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Big Brother 9 Live Feeds, February 17th – Part II, Looking For Drama and Finding It

After the Golden Veto was not used, Josh tells Ryan he and Allison are safe now, and many people want Jen and Parker out. He tells him even Natalie is coming around to their side. They talk about Amanda and Alex being on everyone’s radar, as they’re all getting a little sick of Amanda. Jen comes and joins the group and the conversation suddenly changes and couldn’t be more obvious as they begin talking about the water in the hot tub and the grass.

Amanda finds Parker in the boat room, and tells him she likes her belly rubbed, but he could care less as he only wants to whine bout how tough he has it, being that he had to keep Jen and Ryan’s secret. For what, all of a couple of days? Parker, the guy that has rated all the women in the house a 6, except for Chelsia who rated a 7, tells Amanda it sucks to be reminded of your faults all the time. And to be rated a 6 feels great? They get in a quick kiss, and he tells her he understands that she isn’t ready for more just yet.

The Irony of the Day Award goes to Amanda, as Natalie is telling everyone in the hot tub that Amanda only pretended to be her friend in the house, but all along she’s been backstabbing her, Amanda walks out to the hot tub, sits down, and asks if everyone thinks they’ll actually go the next three days in the house without any drama.

Allison tells Amanda that Ryan thinks the biggest threat in the house is Parker, and the next biggest is Amanda and Alex. She wants Amanda to know she doesn’t blame her for putting her and Ryan on the block, as she wouldn’t have done the same thing. Amanda just stares at herself and decides she is getting chubby.

A bunch of the ladies sit around the hot tub chatting, saying it was stupid for Jen and Ryan to spill the secret of their relationship so early. Thank you! Sheila slams Parker, saying if he wants to stay in the house, why is he going around rating all the girls? Again, thank you! He had said there was only one good-looking woman in the house, and that was Amanda. Sheila was told she was probably an 8 when she posed for Penthouse. She apparently is letting it all out with the girls, saying there isn’t one guy in the house she would actually “do.” She thought Alex was attractive … until he liked Amanda. Even when she was a Penthouse Pet, Sheila claims she wouldn’t have ever dressed the way Amanda does with the shorts up her ass.

Josh tells Sharon that since Amanda and Alex can’t play for HoH this time, it’s a prime opportunity to get them out of the house. She asks what would happen if they used the veto, and he-hadn’t thought of that. Umm, has anyone other than Sharon heard of backdooring? Just asking.

Sheila covers a little, telling Amanda she and Allison usually talk about their lives, as they’ve both been through a lot. Amanda, of course, has been through a lot too! Amanda spreads a little gossip about Matt and Natalie getting naked the night before, then complains yet again that Alex doesn’t like her wearing her short shorts. She tells Sheila she still looks great at her age, but Sheila knows she could use a little Botox on her forehead and “waddle.”

Not surprisingly, Matt, the guy that gets oral sex from Natalie, then grins at the camera, and tells Alex he loves all the drama. They’re both waiting for Josh to snap, and they loved the heated exchange with cup-throwing between Sheila and Adam the other day. They figure that was a great show to watch. Yeah, a real riot.

Natalie does color on Chelsea’s and James’ hair, and James talks about the tattoo on his neck, saying some prison guy in his uncle’s cabin did it, but it turned all puss-y, and he sat there picking at the scabs. Is there honestly nothing else to talk about? The problem is the tattoo has the C word in it, so BB asks him to cover it up, and he uses a bandaid.

Jen and Allison appear to patch things up, with Jen saying she hopes people will realize the only reason she is on the block is because she refused to vote out Ryan the first week of the show. She asks Allison if she plans to take advantage of “all” the endorsements that come their way after the show. She thinks it would be cute if she and Ryan could do some together. Honestly, what do they think happens after this show? Remember that Zach thought women would be beating down his door, and that was after they saw his little willie.

The pigs sit around talking, as they talk about which girls are into who. Matt offers to pass off Natalie if anyone wants her, and talks about thinking Allison is into him, saying from the waist down she isn’t bad. He doesn’t want to have full blown out sex with anyone here, as it could ruin things at home between him and his ex. It just makes me shake my head. They all agree Jen has a smoking body they’d all be into if her boyfriend wasn’t in the house, and I only agree with them when they al about Parker being stupid to call all the girls 6s.

Sharon has the line of the day in the bathroom later, telling Jen and Parker that the show is like a high school sleepover you can’t get a ride home from.

Matt talks to Parker, and whistles at Allison as she walks by, then says having her would be too easy, but Sheila would be a challenge. Parker asks if he’d “do” Sheila, as he says not that, as he has respect. He does? He won’t have sex or kiss anyone,but if someone wants to give him pleasure, he’ll take it. His mom’s friends watch he show, and he doesn’t want them seeing him getting it on with everyone. But having oral sex under the sheets isn’t bad, right?

Alex is getting increasingly angry about his situation with Amanda, and he looks directly into the camera at one point and tells BB to make no mistake about it. If he loses this game, it’s on account of “that bitch.” Well, that’s to the point, isn’t it?

Alex then goes to James for a little chat. James is honest telling Alex he’s amazing, but he can’t stand Amanda. Alex knows exactly what he means, as James tells him if he leaves, it’s on account of his partner. James suggests that Jen and Parker have to leave, because the triangle created with Parker, Amanda, and Alex is something that just doesn’t need to happen. After the conversation, James goes to jump rope.

Pretty much nothing else happens for awhile as Parker talks of alternate names for the vagina. Wow, that’s some real entertainment. Natalie breaks up everything extremely angry at Amanda, as she hears that she has been telling people that James said if he gets HoH, he intends to put up Amanda/Alex and Matt/Natalie. Natalie thinks Amanda is just trying to break up her and Matt, and she thinks this makes her into a target. For some reason, this is shocking to her.

Chelsia heard the whole thing, and she’s upset that Amanda is talking shit about James and possibly her. She confronts Amanda in the hot tub who flatly denies everything. She then brings Natalie outside, bringing the two sources together to confirm. Amanda flat out denies the whole thing, saying she never talked about Chelsia behind her back, and that her name never came up, swearing on her dead father. Natalie points out her and James play as one, so if Amanda is saying James is nominating someone, that implies that Chelsia is backing him up on it agrees.

Alex has to give out a huge Amen to that one from Chelsia, because he’s been saying that all night. Amanda is still whining big time that no one is listening to her or letting her talk, and she just doesn’t get it. Josh jumps into the mix and calls her a horse-face, and C-word, and screams at her at the top of his lungs for quite some time, telling her everyone in the house hates her and wants her gone. Alex just wants Amanda to see that people are partners in this game, James/Chelsia and the two of them as well. Josh eventually stalks off, and Alex and Chelsia continue to scream at Amanda.

At a certain point Chelsia does a hilarious impression of Amanda, as she pulls her pants down below her ass and struts around. Alex again tries to put everything simply, that the people that are up on the block, Amanda and he put up for the house, as the two people with an outside relationship have an unfair advantage, so they wanted to break them up. But everything that has been done since then is what everyone is upset about.

Chelsia and Amanda continue to go at it, and eventually it gets to Chelsia using the word noose, which Amanda thinks is her making fun of her dad killing himself. Chelsia says she has an aunt that killed herself, but you don’t see her running around flipping her tits every time someone says something. Amanda stalks off telling Chelsia that wasn’t very nice, trying to make her feel guilty and make everyone feel sorry about her, but it doesn’t seem to work very well, except for on Allison, willing to find friends wherever she can.

Eventually the fighting is over, but there is still a lot of aftermath to go through. Find all that out in the next post!

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