality for Parker. He knows how to iron. While he does this, he bitches to Sharon about her new partner, Josh, campaigning against him. Don’t you sometimes wonder if these people understand the point of the show? He then whines to Amanda, and tries with Sheila, but she clears herself by telling him that Adam will be making the decision for them. Again, they’ve already voted, so why are they making it seem like they haven’t?

Natalie and Chelsia have a chat about how old 30 is. Yeah, right, it’s ancient. Everyone is primping already in the bathroom, and it seems a little early at just a little past 9. Alex starts up the vacuum, and it surprises Chelsia enough to ask what day it is. Is that because in her home they only vacuum on certain days, or is because she doesn’t realize it’s live show day?

We get to see just a short bit of Natalie and Matt in the kitchen as they have a blow up, and she walks away in disgust, saying everyone gets the nice Mattie, except for her. Instead of giving her the nice Mattie at this point, he tells her “not everyone.” Yet, we know where her mouth will be tonight!

We find the source of the problem between them, as Matt walks into the SR where Natalie and Allison are. He tells Natalie that if she doesn’t like him laying with Allison, he won’t do it anymore. She points out it makes her look bad and hurts her feelings. Allison leaves, and Matt hugs Natalie, promising to work on it. Natalie seems to be upset about others talking to her about who Matt is laying around with, so he tells her they aren’t his friends, and are just telling her that to come between them. Yeah, but you’ll be hootin’ and hollerin’ with them the next time you get a blow job and want to laugh at Natalie for being so stupid to do it.

Back to the girls primping in the bathroom. Ryan lies there watching the show, and Amanda asks if he can see her underwear through her pink skirt. He tells her no; he can only see a small triangle at the top. Wouldn’t that be a yes, then, as it means he sees her thong?

By a little after 10 AM, we’re already getting flames. Let’s hope this doesn’t last until the live show!

A few hours later we get the live feeds back, but it’s just for a little bit, and the girls are still primping in the mirror. Good Lord, this has been going on for three hours! They talk about the time of the month, and later Jen walks in upset that someone is going back on their word. After that, it’s back to the trivia. And we never do get the feeds back until after the live show. At least there won’t be any more Jen and Parker to kick around anymore. If we could get rid of Amanda next, we’d be in business, but this show never quite works out that way, does it?

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