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Big Brother 9 Live Feeds, February 15th – The Veto Competition and Aftermath

Sorry this is a bit late folks, but since it was overall a pretty dull day, I decided not to break it up into two parts and just give you the whole thing at once. So here we go.

The hamsters are all up and about at around 9am this morning, and are soon told that they all have to go upstairs to the HoH room for a quick lockdown. Once up there, they start talking about “Carrie.” Um, hi. Oh wait, they mean the movie. That was odd.

When they’re released, it’s coffee time. From what I can tell, it’s an hour now until the Veto competition. Which means at least two hours, because BB is never on time with these things. Matt and Parker stress out a bit over who might be playing for the veto. They seem to be sure that Ryan and Allison will be out the door no matter what, so of course that means I’ll have to root for Ryan and Allison to win it.

Matt, Parker, Jen, Sharon, and Amanda end up Jedi drilling for the comp. Already. Good grief people, there aren’t going to be questions about the house and what’s happened so far in the first freakin’ veto comp. Matt pulls Parker aside to tell him about the action he got last night from Nat.

Downstairs, Sheila is telling Joshuah, who is in the shower, that Allison and Ryan aren’t planning to use the veto if they win it. You know, I heard that conversation last night. Someone needs to get Marcellas down there, stat, and have him knock some sense into these people.

Matt and Natalie are the chosen couple who will play for the veto along with Alex/Amanda, Ryan/Allison, and Parker/Jen. Natalie’s excited, and Alex and Amanda are confident now that Ryan/Allison don’t stand a chance at winning it. Joshuah is hosting. Lots of chatter about what to wear, how hot it might be outside, and other fascinating topics. Sheila talks about the book she’s writing about her life, because of all the people she’s met and how much she learned from them.

Finally we go to trivia, so it must be time for the veto competition. Two hours later we’re back, and Natalie and Matt have won it. Rats. Things aren’t looking good for Ryan and Allison. Jen’s complaining that her hair isn’t looking so hot after the comp. Matt is yapping about how he got cramps in his side because he was only using his right arm. What kind of competition was this?

The conversations move on to Sheila saying that Adam isn’t such a bad guy after all, and Jen telling everyone that she wrecked her car by drinking and driving. That Jen, she’s such a model citizen. Parker brags about all of the fights he’s been in. Blah blah blah.

Sharon, James, and Joshuah assure Allison that they’ll be voting to evict Parker and Jen. Honestly, I have no idea who’s going to be leaving this week because most of the couples aren’t pledging votes together. And even if they do, they’re telling both sides they have their votes.

Parker tells Sharon that his next targets are James and Chelsia, followed by Sheila and Adam. Sharon says that she’ll bring Joshuah in on this plan. There’s some talk (as there always is) about how the producers will surely edit them all badly, forgetting that the live feeds are aptly named because they are, in fact, live.

Sharon goes to Joshuah and tells him about her conversation with Parker. They decide that Parker really has to go. I can’t tell who Sharon is actually aligning herself with – she’s all over Parker, and then says the exact opposite stuff to Joshuah. They bash Jen for a while, and then Amanda comes in to tell them that she made Puppy Chow (Chex mix with chocolate and peanut butter) if they want some. They talk about the upcoming eviction, and seem to think it will happen on Sunday, because Sundays are the live eviction shows. Someone give them a schedule, please. Then they complain that there’s no time between the eviction and the HoH competition for them to catch their breath.

Dinner preparations are now underway. James is making halibut, which is making me hungry. There’s lots of veggie-chopping going on as well. James says that the only season of BB he’s seen was season 3, because he’d rather read books than watch TV. James is officially my favorite hamster now. Jen says that she loved season 7. Which really explains a lot, don’t you think? When your favorite season of BB is the one that Booger won, there are issues there.

Dinner’s ready, and the group has decided that they don’t have to all sit together at the table anymore. Even though they were bragging last night about having the “happy family” dinners together. So … they all grab plates and end up eating together. Just not at the table – they’re at the little island-y thing instead. Such rebels, this group.

After dinner, James attempts to teach Joshuah and Ryan how to play chess. He gets the board set up, and Ryan asks if this is actually chess or checkers. Somehow I don’t see this being a successful lesson.

Natalie and Sharon spend a lot of time whispering together. Basically, they’re planning to overthrow the vote and get Parker and Jen out of the house, and they’re pretty happy about it because Amanda will be so stunned. Um, I think Amanda spends most of her time stunned. Just sayin’.

So now the plan is for Allison to act like she’s moping around and accepting that there’s nothing she can do about the vote, while in reality (which is a term I use loosely here), there is much plotting to oust Jen and Parker. Allison goes to Matt and asks him if there’s anything she can do to convince him to keep her in the game – she stresses that she’ll do anything he wants her to. Allison, don’t go there. Please, please don’t got there. Matt won’t make any promises.

Parker, James, Adam, Natalie, and Amanda go to sit in the sauna for a while, and they talk about natural disasters and Bill Clinton. Not that one has anything to do with the other, you understand. Then Natalie bursts any hope I had of actual intelligent conversation in the house by complaining that her beaver is soaked with sweat. Brain bleach! Bring me the brain bleach!

The rest of the evening is made up of inane small talk and some more strategy sessions that are repeats of stuff we’ve already heard. Jen says that the biggest alcoholics on the planet are teachers. Because I guess she conducted a study or something. Natalie talks about sex and I can’t really hear what she’s saying because I’m still laughing about the previous night’s escapades with Matt. She’s not sure what kind of stuff would be shown on Showtime – she seems to think it’s edited and/or censored. Surprise!

Amanda and Chelsia are both “ring girls” – the chicks who carry signs and stuff at fights. Chelsia has worked for the UFC. Apparently they make good money doing it too. Then Amanda says that she wants to be a stay-at-home mom with lots of babies, because she doesn’t like to work. Bah-ha-ha-ha! I hope she gets her wish.

Natalie complains that Matt is starting to have feelings for her, but he won’t admit it. She knows, because he’s been giving her those looks. You know, those looks. She doesn’t like that he won’t kiss her, but knows he’s interested because she can feel his … okay, I’ll use the word she used … wiener growing when they cuddle in bed.

Alex and Matt break out some dance moves back yard, which is kind of funny. I like goofy stuff like this. The games that people make up to alleviate the boredom are so much more fun to watch than all of the whispering and the night vision shots of moving sheets. Natalie comments that there are a lot of Mexicans in Oregon because there’s all kinds of fruit to pick there. And … the moment is lost completely.

The evening wears on. And on. And on. Seriously, nothing interesting is happening. Chelsia makes up some nachos for everyone, so we get to hear lots of crunching. I kind of feel bad that Chelsia, James, Sheila, and Adam don’t get much coverage in the feed recaps, but quite honestly, they’re the most normal people in the house and they just don’t grab the attention of the cameras most of the time.

Oh, here we go. Sheila tells Allison that Adam is a disgusting human being. He has no class, he has no respect for others. She does feel badly for treating him the way she did, but she really can’t stand the guy. Heh. Allison is convinced that there’s a puzzle in the house, that has to do with the clocks and other assorted items. She promises that, if she feels it will be her and Ryan leaving this week, she’ll tell Sheila what she’s figured out so far.

As the couples start getting ready for bed, Jen and Parker sit together and bitch about Chelsia. Because apparently, Chelsia was rooting for Ryan and Allison in the veto competition, and that makes her a skank. Good grief. They make plans for the rest of the game, because they’re sure that, not only will they still be in the house, but they’ll also win the next HoH comp.

Just as I’m ready to shut it down, Alex and Amanda start talking about their “relationship.” Alex thinks that, if they’re not going to get involved with each other, they should also not get involved with anyone else in the house. Amanda asks him if he has feelings for anyone, and he says yes, he has feelings for her but doesn’t think they’re mutual. He doesn’t like that she gives Parker massages and wears those tight booty shorts around the house. Amanda gets mad and leaves.

She finds Chelsia in the kitchen, and complains about Alex’s jealousy. When Parker joins the festivities, Amanda tells him that she woke up and Alex was touching her. She won’t say where, exactly, but whispers to Parker and he doesn’t react well. Amanda seems genuinely saddened by all of this. Parker says that he won’t say anything to Alex about this, but suggests that maybe, since the situation is getting weirder, that they should talk to Matt and Natalie and ask them to use the veto on them, just in case Alex decides he’d be better off without Parker in the house.

Amanda is worried about Alex spying on them, which he actually is with the spy screen in the HoH room. Parker leaves, and Amanda and Chelsia talk a bit before heading off to bed themselves. Chelsia says that she thinks James is a great guy, but she’s not interested in him romantically. Alex is asleep when Amanda arrives in the room, and it’s not long before everyone is finally sleeping.

I guess the stage is set for another Parker/Alex showdown tomorrow!

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