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Big Brother 9 Live Feeds, February 19th, Part Two – Trash-Talk Time-Out, At Least During Dinner

Amanda and Alex are called into the HoH room, where the computer is set up for them to write their HoH blog. Have you read it yet? I’ve got lots of comments, but maybe I’ll save those for another post. They get the digital camera, so now it’s time for picture-taking insanity.

Lots of giggling and gathering for group pictures. You pretty much know how this goes, right? Amanda says that they have an hour with the camera, and then another hour to write the blog. They spent an hour writing that blog entry? The mind boggles.

Sheila tells Allison that she purposely came out crying so that Ryan wouldn’t know Jen and Parker were for sure going to be evicted, because she didn’t want Ryan telling Jen beforehand. Okay then. She goes and tells the same story to Joshuah. Everyone seems to agree that Alex and Amanda have to be the next ones to go. Joshuah takes a page out of the Evel Dick Guide to Big Brother and decides to yell at Amanda again just before the PoV competition so she’ll be too rattled to win.

Joshuah and Sharon decide that they want to take Allison and Ryan to the end, because that will give them the best chances of winning the game.

Jen is lying in bed, all alone with her ass-rash, saying that it’s not her time to go home, she’s not ready, and that luck brought her here. I guess it’s just luck that’s kicking her out too then.

Sheila and Allison are talking in the bathroom (surprise surprise) and Ryan comes in. Sheila immediately starts saying that she’s not sure about the vote, because it’s all up to Adam. She says that she’ll try and talk to him, but he makes the final decision. Heh, smooth. Chelsia comes in and it’s small talk time. Sheila mentions that she played the daughter of Shelley Winters in some movie, and Chelsia wants to know who Shelley Winters is. Seriously? That can’t be an age thing – I’m 37 and I know who Shelley Winters is.

Amanda goes to Joshuah and apologizes to him. Not sure what for, but there it is. She’s decided that she wants herself, Alex, Josh, and Sharon to become an alliance and go to the finals together. Colour me surprised. Joshuah says that Amanda has trashed people and lied in the house, so he’s on the fence about even considering this plan. He also tells her that the people she thinks are her friends in the house really aren’t. Amanda says that she doesn’t trust Jen or Parker, but wants to keep them in the house this week. Joshuah says no, they have to go because then his side is stronger than the other.

Joshuah goes to the sauna with Natalie and Sharon, and tells them all about his conversation with Amanda. Natalie can’t believe it, and wonders how Amanda thinks she’s powerful enough to ensure anyone’s safety. They talk about how ridiculous Parker’s media strike was, but they think it was insane because he’d be throwing away all kinds of opportunities. Apparently Natalie will be on magazine covers after BB, and Joshuah wants his own talk show. Should I go there? Nah, been done.

Outside, the boys have boxing gloves. Alex and Matt are “fighting” each other. I use the quotes ’cause they’re not actually fighting, and calling it boxing would be a stretch.

Eventually Alex goes inside and makes dinner with Amanda. There’s pasta, and some egg and potato thing that Alex whipped up, that actually looks pretty good. And steak too. When dinner is ready, it’s time to all sit around the table again and play happy couples. Matt suggests that everyone should say something nice and/or funny about the two nominated couples. This is refreshing. Because you know it’ll be back to trash talk right after dinner.

They take turns and say things like, “good luck,” and “I’ll miss you.” Sigh. Natalie says thank you to Jen for lending her some shoes, and she’ll miss the clothes and shoes if Jen leaves. Hee! Amanda tells Parker she loves his laugh, and calls him stubborn. Alex apologizes for putting them all on the block, but says that they’ll all be there sooner or later. Lots of people tell Ryan that he has a “great girl” instead of directing a compliment right at Jen. Sheila cries while telling Jen that she’ll be a great teacher and a great mom. Okay. Joshuah tells Jen that if he got it up for women, it would be for her. Awww.

Then Jen makes a little speech saying that her and Ryan were supposed to be together in the house, but they should have known to expect the unexpected. Joshuah mentions that even he and Amanda have put aside their differences. I love how they all pretend to get along, and then ten minutes from now they’ll be bashing each other left and right.

Yep. Allison and Sheila head off to the bathroom, where Allison is pissed off because Alex mentioned that she makes a lot of money so she doesn’t need to win the game. Amanda comes in and tries to cheer them up, because she thinks they’re depressed because Allison is leaving tomorrow.

Joshuah tells Sharon that they have to lock in their vote for Jen and Parker, because the rest of the house wants them gone, and if they vote otherwise everyone will be pissed off at them. Josh goes to talk to Adam, who says that Sheila has “grandma breath.” What does that smell like? He thinks that she’s “priming herself” for him. Yeah, that’s it. Genius.

Natalie goes to ask Matt for some time together to talk, but he says that he just wants to be alone right now. She tells him that she’s not going to beg, and she’s done with him. She goes and finds Adam in the sauna, and tells him that her partner won’t even talk to her. He commiserates a little, and she says that it’s okay, she’s used to it.

Well this is interesting. BB announces that, during the Showtime hours, anyone with tattoos needs to cover the inappropriate tats with band aids. So wait. They’ll show nudity and people getting in on under the sheets on ShowToo, but not “inappropriate” tattoos? And what constitutes inappropriate? I’m befuddled.

Now Natalie is complaining about Matt to James. James encourages her to keep trying, because there’s bound to be a competition coming up based on how well they know their partners. Kind of like the last HoH comp, James?

James goes to shower or something, and Natalie tries again to talk to Matt. She tells him that they have to get to know each other better in case it comes up in a competition later. Heh. Matt? Doesn’t care. Natalie goes to the spa room, and is soon joined by Alex. Alex is cool with keeping Sharon and Joshuah in the game because he doesn’t think they can win anything.

Amanda and Parker are in the HoH room again, this time trying to figure out the votes. Amanda has her fingers out, counting. There are four couples voting. That’s four votes. No need for finger counting, one would think. Now Parker says that he’s not looking forward to going home and seeing how many friend requests he has on MySpace. Then he says that he’s expecting to get residuals for future BB commercials. I’ve read the BB contract, and that ain’t happening.

Now Parker’s vowing again that if he’s evicted and comes back in the house, he’s getting revenge on everyone who voted him out. He’s worried though that a gross food challenge might be coming up, and he’s not good with stuff like that. Amanda assures him that she can eat anything. Even a goat’s penis. Well good for her. That’ll look impressive on a resume.

It’s almost 1am, and Alex and Amanda decide it’s time for bed. They lay there talking, and Amanda wants to know what Alex has found out today. He doesn’t say much, and she promises him that she’s just being “the ears and not the mouth.” He warns her to keep it that way.

Adam and James have a conversation outside during a smoke break. They think that Amanda needs to go next, and then maybe getting Matt out wouldn’t be a bad idea. They’re both leaning towards keeping Sharon and Joshuah as long as possible. Those two are in a really good spot in the game at the moment. Adam mentions “Operation Top Floor” or something, which is essentially taking out Parker and Jen, and then Alex and Amanda, because they’ve both won HoH/Power Couple.

Oh lovely, Ryan and Jen are having sex one of their beds. Now either Parker or Allison will have to sleep on or near the wet spot. How inconsiderate.

Looks like just about everyone has gone to bed now. Alex and Amanda are still talking, kind of flirting but also insulting each other. Amanda’s normally high-pitched nasally voice is even more disgusting as she tries to baby-talk with Alex. She wants him to brush her hair tomorrow, but he says no. Finally Alex tells her to stay on her own side of the bed and rolls over. Think Amanda knows Parker is leaving, and is trying to salvage some attention out of Alex? Me too.

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