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Big Brother 9 Live Feeds, February 18th, Part Two – No Soup for You!

Sharon and Joshuah are outside at the hot tub, trying to figure out how to do damage control from the night before. Sharon thinks that it’s important that they appear “stable.” Please. The other hamsters wouldn’t recognize stability if it popped up out of the guinea pig cage and smacked them upside their heads.

It’s an outdoor lockdown, so now we have four people playing pool, a bunch around the hot tub, and others scattered around the yard. And, ten minutes later, the lockdown is over. Nothing to see here, folks.

Looks like BB gave them a scale. This is great fun, apparently, as they all go in to weigh themselves. Natalie is surprised to see that she weighs 116, and then claims that her “boobies” weigh a lot. There are too many comments I could make here, so I’ll just keep going.

Jen is complaining again about the rash she has. She’s still wondering if she should go see the BB doctor. Fer cryin’ out loud woman, quit trying to get attention and just go!

Allison and Chelsia are in the sauna doing a little Jen-bashing. I’m down for that. Suddenly, in my mind, the feeds go, “screeeeeech!” as Chelsia says that she just wants “a good person” to win the game. I’m waiting for Jameka and Amber to pop out from somewhere and start cackling, followed by The Friendship. Chelsia, honey, give your head a shake. “Good” person? Look around you. What are the odds?

Moving on.

Chelsia and James put their bathing suits on, and as Chelsia walks through the house she runs into Sheila and Allison. These two start talking about how they’ve been together for ten years but don’t share finances or anything. Er, are they still keeping up the lesbian charade? I thought that was just a gag? I must have missed something somewhere.

Amanda is in the kitchen bragging to Alex that she got her hair dye because she threatened to walk. She adds that “they” usually give the HoH anything they want anyway. Is that so? I’d like to ask some former hamsters what they think of this little nugget of insight. Alex decides that he wants to dye his hair blonde, so he’s going to go ask for the dye. I can see it now. Hair dye for everyone, or they all walk!

Parker is telling someone that he never watches CBS because it’s for “old people.” That’s right. The network that all of these people are currently being aired on is for us old farts. Can someone please put a couple of people with brains AND personality in the house?

Jen starts yapping to Amanda that she and Ryan are going to sleep in the same bed until one of them is evicted on Wednesday night, because there’s nothing BB can do about it. There’s something about rules and people named “Jen” that just don’t seem to go together on this show. Oh, and she’s going to make dinner just for the two of them, no one else can have any. Neener neener. How old is this chick? Twelve?

Oh, I see. Her rash is spreading. It’s on her chest now, and her neck. Apparently she asked to see the doctor and was told that there wasn’t one on hand, but they’d call someone for her. Hope the rash isn’t contagious, because that would really mess with Parker. Can you imagine if he had that to complain about too?

Speaking of Parker, Allison is telling Chelsia that Parker put his hands around Adam’s neck and made him promise not to vote him out this week. Chelsia is horrified. Parker, at the moment, is walking around telling people that if he’s evicted, they’d better all hope that he doesn’t come back because the people who vote against him “will pay.” He then goes and whispers to Natalie that he needs her to follow Allison around and find out what she’s doing to campaign for herself and Ryan.

Jen is in the kitchen making chicken soup for her and Ryan. From scratch – good girl. She says that the smell of garlic turns her on, and if Ryan were to rub it all over his dick she would eat it off. His dick, not the garlic. This girl is clearly disturbed.

Natalie, Sheila, and Allison try to figure out why Alex and Amanda have had HoH for so long. Someone call Mensa, they’re missing some members. Natalie thinks that, once it gets down to the final four couples, they’ll split up and play the game for themselves. Personally I think that, after the next few evictions, America will get to vote one person from each eliminated couple back into the house. I’m usually wrong about these things though.

Sharon and Matt are spooning and napping together. I wouldn’t bother to mention this, but apparently it’s significant because it’s on all four feeds. Four feeds, camera people. Chop chop. Ah, here we go.

Amanda has apparently dropped the eyes and become just one huge mouth now. She’s telling Adam that Alex will be so pissed off if they’re nominated this week, and how it’s only Joshuah and Chelsia who hate her so she doesn’t care. She thinks that she’s just like Britney Spears because everyone talks trash about her but they secretly want to be just like her. Methinks Amanda didn’t get her meds this morning.

Jen goes to the DR and comes back out with antibiotics. I guess that means the rash isn’t contagious.

Hamsters are now filing into the kitchen and getting bowls of soup, so I guess Jen decided to share after all. They’re not all eating together – some are sleeping while others are waiting for Alex to finish cooking some meatballs.

After most people eat, Alex and James sit and discuss whether or not Natalie is the tranny in the house, because Alex is still sure that there is one. Hilarious. One of them mentions that Matt has checked “down there” and she’s fully functional. So … maybe she’s post-op.

After-dinner recap coming up soon!

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