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Big Brother 9, Episode 5 – My Boyfriend's a Racist

Apologies for not recapping episode 4 – I didn’t watch it until just now, so there wasn’t much point. However, I have to say that Neil got ripped off here. He was in the house for many days before leaving – could they not have given us just a little more footage of him before he left? And what was up with that obviously rehearsed speech from Joshuah? Poor guy, he sounded like an idiot. One other comment – why did most of the girls dress like they were going to prom for the Veto Ceremony?

Alrighty, let’s move on to tonight’s live eviction. Bring on Julie!

The usual rehash – HoH comp, nominations, veto comp, Jen yelling like a bitch to Parker, Mattalie wins it, Amanda tells Chelsia and James about her dad, Parkergate with Alex, veto meeting, veto not used, Jen and Ryan vow to “battle each other.” Heh. Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house? Find out tonight on Big Brother, ‘Til Death Do You Part!

Good evening Julie! Nice outfit! Julie rehashes Jen and Ryan’s story in the house so far. Did she just mess up Natalie’s name? But first! Yay, the first one! Oh boy, footage from the big fight! Clips of Amanda gossiping. Chelsia complaining about the gossiping. Natalie complaining about the gossiping. James in his pink underwear. Ew, look away.

Chelsia goes out to the backyard to confront Amanda on a rumour she’s heard, and Amanda starts the fast-talking and swearing on her dad. Amanda’s whiny voice denying everything. Here’s the YouTube clip of this, if you haven’t seen it yet. Lots of bleeping Joshuah’s comments. Hee – he says in the DR that it was the most fun he’s had in the house so far. I love Alex’s reaction. And is it just me, or does Parker resemble Beavis (or is it Butthead?) in that hoodie? Then Josh makes the comment about Amanda’s father, and suddenly everyone’s sympathetic to Amanda again. Doh.

Allison goes to comfort Allison, who is crying on the kitchen floor. Allison DR’s that the comment about the noose was hitting below the belt, even though she doesn’t like Amanda herself. Somehow Amanda pulls herself together long enough to get into a bubble bath, where Sharon and Parker are also trying to comfort her. Jen’s in there too, but she’s doing her hair in the mirror. Then she leaves, saying that Amanda should have some alone time. Good friend there, Jen. Parker sticks around because he wants her to know someone cares. Aw.

Commercial time. Fast forward is my friend. Ooh, an ad for that prime time Price is Right. I’m so there. Oh, we’re back.

How far are Jen and Ryan prepared to go to stay in the game? Jen DR’s that she needs to do whatever it takes to stay in the game. She tells Sheila that she deserves to stay in the game more than Ryan does. Then … she drops a bomb and says that Ryan is racist. Evil, evil woman. Now she’s telling Allison, Sheila, and Sharon the same thing.

Allison’s complaining to Ryan and Matt that Jen makes fun of her clothes. Ryan thinks that’s a girl thing. Hee. Sheila warns Ryan that he doesn’t have a clue what’s going on, and a lot of stuff has been said. Sheila says that she won’t tell him until after the eviction, but Ryan thinks he should know so he can defend himself. Sheila caves and tells him about the racist comment, and wonders why Jen would stoop so low. Ryan denies that he’s a racist and leaves. He goes to get Jen and tells her the shit is about to hit the fan.

Hee – they’re fighting outside and Adam is standing right there watching. Jen denies that she would ever do anything behind his back, or talk bad about him. She plays self-righteous, but then asks if it was a racist thing. Uh … then she says that she dated a black guy and he hates that. He says, “We’ll see about that.”

Jen barges in on Sheila and says that she never said Ryan was a racist. Replay of the clip of Jen saying, “And he’s a racist.” Jen gets these weird wide eyes when she’s lying. Sheila says that she knows what she heard, and Allison says that she knows Ryan isn’t a racist. Sheila wants to know why she would say something like that about her boyfriend. Ryan is pissed, and says that Jen is fucking with his life now. Jen decides to get in Allison’s face instead of dealing with Ryan. They walk out, and Ryan says, “you’re a pretty bad person Jen.” They talk in the spa room, and Ryan wants to know if she really needs this game so bad that she’d stoop to this. Jen’s a good talker though, and denies that she said he was racist.

Time to check in with the houseguests and see how they’re doing! Of course they can’t hear her at first – happens every year. Ah, there’s the audio. Julie wants to know how Sheila is getting along with Adam now, and she says they’re a match made in heaven. I’m not even going to comment on Adam’s little speech there. I can’t even understand the guy half the time.

Jen tells Ryan she doesn’t have any regrets in the game, and ultimately put herself on the block for him. They love each other with all their hearts. Kissy kissy. Enough of that. Julie asks everyone to raise their hands if they’re confident there are no other couples in the house. Only Natalie and Alex raise their hands. Paranoia is awesome! Julie explains BB voting for dummies. DR clips – Matt thinks Allison is a sneak. Chelsia thinks Allison and Ryan should stay in the game because they could help them. James thinks Parker should leave because he always turns on the lights when they’re sleeping.

Let’s talk to A&A in the HoH room now. Julie asks Amanda if the big fight is all forgiven now. She says it’s fine now, everyone’s apologized. Let’s talk about fathers, since both of them have lost theirs. Alex thinks of his dad all the time and gets strength from him. Julie wonders if Amanda regrets sharing her story about her dad with everyone. She didn’t plan to share it, but she doesn’t regret doing so. Do they think they’ll be able to work together as a team? Alex says that have to. Amanda agrees and says she has a lot of faith in Alex.

The vote is coming up next, but first … Joshuah dishes with Sharon in the DR about Parker and Jen. Adam thinks Allison and Ryan should go home, but Sheila thinks they should stay. Sheila thinks that with Jen gone, Ryan can actually play the game with Allison.

Time for speeches. Ryan wants to continue to build relationships with everyone. Allison says that everyone brings something different, thanks them, wants more time to get to know them all in or out of the house. Jen thanks them all for being “smokin’ hot” this season so they can all be in the house together. What?? She can’t wait to see them on the finale. Parker says thanks and see ya around. Profound.

Julie reads the vote: By a vote of 3-1, Jen and Parker, you are evicted from the Big Brother house. Jen starts to cry immediately. Hugs all around. Parker tells everyone they didn’t have to lie to his face, but it’s all right. Jen’s still crying. Loudly. Parker’s trying to get her to leave. Ha! More Jen and Ryan kissy kissy. They leave the house, and hopefully won’t be returning. Whew.

Time to chat with Julie. Jen’s still sobbing as she tells Julie she looks beautiful. Short clip of the inside of the house, where people are hugging Allison and Ryan now. Jen and Parker’s pictures are already black and white. Julie talks to Jen, saying that she and Ryan could have been a powerful couple, and wonders if there wasn’t a better way than revealing the secret. Jen says that it’s all Allison’s fault, and she would still tell Parker if she could do it all over again. Eye roll. Parker looks like he wants to kill someone. Julie wonders if beating Allison to the punch and telling the secret to everyone was a good idea. He says it is what it is.

Julie says that, in the event that they were evicted, the other couples taped goodbye messages. Jen says that she doesn’t want to see “hers” and Julie says, “Well, we’re gonna watch them.” Yay for Julie! And yay for production deciding to put Allison’s video on first! She apologizes to Parker, saying that they were in a tough situation. To Jen, she says she doesn’t know how to weight risk and reward. Heh. Ryan says it’ll be tough but he’ll fight for “us.”

HoH comp coming up, and the remaining hamsters (except for Amanda and Alex of course) are all standing in their booths for a question and answer based deal. What a surprise. Here we go. Tonight’s comp is called Big Brother Democracy. Six opinion-based questions, answer how the majority would respond.

First Q: What would the majority rather go without for the next 72 hours? Hot food or hot water? (Whatever the majority chooses will actually happen! And the same goes for all the questions! Awesome.)
Majority says hot water. No points for Mattalie or Allison/Ryan.

Second Q: What would the majority rather see the women wear for the next 24 hours? A bathing suit or their soulmate’s favourite outfit?
Majority says bathing suits, everyone gets the point.

Third Q: What would the majority rather loose for a week? Eating utensils or drinking cups?
Majority says drinking cups. Mattalie and Sheila/Adam don’t get points.

Fourth Q: Would the majority rather have a margarita party or an outdoor grill?
Majority says margarita party. Everyone gets points, but Julie points out that they don’t have drinking cups. Heehee.

Fifth Q: Would the majority rather have the men serve breakfast in bed, or the women cook dinner for a week?
Majority says women cook dinner. Sheila and Adam and Josh/Sharon get no points.

Sixth and final Q: Would the majority rather go two weeks without workout equipment or the washing machine?
Majority says the washing machine. Mattalie get no points.

The winner is … James and Chelsia! Much jumping and hugging and rejoicing. Amanda and Alex don’t look real happy though. Keys are passed off, someone’s smoking already. Should be interesting on the feeds soon, since they’ve given up hot water, drinking cups, and the washing machine, the women have to wear bathing suits and cook dinners, and they’re having a margarita party.

And that’s pretty much that! If you want to get the feeds and check out how they all handle life with no hot water and everything else, you can get two weeks free right here: Watch Big Brother 9 on SuperPass!

For more info on Big Brother, check out SirLinksALot: Big Brother 9.

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