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Big Brother 9, Episode 3 – The Secret is Out

It’s Sunday night. Time for the nomination ceremony, and to see what actually happened with Neil. If they decide to show us, that is. Let’s settle in for the episode, shall we?

Rehash of previous episodes. Sharon and Jacob fighting, while Ryan and Jen are paired up with other people. Sheila and Adam bickering, Parker and Jen winning the Power Couple thing, Jacob turning up the chicken, Parker calling Jacob out, Sharon ratting Ryan out, Jen revealing her and Ryan’s secret, Ryan doing the same thing with Allison, Sharon and Jacob getting the boot, Amanda and Alex winning HoH. We’re all caught up now.

More recap. We just saw this fer Pete’s sake. From black and white to colour, as Alex DR’s that he’s upset because he didn’t want to win HoH. Chelsia was happy for them until she realized that Amanda was going to be prancing around with the HoH key and her short shorts. Hee. Chelsia calls Amanda a Princess. Yep. Ryan is bummed because he and Jen aren’t guaranteed safe. Parker thinks he went from Brad and Angelina to Kathy Griffin and Pauly Shore. Hey, I like Kathy Griffin.

Oh god. Amanda doesn’t like her picture on the memory wall. She’d rather have a picture of her booty. ‘Cause that’s where her brain is I assume. Jen sees the pictures and points out that hers is first, ’cause she’s going to win. James DR’s that Jen is the cockiest person in the house so far. Parker knows that the other hamsters aren’t pleased with Jen’s comments too. James, who is dressed in what looks like a negligee, tells Parker to tell Jen to turn it down a little.

Parker brings Jen into the room with James and tells her to calm down. Jen apologizes. Parker is not happy, but they hug.

Joshuah and Allison both think Jen’s a bitch. Allison DR’s that being with someone else’s boyfriend isn’t an advantage at all. She tells Parker that she doesn’t want to be in the middle of all of this. They agree that it’s a tough situation. She tells Parker that Jen will not control her at all. Amanda (who is wearing hideous knee socks with booty shorts) runs to tell Jen that Parker and Allison are talking, so Jen gets Ryan and they go to see what’s up. Allison says that she’s not happy with the situation, and tells Jen straight up that if she disrespects her, she’s screwed. She threatens to tell everyone the secret because she doesn’t want to deal with it.

Jen DR’s that, if Allison reveals the secret, she’ll mess up everyone’s game and it will really, really, really piss her off. Allison tells Ryan that she can’t trust him to stay aligned with her over his girlfriend. Allison admits that she doesn’t like Jen, and that Jen acts like this is her show. Ryan promises her that she’s his girl and he won’t put Jen over her.

Amanda is telling everyone that people think she’s dumb when they meet her. Neil asks how she deals with that, and she says that her father hung himself, and that if she can deal with picking out his coffin at 21 years old, she can deal with anything. He apparently called and left her a message that said, “thanks, you never answer your phone when I need you – I’m going to kill myself.” And he did. Wow. Amanda says that’s why she’s always happy, because she wants other people to think she’s a good person.

Time to see the HoH room. Amanda is screaming like someone set her booty on fire. The room has a tropical look to it. There are pictures of Amanda and Alex together on the walls. Alex DR’s about losing his father, who died on 9-11. Amanda starts to cry when she finds her dad’s favourite CD in her basket. All the hamsters are wearing leis for some reason.

Jen and Parker confront Allison about how she has to be strong. She says she’s not doing anything. Parker says she’s being childish by threatening to reveal the secret. Allison infers that she’s giving up, she doesn’t want to do this. Jen DR’s that all she has to do is shut up and keep her mouth shut. Right, because she did such a great job of that herself. Thank god, it’s commercial time. There’s a lot of action in this episode so far!

We’re back. Night vision. James is saying that Adam’s name is the “Hooded Warrior” because he’s not circumcised. Jen wants to see it, and apparently she gets to. Adam DR’s that he gave her a glimpse. And then he licks his teeth and sits there looking like a baboon. Ugh.

Morning time, and Allison pulls Sheila into the storage room because she needs to tell someone what’s going on. She says that she and Ryan are a huge target, but she doesn’t tell Sheila why.

Jen and Parker don’t want Allison to have anything over them. They decide to tell people the secret themselves before Allison does. These people? Are not bright. Parker goes to tell Alex and Matt. Alex and Matt both DR that Parker shouldn’t have kept this a secret, and that he’s a hypocrite because he woke everyone up to get the truth out of Jacob.

Jen and Parker tell Amanda and Natalie together. Amanda says that she’s livid because she trusted Jen. Natalie just seems surprised. Matt goes to talk with Allison and tells her that everyone knows. Allison is really pissed, and tells Matt that she’s not playing the game for Ryan and Jen. Allison goes out and asks Jen if she told everyone, and Jen grins and says, “yep, ’cause you were gonna do it first.” Jen yells at her, calling her a liar and clapping her hands telling her to get over herself. Allison calls Jen disrespectful, and Jen says she doesn’t care. Wow, that Jen? Is a royal bitch. Her eyes are bugging out and everything, and she’s just elated over the fact that she thinks she outplayed Allison. Idiot.

Pool time now. Allison is telling Neil and Joshuah, tearfully, about the whole situation, and says that they were threatening her not to tell anyone. The boys are shocked. Shocked! Josh DR’s that other people must know each other too. Amanda calls a house meeting, to find out if anyone else is connected. They pass a bible around to swear on. Gah. Natalie DR’s that if people swear on the bible and lie, they’re going to hell. Allison apologizes for holding this secret.

Matt and Alex, who appear to be removing their nail polish together, decide that there’s a lot of “weak” in this house. Alex swears on his father that the two of them are going to the end. They then inform Amanda and Natalie that they have an alliance. And then the brain trust decides that they have to win HoH, alternately, every week. That’s their strategy. Seriously. Is there anyone in the house besides Allison that might have some game?

Nighttime again. Allison is telling Sheila how crappy this situation is. Sheila is giving her a pep talk, and commiserating about being in a tough situation in the house. They hang out in the bathroom together and decide that the real twist should be that they’re lesbians and have been together for years. They tell Joshuah first. He freaks out. Hee! He says he never would have pegged that in a million years. Oh, this is funny. Josh is so cute. He DR’s that he didn’t pick up on anything. Allison says that they told him first because they knew he would tell everyone. He goes straight to Neil and tells him. Neil reacts much the same way.

Ha! Joshuah says he thinks it’s true because “she” wears those running boots! Love these two. Allison and Sheila tell everyone that they have an adopted son. They’re telling everyone this story.

Now we’re outside in the morning, and Allison is running laps around the backyard. Adam is heckling her, while Sheila complains to Parker about him. Sheila says that there’s nothing he could say or do to make her like him. Alex DR’s that all Sheila does is abuse Adam. He tells Sheila that at least he doesn’t go around talking shit about her. They start shouting at each other, and Matt yells out for Adam to come check his woman. Adam confronts her and asks what he’s done to make her treat him like this. Sheila starts to cry, shouts at him, and walks away screaming.

Ryan seems happy because now he’s sure that Amanda and Alex will target Sheila and Adam instead of him or Jen. Sheila goes in and throws herself on one of the beds, sobbing.

Ah, now we get the “Nominations Today” screen in the living room. Alex explains that one of their duties as Hoh … blah blah blah. Allison DR’s that the stupidest thing anyone has done is Jen and Ryan giving up their secret, because now it’s messed up everyone’s game. Adam thinks that if he goes up, it’s Sheila’s fault because she keeps mouthing off. Amanda says that if she and Alex don’t reach an agreement, they go on the block and the couple who finished in second place becomes HoH. Cool.

Hamsters at the round table, HoH key box is brought out. Alex reminds them that they do everything as couples. No kidding. Let’s get on with it, people. First keys go to Sheila and Adam. They pull the keys out in pairs. James and Chelsia are safe. Matt and Natalie are safe. Joshuah and Neil are safe. That means Ryan and Allison, and Jen and Parker are nominated. Alex explains that it’s purely strategic because Jen and Ryan have an advantage, and need to be split up. Jen is crying.

Allison says she’s going to do everything she can to get rid of Jen this week, while Ryan says that he knew if there secret came out there would be a bull’s eye on their heads. Jen? Shrugs and says oh well, Ryan has to go. Nice. Real nice. Alex and Amanda are looking forward to Ryan and Jen campaigning against each other. Jen? Is crying. Even as the rest of them hug each other, she’s weeping. Get a grip honey.

I wonder why we didn’t see more of Neil this episode? I mean, he doesn’t have much more face time, so they really should have given him some camera time. I guess we’ll have to wait until Tuesday to see how that all went down.

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