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Big Brother 9 Live Feeds, February 18th – Part I, Slow Start to the Day

It should prove to be interesting today to see if Amanda will be successful being “the ears” and not “the mouth.” She seemed to really struggle with it right away, so I’m thinking the longer it goes on, the more difficult it will be for her to keep that promise.

Josh gets up to face the day and a shower at 10 AM, and Sheila gets up directly after, going to the SR, and then the bathroom. Josh talks to her from the shower, recapping his part in the big fight last night and also saying he hopes Ryan breaks up with Jen. Alex gets up and makes coffee while Josh and Sheila continue to chat. They try to figure out which HG is more hateful, Jen or Amanda. Sheila mentions that neither Jen nor Parker tried to defend Amanda, letting her sink all on her own. Josh gets done in the shower, and Sheila gets in.

Josh joins Alex in the kitchen, and they work on figuring out something to make for breakfast. Josh makes note of the fact that the house seems to forgive and forget pretty quickly, and Alex acknowledges Josh would probably put him up, and that’s the thing, that everyone wants to put them up just to get rid of Amanda. Josh thinks BB is probably the only true reality show on TV, and if that’s the case, it would make us all a little lonely at Reality Shack.

Alex is making pancakes, and Josh turkey sausage, as Sheila walks in looking for the soy milk, as she can’t digest whole milk. Alex used the rest of it making the pancakes, and there doesn’t seem to be any more, even in the SR. While she goes back to finish drying her hair, Josh goes outside to admire the weather, and has a little conversation with God, asking Him to help Amanda with her mental disorder, as “she is clearly not well.” I think it will take a higher power at this point.

Once Josh goes back inside, he and Sheila discuss churches, and both admit to watching preachers on TV on the Sundays they don’t go. Josh talks about some church in Texas which is the largest gay church in the world. After breakfast, Parker wakes up and everyone goes outside, except for Alex, who chops up some food for the guinea pigs.

Sheila and Josh talk about Alex getting a raw deal being paired with Amanda, and they both talk about missing Neil. Sheila was a little bummed he was gay. She then tells Josh that he used the C word a little too much last night, at least twenty times. One time, someone in her family called her that, and she won’t mention names here, but she didn’t talk to him for four years. It was hard to not talk to her own brother. Whoops! Did she say that out loud?

It’s after 12:30, and everyone else is still asleep. Matt figures it’s because BB knows they were up until the wee hours of the morning. Those up notice that Ryan and Jen must have made up, as they’re sleeping together inside. Isn’t that against the rules? Or is it okay as they technically got up from being with their partners, then went and laid down together?

The awake people take turns in the DR, all except Parker. He’s still on strike, and even though the call him in there, he refuses to comply. For some reason the cameras really like Jen and Ryan today, even when all they’re doing is sleeping. They wake up, and it seems she’s feeling amorous, but he doesn’t want it right now, probably as the camera is shoved in their faces. She flips off BB, or us, depending on how you look at it, off.

Amanda gets up and tells Alex she was going to stay in HoH all day, but she didn’t want the others thinking they got the best of her. She has to bring up again that she never got naked. Parker tells her he can’t wait for Wednesday, and if he gets evicted, and comes back, he won’t do it if he has to come back with Jen. Really it just amounts to more of his whining.

It seems like mostly everyone is up now, and Jen emerges from the love net with a mysterious rash on her legs, wondering gif she should see the doctor. Amanda and Allison are talking in the SR, and Allison is telling her how bad Jen is, as she’s supposed to be Amanda’s best friend in the house, yet Allison practically had to force her to go up to the HoH last night and talk to her. I’m no fan of Jen’s, but honestly I don’t blame her. Just saying.

The two leave the SR, and Amanda goes up to Josh, saying she realizes people say things in the heat of the moment, and she forgives him. He thanks her, and she goes back to talking shit about Jen with Allison. Sheila then chats with them, and they talk about the Ryan is not a racist thing.

Amanda seems to be having a tough time being the ears and not the mouth today. She chats with Natalie, and they first rehash who said what that made the whole fight last night, and then Amanda repeats everything to Natalie that Allison told her about Jen. Amanda gets some hair dye from BB and says that she was going to DOR if she didn’t get her hair dye. Imagine, “I am so distraught that I was called a horse-face and the c word, and told everyone hates my guts. I’m also upset that people are making fun of my dad hanging himself. I”m going to DOR, but I’ll stay if I get some hair dye.”

Maybe God didn’t hear Josh’s plea.

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