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Big Brother Live Feeds, February 16th, Part One – The Groping Incident

Once again this morning, Sheila is the first person up. She makes coffee, showers, and heads outside to get some sun. She’s out there for quite a while before Alex eventually joins her, and then Matt is up and about as well. Slowly the rest of the hamsters get up and out of bed. BB must be letting them sleep in today in hopes of some extra action on the feeds and on Showtime tonight, because it’s almost noon before we get any conversation going on.

Matt tells Alex that he has to be careful, because Amanda is making him look bad to everyone else. Alex says he knows and he’ll handle it. They discuss the veto and the possibility of using it, and then who to put up in Parker and Jen’s place. But in the end it sounds like they’re not going to bother. They figure out that they have to alternate winning HoH’s between their two teams, and if they can’t do that then one of their teams has to win the veto every week. Because no one has ever attempted that strategy before.

Ryan comes out, followed by Parker. They talk about celebrities for a while and the Parker mentions that he has an agent. Matt wants an agent. In fact, that’s the first thing he’s going to do when he gets out of the house – find an agent. He thinks he could be in soap operas and stuff. Why do the hamsters always think they’re going to be famous when they walk out of the house? Why?

Amanda comes outside and she’s wearing her tiny little short-shorts and shiny black pumps. Seriously. Do people really dress like that? In real life? Parker complains that he hasn’t got his meds yet. Amanda dishes about herself and another person in the house who are on regular meds. I’m surprised there aren’t more of them.

Amanda spies Jen and goes to tell her about what happened last night with Alex. It’s turned into this huge thing now – she says that Alex groped her while he thought she was sleeping, and they haven’t even kissed yet. Er, yes, they did kiss. Pretty sure that’s on YouTube somewhere.

On the other side of the proverbial fence, Joshuah is talking to James about the groping incident, and saying that Amanda has a bad attitude and must be exaggerating the story. He feels sorry for Alex. James agrees. They decide that Parker is a shit-disturber and causes a lot of drama. Not that we didn’t know that already.

Alex and Joshuah both have people waiting for them at home – romantic interests that they didn’t really pursue because they knew they’d be away for three months. Alex talks about how he’s getting his degree in education, and wants to become a teacher. Ooh, better nip this whole “groping” thing in the bud then.

Amanda finds Sheila and Sharon to discuss the Alex situation with. Why do I get the feeling that this is what we’re going to be hearing about all day long? Yes, Alex is a jackass. And yes, Amanda is a drama queen. Can we just all agree on these things and move on?

Natalie complains that Matt doesn’t talk to her anymore and she wants to know why he’s avoiding her. Poor Natalie. Amanda tells her that someone told him that Natalie wants a real relationship with him after the show, and Nat is surprised. She says that she never implied that. Amanda suggests that she should talk to Matt about it.

Allison, Matt, and Parker have a brief discussion about BB’s ratings this season. This always cracks me up. Every season, a bunch of delusional hamsters think their show is better than any other season, and the ratings must be through the roof. BB’s ratings never go through the roof. They just don’t. But these three think that it’s in the top ten, and that the ratings must be better than any summer edition has been. Ha.

Alex and Amanda are in the HoH room together, but not speaking to each other. At all. Awkward!

BB calls an outside lockdown. This is bad timing, because most of the girls are showering, putting on makeup, or doing their hair. Could be a long wait.

Amanda and Natalie claim the hammock, and Natalie is crying because of her situation with Matt. She says that she can’t believe he wouldn’t just come to her and ask her what was going on. She also says that he tried to cuddle and fondle and kiss her last night. Um, Natalie? That could be because you, er, relieved him the night before. Just sayin’.

The fire pit is lit up and everyone is now huddled around it, complaining how cold it is. I look outside my window to see a couple of feet of snow, and tell them to suck it up and deal. Jen says that she was told in the DR that the live eviction would be on Wednesday, not tomorrow.

Ryan, Amanda, and Jen notice that Natalie has a prominent camel toe going on, and wonder if they should tell her. Ryan thinks that it’s probably on purpose. Amanda shares that Natalie told them last night that she can suck water up with her hoo-ha and squirt it back out. Ryan thought all women could do that. Oh brother.

The boys (Alex, Parker, and Matt) discuss TMZ, moving to LA, and other assorted topics that don’t require recapping. The lockdown is over, and everyone except James, Adam, and Natalie head inside. Alex wants to know when they all want to eat dinner, and it seems the majority wants to eat soon.

Back outside, Natalie is complaining about Matt and how he flirts with Allison even though he thinks she’s leaving this week. She confirms that she plans to leave the nominations the same, even if Matt disagrees. Doesn’t that mean they’ll get a penalty nomination if they can’t agree?

Natalie and James get into a discussion about religion. Natalie pulls out the “one true god” card, and James tries to explain that there are lots of religions older than Christianity, so who’s to say that the Christians are the ones who have it “right?” Natalie’s not buying it though. It’s not a heated debate by any means, which I give them both credit for.

Back inside, dinner preparations are underway. Natalie goes to find Matt and asks him if he’s avoiding her because of what Allison told him, that she wants a relationship with him. He says no, and that she shouldn’t believe things that other people tell her, she should come to him and talk to him about it. Heh, that’s exactly what she was saying he should do earlier. He says that he wants to be alone to take a nap, and they’ll talk later. Natalie leaves the room, and Matt grins at the camera and gives a thumbs-up. Slimeball.

Amanda is whining to Parker again about what Alex did. Now, if Alex really did try and grope her while he thought she was sleeping, then she has every right to be upset, and she should be going to the DR to have them review the tapes and take some kind of action. Instead, she’s lying about the situation (saying that she was fully clothed when she was in her underwear, and claiming they haven’t even kissed when they clearly have), and complaining to anyone who will listen.

Amanda decides that she just wants to go home, and the next half hour is spent with her walking around and sharing this with everyone else. She’s stressed out, Alex is mean to her, she doesn’t like the couples twist (join the club), her face is breaking out, and her hair is really dry. Well, that right there is reason enough to quit. Lord help us if she breaks a heel on her pumps.

It’s dinner time, and Amanda has not requested to go to the DR, so I guess she’s staying. That’s unfortunate – I was looking forward to seeing Alex’s face when he found out Jacob would be returning and sleeping in the same bed with him. Tonight’s menu consists of tacos and chicken fingers. Odd combination, no?

Yay, we get a shot of the guinea pigs. I think the hamsters have named them Britney and K-Fed, but I’m going to name them Evel Dick and Janelle. Because there has to be someone with personality in the house.

Dinner transpires without incident. Lots of small talk, no arguing, and it seems everyone is enjoying their food. Let’s see if this continues into the evening.

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