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Big Brother 9 Live Feeds, February 17th – 1st Half of Day, All Parker; All the Time

First of all, I need to answer the question Carrie ended her last post with. Yes, the Big Brother house is filled mostly with pigs this season. It’s like a house full of Boogies. And then the other half are willing to cheapen themselves on camera, as they think they’re going to find real love with these pigs. It’s like a house full of Ericas.

The HGs are woken up a little after 10 AM this morning and told that the PoV ceremony will be happening around noon. On BB, that means generally some time before dinner.

Matt and Parker have a pow wow, concerned over James’ and Chelsia’s vote. Matt knows that James is on the fence, although his partner Chelsia definitely wants Ryan and Allison out. Matt can’t believe that Ryan doesn’t even know how to campaign, but Parker points out it’s not exactly his strong-suit either. He’s especially weary of doing it since he we slamming Allison for doing it, as it wouldn’t seem right now. Ya think?

Parker then goes to get the information straight from the horse’s mouth. He find James and Chelsia and asks where they stand. James admits he wants Parker out for personal reasons, and Chelsia admits it’s a split vote for them. Jen joins in, and Parker says she doesn’t like to campaign, as it makes him feel like he’s talking shit about people. And … just what does he think he’s doing now? James and Chelsia want some guarantee that if they vote against Jen and Parker and they stay, that it won’t be held against them. Are they kidding? From Parker?Mr. Whiney? Chelsia admits she wants Ryan and Allison’s bed. Well, there’s a great reason for voting them out, if ever I saw one.

Okay, understandably, Parker doesn’t like to campaign, yet does it anyway, yet then seems to keep shooting himself in the foot. While the girls are spending endless time getting ready for the PoV creamy dressing, doing hair and makeup, etc. Parker tells them he hopes he didn’t offend them last night when he was rating them and gave them all 6s. He’s just a particular guy when it comes to girls. And just why would a girl on the fence vote for him to stay after that? Women of the world, I implore you, after he’s evicted, and you see him walking down the street hiding behind his camera, tell him his personality is a 1. Then tell him you hope he’s not offended.

James and Chelsia are having a very sweet conversation, talking about their future, most likely, individual marriages, with her saying she wants something simple on the beach. Chelsia doesn’t want to wear a wedding dress, but wants the groom to be in white. He says he wants simple as well, with a sunflower in the bride’s hair. He thinks perhaps getting married in Iceland. Maybe these two are a love match. Yet, their sweet conversation is interrupted by Parker coming in saying that Allison is upset that she was rated a 6, and he reminds Chelsia she’s a 7. Like she’s supposed to be grateful for this or something.

Amanda admits to Parker than she was only pretending to sleep last night and heard everything he and the other guys were talking about. This conversation goes nowhere, though, as Parker can only talk about James and Chelsia’ vote. He wants them out, as James is disgusting, and I think he’s referring to what James admitted the other day about being able to give himself oral sex. I ask you, wouldn’t every guy do that if they could? Amanda is upset with BB for not telling her to go to bed last night, because she’s tired. Is this adult woman serious? She also still thinks the eviction will be today. Where did they find this group of people?

While Parker is spending all this time worrying about James’ vote, it seems he should be worried about Adam as well. He claims he’ll have the last laugh, and Parker is a sucker if he thinks he’s not going home. James doesn’t seem quite as concerned about his vote, as he sits there becoming a contortionist, saying he’s double jointed, which BTW, an orthopedic surgeon has told me isn’t really possible, as he explained what really happens when we think someone is double-jointed, which I don’t remember of course. That old age thing getting to me.

Apparently the focus of the feeds today is to be All Parker, All the Time. He goes to Sharon to secure her vote. He wants to know if she gets HoH, will she nominate him, and sheclaims she wouldn’t, as she doesn’t hold grudges. He also tell her that her points go up when she dresses up. Please HGs have mercy on the rest of us and get rid of this guy. If I were a woman in that house, and thank God I am not, I would be getting rid of him on his comments about how he rates everyone alone. Sharon admits, too, that she only tried out for the show as a joke, and didn’t expect to make it. Parker saw the ad on Craigslist.

Amanda joins the disucssion and complains again about Alex. Give it a rest! It’s one thing to be a tease, but then to go around and spread rumors about what the guy is doing to you … and the whole time she’s rubbing up against Parker. If he’d start something with her, she’d probably run away from that too. A little later she’s upset that everyone knows she wants to be with Parker saying you can’t tell Allison anything. But you’ve been telling everyone, Amanda!

Allison just continues to cause trouble, mostly between Ryan and Jen. She tells him that Jen was in the bathroom with some others as everyone was discussing why the pairs were matched up the way they were. Jen had said the only reason Ryan doesn’t want her with Parker is because he’s black, and one of their family’s is racist, using the N word all the time. Allison doesn’t understand why Jen is Ryan’s girlfriend, but wants to cause trouble all the time.

Despite getting flames and guinea pigs a few different times, it’s always a false alarm, with no PoV ceremony yet, despite the fact that it’s over an hour past when it was supposed to start.

Natalie tells Josh she thinks she’ll be the entertainment of the show, then spends a lot of time complaining about Amanda, saying everything Natalie says she does or has done, Amanda always has to one up her. She also claims Amanda said that Bueno means hello in Spanish, even though everyone knows it’s really hola. She also wonders why Amanda keeps talking Spanish when she’s Italian. Because she’s loco.

In a conversation in the kitchen, the girls start talking food. Sheila thinks the only way she’ll lose weight here is if she’s on slop, and says “bless his heart” about Marcellas giving Chicken George his slop pass after he’d been on it for so long. Natalie tells a childhood memory of eating her mother’s laxatives, thinking they were just chocolates, and Sheila mentions that she once ate dog food by accident when she was little. Scintillating conversations while we wait for the PoV ceremony to begin.

After a short lockdown, we finally have the PoV ceremony. As expected, the golden veto was not used, and Jen confirms to Ryan that either way, one of them will be leaving. Jen sits on her bed pouting, with Ryan bringing her lunch in bed, and Parker is obviously very stressed out.

Honestly, what did Jen think was going to happen spilling her secret so early in the game? That was a huge mistake. It made her and Ryan both targets before anyone had any clearly defined enemies or alliances. As for Parker, I think that guy would be whining no matter what was happening.

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