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Explosives – of a different sort on Next Action Star

Tonight’s episode looked more like the Bachelor than Next Action Star. The screen test was all about l’amour. Yup! The contestants had to get a little busy.

Some of them just weren’t having it. Corinne, the boxer from Minnesota, had some serious trouble getting intimate. She cried for the first time since the show started. She said that taking the high fall out of the building was nothing compared to necking in front of everyone.

Of course, John, the waiter from Portland, had a little more trouble with the high fall. He is afraid of heights, but he pulled through and took the plunge.

Brenda Cooper showed up and the contestants dressed up in some action star finery. Jared did his best Keanu Reeves’ impersonation with a full-length, Matrix-style, black leather coat.

Speaking of Mr. Jared, he’s got a girlfriend back at home in NYC, but that didn’t stop him from getting awfully close with Melisande. There is definitely some heat between the two of them. Everyone noticed, and I do mean everyone, including the casting directors.

Jeanne, the jewelry designer from Atlanta, got paired up with Chicago Club DJ Mark. The two of them had less chemistry than my son’s last science project. It was painful to watch their screen test.

Despite that, Jeanne and Mark survived the cut. Somere, the elementary school teacher from Texas, and Greg –I’m sorry, I can’t remember what he does or where he’s from- will not be continuing on in the competition.

We are down to 10, people! The competition is heating up. Make sure to remember that Next Action Star has moved to Wednesdays at 8pm EST. Be there next week to see more explosive action.


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