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Big Brother 9 Live Feeds, February 17th – Part III, Be the Ears, Not the Mouth

After the PoV ceremony, Amanda had asked if they could survive the next three days without any drama, and the fact is they only would if she wasn’t there, as she seems to be in the center of it. Several comments she made about others came back to haunt her last night as first Chelsia went off on her, followed by Alex and Josh. Here’s the aftermath.

Allison tries to console Amanda, but she seems to not want anything to do with anyone right now. Allison is also upset about how violently Josh reacted. Natalie is still upset about Amanda calling her a slut. Parker is now upset about Alex bringing him and Jen, as well as Ryan and Allison, into the fight. Alex was only explaining how this all came about, but Parker now thinks Alex made him more of a target by bringing them into it. Of course, it’s just something else now for Parker to whine about.

Allison goes to Matt trying to draw her own sympathy out of this, telling him how much the fight upset her. She tells Natalie and Sheila how it upsets her that Jen is talking about what will happen when she wins HoH next week, as that’s implying that her and Ryan are already gone.

Alex apologizes to Chelsia for the comments his partner made, and she tells Josh not to say anything else when Amanda comes back out. He doesn’t think there’s anything left in him. Everyone starts to wonder if Amanda will DOR, but in reality they don’t think they’ll be that lucky. Alex is still upset about Amanda putting him in this position, and Parker is still upset about Alex putting him and his partner in this position.

With Amanda still in the DR, Alex calls an impromptu meeting in the kitchen. He talks about Natalie coming up to the HoH the night before, and she admits that Amanda put her up to it, then came in and got mad at Natalie for being up there with Alex, so it seems Amanda set everyone up like this, her supposed friend and her partner. Alex wants it known nothing happened, and says he got a massage from Sharon, and Amanda got upset about that too. He feels like she flips out when he talks to other girls, yet does things with Parker, then says that Alex tried to rape her, which didn’t happen. Everyone is backing Alex up completely.

Parker admits he likes Amanda, but says right now he’s “chillin'” because she seems to be trouble. He didn’t get into the argument, as everyone seemed to know more than he did. If it’s the truth, he wants it to come out. He then launches into the Oompah Loompa song, oddly enough. Chelsia hopes that the reason Amanda came on the show was to grow as a person, as she’s pretty on the outside, but needs some improvement on the inside. Sheila points out Amanda is really young and just wants everyone to love her, and sometimes that makes you do stupid things.

Amanda finally gets out of the DR, says good night to everyone, and Josh screams at her again. She has a picture of her dad that they gave her in the DR, and in tears, says anyone that wants to come look at the picture can. Huh? Why would they want to do that? Apparently Sharon and Jen, who go up there, as Amanda uses the opportunity to say all that was a bunch of lies and she never said anything about anyone. Jen tells her, as a friend, that she thinks Alex is afraid to be around her now. Amanda just wants to point out she wasn’t the one that was naked. Jen then asks her what a noose is. Sigh. Amanda gives herself kudos for playing with such integrity. That whole situation is kind of like an oxymoron.

The DR gives Alex permission to sleep on the couch so that he doesn’t have to be with Amanda who has accused him of rape after teasing him. He goes in to get his stuff, and she runs into the bathroom. Matt is with him and tells Amanda that just so she knows, he didn’t say shit. Amanda just doesn’t get it, as she spreads even more shit, apparently to make others think she’s not the worst person there. She tells everyone up there that Josh told her he has gonorrhea and shot in eight guys’ mouths after he found out, plus had been with 200 different people. What does that have to do with the price of rice in china? She claims BB won’t allow her to go home. Oh you can go home, Honey, you just have to sign a nice little paper first.

Amanda faces us through the camera and asks if she gets naked if we’re going to watch. I’d actually rather not, thanks. Somehow through her pain, Amanda manages to tell Parker that she only likes black guys, so she doesn’t know why they matched her with a white guy. She apologizes to him and says it’s all her fault since she flirted with him. Oh brother. Get a clue. Parker hears from her that Chelsia tried to apologize, but Amanda refused to listen. In reality, Chelsia only apologized for the comment about the noose. There was no way in hell she was going to apologize for anything else. She wants to know if she really does look like a horse. I know I shouldn’t find that amusing, but I do.

Jen talks to Matt about the votes, and he tells her she should try and cut a deal with Chelsia and James. She says she’s been thinking about it, but wanted to wait until tomorrow. Parker goes to leave, but Amanda works on his sympathy, saying she’s going to go ask the DR for her bag. When he asks if she’s sure she wants to do that, she asks if he and Jen will come back.

A bunch of people are in the bathroom talking about this crazy night, and as Parker enters, Adam asks “What’s up Slut?” Parker then feels he should defend Amanda, telling Natalie she never called her a whore.

Jen and Allison are in the SR trying to get over their latest thing which is Jen making fun of Allison’s unmatching bathing suit, and these comments are suddenly the worst thing in the world that could happen to Allison. Yet, she says the comments didn’t hurt her feelings at all. Huh? Amanda goes back into the DR. As Sheila is talking to Allison, Ryan walks in, and Allison blows up at him for not telling her that Jen was saying mean things about her bathing suit. Was she feeling left out of the drama or something? What does this have to do with anything?

Natalie and Matt talk about finding a new alliance. Suddenly the thing with Amanda/Alex and Jen/Parker isn’t seeming to be such a good thing. He knows Jen and Parker are probably going home, and he doesn’t really care too much.

Alex and Amanda get together to hash out how they’re going to get through this now as partners. They craft some new rules. The first is that she has to drop the daddy card. The next is that she has be be the ears and not mouth. She says the only reason she talks is because he won’t listen to her, so he agrees to listen to her whenever she has something to say. Uh-oh. She has to try and work things out with Josh, and if she likes Parker, that’s fine, but she can’t hide it, giving other people things to talk about behind her back.

Water has been spilled on Ryan and Allison’s bed. It was Matt and Adam playing a trick on them, but they think it was Jen being petty. She’s upset to think Ryan would think such a thing about her. Ryan then talks to Adam, telling him he thinks it was Parker that spilled the water. Jen comes to talk to Ryan, being mad at him for telling Allison she was making fun of her suit, but Ryan says it was the opposite; she was made him for not telling her. They also talk about this “thing” that’s going to come out, and it has something to do with Ryan not being happy that Jen is paired with a black guy.

They finally start talk about the race thing with Ryan saying he does not agree with interracial relationships, but he does have black friends and isn’t a racist. Does he not see that saying that makes it seem even more so? Amanda is trying really hard to keep to her promises and not spread the gossip she knows is going around about the water on the bed and Ryan’s racist feelings. She runs off to tell people excitedly that people are fighting and it has nothing to do with her. She then finally heads to bed, telling Alex she’s been ears, just like she was supposed to be.

Parker tells Jen and Ryan that he is boycotting the DR right now, and he also plans to boycott media. It says in their contract that they have to attend the media events, but it doesn’t say they have to speak. He imitates Chenbot asking him how it was on the show as he just sits there. The race issue also comes up, and he tells Ryan he really doesn’t care how he feels about interracial relationships.

James and Adam sit in the backyard smoking, talking about everything that has gone on today. They both think there are more twists or couples, and looking at the four-sided cube in the guinea pig cage, they think maybe that means there are four couples that knew each other outside the house. Oy!

Eventually everyone is in bed by 5:00 AM. Have to say I miss my All Night Dick.

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