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Big Brother 9 Live Feeds, February 19th, Part One – It's Voting Day

It’s wakey-wakey time at 9am, and the hamsters are not happy. Jen is up and immediately bitching about needing her cream. I guess it’s for the ass-rash she’s sporting. Showers, brushing of teeth, and breakfast prep are all underway.

Jen says that Parker was in the DR for two hours last night. Guess he had lots to say after not going in for so long! Sharon is laughing about Joshuah, who was yelling, “help, help!” in his sleep. He says he had a dream that he was out with friends, and someone slipped him drugs and then tried to remove his organs. Heh. Freud would have a heyday with that one.

Jen’s rash is still spreading. All the more reason to vote her out. Who wants to look at rash-babe in her bikini? Besides Ryan, I mean. BB gives the rest of the HG’s hell, with the recorded “Houseguests, I said it’s time to get up for the day!” Love that. I still think the BB alarm clock would be a big seller. “Hey, buttmunch. Don’t you dare hit snooze! It’s time to get up for the day!” I’d buy it. There is much complaining going on over the fact that they only got four hours of sleep.

Parker, Sharon, Jen, and Matt are in the boat bedroom complaining about how they probably had to get up so that Allison would have time to continue her campaigning. Here we go. They whine about how she’s talking to everyone and being fake. Ryan comes in and goes over to see how Jen’s doing. He asks her if she’s nervous about the vote, and she says no. She just wants her ass-rash cream.

Parker goes around talking to Sharon and Josh about how he has their back now and really needs their votes. Sharon just keeps saying that she and Joshuah will talk, but the decision this week is up to him. Not that this should be news to Parker. He and Jen compare notes and think they should hit up Sheila and Adam soon.

He actually goes up to see Amanda in the HoH room. They stand together and watch the spy screen, undoubtedly looking for that horrible Allison who must be talking to people somewhere. Sigh. Amanda stands behind Parker and rests her head on him, rubbing his back. Oh, and they’re holding hands too. Alex comes in briefly, saying that he can’t find his HoH key.

Parker says that he’s not nervous about the vote (even though he’s sworn revenge on everyone who votes for him if he leaves) and that he thinks he has Sharon wanting to keep him, he just has to work on Joshuah. Then he’ll make it his mission to take James out next week.

Hee – James, Chelsia, Matt, Alex, and Shelia are talking about Eric and Jessica. They think that Jessica is heavier than they thought she was, and Eric is shorter. Alex mentions Jessica’s eyebrows, just as I did in the recap of that episode. I’m not the only one who thought they looked odd.

Jen goes running for the bathroom to vomit, and everyone jokes with Ryan that she might be pregnant. Silly Ryan says that she can’t be – she just had her period and she’s on birth control. Sheila correctly points out that it’s still possible. Ryan thinks it’s cool that a baby could have been conceived in the BB bathroom. James advises that Jen should take a whole bunch of birth control pills at once, and that will kill the fetus. Congratulations James, you’ve left me momentarily snark-less.

Amanda and Parker are still upstairs talking. Parker says that he has a feeling he might be leaving tomorrow, and that he’s already been told that if he gets evicted, he’s going to sequester. Great, so there’s a chance that he and/or ass-rash Jen might be back.

Natalie and Sharon have a little confab, and decide that pretty much everyone in the house needs to go. Natalie doesn’t like that Sheila is walking around confidently now, because she knows Allison is staying. She also doesn’t trust Allison. Sharon agrees with everything Natalie says. They’re both sure that it will be Jen and Parker leaving this week, and want to target Alex and Amanda next.

Parker and Allison get into an argument over Allison and Jen bashing each other in the diary room. Seriously, the DR is where you’re supposed to be able to vent and say what’s really on your mind. Right, Danielle (BB3)? Why would you tell people what you whined about in there, and then call other people out for what they’ve said in there? Parker has absolutely the worst game of anyone to ever play BB. That’s right, Cowboy was a better strategist than this boy. April was better. Amber was better.

Parker accuses Allison of having a speech ready for the eviction ceremony. She says she does, because the nominees are supposed to give a speech to tell everyone why they should stay. Well duh. Parker, who clearly hadn’t considered this, then demands to know why Allison has been bashing his partner. She retorts that Jen makes everything personal, and insult’s Allison’s clothes, her hair, her skin, and her body. Allison has never done that to Jen because she’s above that.

Sheila jumps in and defends Allison, telling Parker he has no right to attack her like that. Parker says that he knows he doesn’t have Sheila’s vote, and they bicker about that for a while, with Sheila saying that she doesn’t know how she’s voting yet and still needs to talk to Adam so they can agree on everything. Parker mentions for the seven billionth time that he and Allison got screwed over in this game. How about us, Parker? The fans got screwed over too, because now we have to listen to you say it every five seconds.

Elsewhere, Ryan is explaining that Jen has a migraine and that makes her throw up.

Back to Parker and the ladies. Sheila is saying that Jen really brought Parker’s game down because no one likes her, so he’s guilty by association. Allison tells him that he’s strong and has overcome adversity. What the hell? Now it’s a mutual admiration club meeting?

BB begins calling couples into the DR, so it must be voting time. Chelsia seems to think the “live eviction” will be recorded tomorrow afternoon, and then they’ll have a few hours until the live show to gear up for HoH. I love it when people claim to watch and love this show, and are then so incredibly clueless as to how things work.

Sheila, who was earlier called into the DR with Adam, comes rushing out, sobbing loudly. Allison and Chelsia run after her. Sheila throws herself onto one of the beds, crying, and saying that she doesn’t want to talk about it. You can see this bit on video right here. Allison assumes that Sheila and Adam voted against her and Ryan, so the vote will be tied. She tries to calm Sheila down by saying that whatever happens, it’s okay. Sheila just keeps saying that she doesn’t want to talk about it.

Soon after, Allison is telling Joshuah that “she totally fell for it.” Sheila was faking it all, and just wanted Jen and Parker to believe that she and Adam voted to keep them in the house. A little over-dramatic, no?

James goes to Allison and tells her that if Sheila is messing up the vote this week, he’ll go after her next week. He’s pissed. Allison plays along and says that she’s angry too. A few minutes later, Allison is talking with Sharon, who knows it was all an act and thinks Sheila is clever. Allison says that she’s not worried at all – she knows Sheila wouldn’t vote against her.

Now Jen is crying. Good grief. Sheila consoles her, saying that it’s okay, everything will be fine, she and Adam did “the right thing.” Sheila says that’s why she was so upset, because she voted against her best friend in the house. She goes on to say that she doesn’t hate Jen, but she didn’t like the comments about Ryan being racist. Jen admits that she was wrong to mention that. Wow, a breakthrough. Jen promises Sheila that she has her back for the rest of the game. Well, that day and a half shouldn’t be too tough.

Sheila then goes and tells Allison and Ryan that the reason she was crying was because Adam wouldn’t agree with her about the vote. She thinks he’s trying to mess her up on purpose, and she doesn’t like that she can’t get a read on him one way or the other. And now I really don’t know what the hell is going on with the vote. There’s lots of talk about not having to “lock in” the votes just yet. So what, they go in and vote, but they can go back and change their minds later?

Matt and Parker discuss the whole situation. Matt says that he doesn’t want to win the next HoH, because he’ll have no voting power. He’d rather get it the following week so that he could potentially break a tie. Because it’s all about Matt – if he’s not going to get face time on the live show, he’s not interested.

Ryan corners Allison and asks repeatedly if she is sure that Sheila was acting. Allison says yes, and that Sheila told her she was crying because she had to record a goodbye message to Allison in there. Hmm. Now I’m really confused. There are too many stories, all apparently stemming from Sheila herself. Ryan wants Allison to talk to Sheila and make sure that they have her vote.

As Ryan and Jen go to the storage room to get their bags, which have to be packed for the live eviction tomorrow, it seems like as good a time as any to wrap up this part of the day and continue on in part two!

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