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Next Action Star: Jared's Song

Next Action Star reminds me of the Apprentice a little bit. These people have to jump through lots of hoops to get this gig. There’s lots of screen tests and the training is unbelievable.

This week they had to simulate drowning. I would be so out of there. It seemed a little mean. It kind of reminded me of summer trips to the ocean with my dad.

Melisande and Mae, two of the producers’ favorites, didn’t love the water. They didn’t do too well in the screen test either. Neither did Jared or Mark. Jared was everyone’s big favorite, but as the weeks go on and on and on, he seems to be getting too full of himself and not performing as well as he can.

Unless we are talking about his performances with Melisande. Jared, who has a girlfriend, has been hot n’ heavy with Melisande, the model who wants to become an actress. Some of the housemates got drunk and well Melisande and Jared ended up in bed together. Jared fell out of bed, naked and started the rumor mill.

Hmmm. Sleeping in the altogether with another girl while a bunch of cameramen watch and record it the house may not be the best idea if you don’t want your girlfriend to FIND OUT!

Of course, nothing happened. Well, if it hasn’t yet, it may soon.

Jared also ticked Jeanne off when he made fun of the “raw” chef. Jared wasn’t into the raw revolution and he was acting pretty immature. He and Sean almost came to blows. I’d like to see that.
Sean would win hands-down. He’s a big dude and a bouncer.

The women had something besides the water to fear, however. Yes — bathing suits. Brenda Cooper, stylist to the stars, helped the ladies pick out the best suits for their type. I guess it really is univeral: swim suit shopping is stressful!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, these women have much better bodies than I could ever dream of.

Oh well, off topic again.

No one got booted tonight. I was pretty upset. The director wanted to get rid of Mae & Mark. The producer wanted to get rid of Melisande & Jared. Since they couldn’t agree, everyone gets to try again next week.

How nice! I don’t think that’s fair at all, but who am I to judge? I wonder what the remaining four: Jeanne, Sean, John & Corinne think about it.

We’ll find out next week, when tempers flare and someone gets dropped, literally & figuratively.


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