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Big Brother 9 Live Feeds, February 14th, Part Two – An Appropriate Ending for Valentine's Day?

After the big blowup between Amanda and Alex, the two that originally wanted to be together, it will be interesting to see how this plays out. Will Parker pick up her hints, or will he continue to just whine? Who’s going to win the PoV and will the nominations change?

It’s mid afternoon, and Alex, Matt, Jen, and Adam are in the kitchen. The guys talk about working out and not having the benefits of a phone or TV, and Jen wonders why Natalie’s boobs don’t bounce when she runs. Matt suggests maybe the twist is that her boobs are real. Alex is trying to figure out how the fight started, and James comes in telling him to look at the pieces of the puzzle … Amanda getting upset.

Ryan and Allison discuss the PoV competition, and the possibilities of Jen and Parker winning it. They think they themselves have the votes to stay, so they don’t want Jen and Parker to win it. Ryan says he’ll miss Jen, but will see her in a few months. Apparently they haven’t been a fly on the wall behind the conversations of all the people talking about them like they’re already gone.

Everyone is scattered in smaller groups throughout the house chatting. Matt, Josh, James, and Chelsia are starting to realize it’s always the same people that are starting drama. Well, that goes throughout life, not just in the BB house. Speaking of which, Sharon is in the bathroom while Amanda and Jen are showering together. Amanda is upset that Alex said he wouldn’t hold her tonight. Good God! Sharon says Josh told her he would vote for Parker and Jen to stay, but in reality he plans to tell her just before going in the DR that it’s a lie. Jen says if Adam and Sheila don’t vote the way they want them too, eveyrone will know they can’t be trusted. Also, the bitch Allison has to go. So in order to save her boyfriend, she has to get him out. I guess that’s how she’s working this one.

Sharon learns from Jen and Amanda that the fight that just happened outside is an every day occurrence rigth now, and she’s shocked, as when she was voted out, they all still liked each other. Amanda then shares that she thinks her hair will get fried, as she washes it too much, being that she just washed it two days ago. Umm, this isn’t the 1960s. Next you’re going to tell me you’re washing it with eggs and beer, and you’re going to use mayo as a conditioner.

James, Ryan, and Adam are outside, and James relays that he is 150% voting Jen and Parker out. Adam agrees to this, and Ryan says if they are for sure on this, he won’t take him and Allison off the block, should they win PoV.

Parker is spreading joy throughout the house as he tells Allison she is the dumbest person alive next to Jen. He then tells Sheila she is an f’ing moron and runs her mouth too much. He wants her to know all of America knows she is a moron as well. Is Parker going for an Evel Dick strategy here or something? If so, it’s not working.

Hopefully the drama will be put away for their Valentine’s Day dinner. The girls all dressed up nicely, and downstairs before dinner, everyone holds hands and says grace. Everyone takes a turn going around the table discussing either/or why they like this holiday and who they love most. Of note, Sheila loves her sister and says Adam is growing on her. What about her son? Parker hates the day, as he thinks everyone should love each other on every day, not just one day a year. He has a point. Amanda, Matt, and Chelsia seem to feel the same.

Chelsia and Ryan are stuck doing the dishes after it comes to light that they have never done it after a big meal before. Meanwhile, Natalie and Amanda admit to being horny while Parker feeds the guinea pigs some green peppers. Natalie says her and Matt were cuddling, but she seems to be worried about Allison cutting in on her territory, now that she knows she can’t have Ryan. Parker goes on to tell James he felt like he was being attacked earlier, and they talk about being “aggro,” whatever that means. Is that slang for aggravated? They make amends with each other.

Chelsia talks to Sheila and Jen about studying in Germany in the fall, where she’ll live in dorms half the time and with a family the other half of the time. The guys, Matt, James, and Alex, are talking as well, as Matt thinks they’ll sell all their stuff on eBay after the season ends. There’s always one that plans this, isn’t there? They also discuss the conditions under which Neil left, and say BB told them it wasn’t “that bad.”

Parker wants Matt to know that Amanda isn’t going to go against them. He also says she apologized for the blow up earlier. He adds that now Chelsia is mad at James for a comment he made on who they would be voting for. Matt wants him to know that he’s only true to him in the game and is only telling Allison whatever she wants to hear. He doesn’t think Parker will be going home, but Parker doesn’t want to start counting those chickens just yet. Matt thinks Amanda would probably put up James and Chelsia as a replacement, but Parker thinks while if that happens, it “would be on,” he thinks “Ma and Pa,” might be a better choice, so I think he means Sheila and Adam.

Amanda sets womankind back about forty years by suggesting it’s a woman’s job to clean up after men. The girl has obviously never lived with a man or been married before. She joins the guys while they’re discussing her. Alex apologizes to Parker for thinking he and Amanda may have had a relationship outside of the house. If they want to have a relationship inside the house, that’s fine, as Alex doesn’t see a future with her. He may have thought he wanted that earlier, but he doesn’t think they mesh that way anymore. Alex seem to be giving his blessings to Parker, but this only makes him and Amanda bicker over who likes who less. Parker pretty much tells them they have to work this out on their own, and leaves. They continue to fight, because he makes a comment about her walking around in skimpy clothes, and she’d gotten in trouble by BB for having her nipples hanging out. Honestly, could it be more embarrassing than to have a TV show that allowed Jen to walk around for weeks in odd unitard creations tell you that you’re not dressed appropriately?

It only continues as Amanda is oddly making claims on who she wants to take to final three, as if there is any room for that discussion after just one week in the house. She gets mad at Alex for not talking to her about her life, saying that’s why she prefers Matt and Parker, as they do ask those things. She starts spilling about her past life, saying she was in a woman’s shelter in third grade because she ran away when her dad was crazy. Her boyfriend cheated on her, and she doesn’t like people that are fake. Alex tries to point out that if you’re going to be in a relationship with someone, both people have to make compromises. Alex promises not to push sex on her anymore, but points out it’s odd that she’s all about her body and sex all day long, but once she’s in bed with him, it’s a totally different thing.

Once the booze arrives, everyone play some intense telephone game downstairs, but it’s broken up by Amanda telling everyone it’s time for the veto competition. We get fire after the rules are read, then Joshua makes a terrible comment to Allison, telling her if he was Amanda’s dad, he’d commit suicide too. He then does a pantomime of someone hanging himself. That’s just beyond rude and insensitive. I lost any respect I could have ever had for this guy. The veto comp is apparently not happening any time soon.

Apparently James is having some fun with people, leading some of the others into believing he and Chelsia are somehow related. She flat out denies it, but he doesn’t do much to counter it. She gets mad that everyone is now thinking they are siblings, and he tries to explain why he didn’t do anything to counter that thought. It seems everyone thinks there are more secret couples in the house than just the two we know about. They think Matt is the one that started this nasty rumor. Confronted, he apologizes, but says they really do look like they could be brother and sister. Chelsia is still really upset about it, thinking that everyone believed that her dad had another child without her mom knowing about it, and she is steadfast in her belief her parents would never cheat on each other.

Amanda and Alex end up cuddling in bed, despite disagreements throughout the day and talking of how they aren’t meshing with each other. They are interrupted by the HOH doorbell, and the feeds are then interrupted as well. When we come back, Parker is sitting in bed with them, so we know who the big interrupter was before. They talk about Jen and Parker having to win the PoV, and Matt then joins them as well. He says if Allison and Ryan end up surviving the week, they plan on winning HoH and putting Alex and Amanda up. Alex is infuriated that Ryan would be thinking so far ahead. Well, you kind of have to in this game. Matt makes a promise to them that if he wins the PoV, he will not use it.

Matt is also talking about Natalie saying she really wants to have sex with him, but he just won’t do it on national TV like this. Pretty wise, as it’s not just TV, but all of the internet, including youtube as well. If they weren’t in the house, he thinks he would do it with her, then would never call her again. He also thinks in the house, she’d become too attached to him. Nice guy! Ack.

Alex leaves to go to the DR, and the other guys continue to lay in the bed with Amanda. She tells Parker he knows how she feels, while her head is resting on his chest. She wants to move to Scottsdale after the show, and Matt wants to move out to L.A. Amanda asks the two guys what she should do about Alex since she’s not into him, but he gets so jealous when she’s with another guy. Matt just can’t stop discussing sex with Natalie, now thinking he’s going to get oral sex from her and how it would be better than regular sex. Maybe he should get Bill Clinton’s opinion on this. Alex comes back and they switch positions to make it look like Matt and Amanda were having sex.

Amanda is now called to the DR, and with the three guys alone in the DR, you can only imagine what the conversation is like. They talk about Natalie’s boobs and agree they’d don’t like fake ones. They feel they, the three guys, not the boobs, although they could be easily confused that way, are the stars of the show, while the others are just the extras. Matt thinks Sheila has bigger calves on her than he’ll ever have in a whole lifetime.

Alone again in the HoH, Amanda and Alex cuddle again, and she is the complete tease, letting him kiss her stomach, telling him not to bite, then pulling away. They do this back and forth thing repeatedly. They even play “the sniffing game,” seeing how many times they can sniff each other real quickly. Very, very odd. She tells him she won’t give in to him because he’s in the doghouse, but I think it’s a very convenient excuse for her.

The people outside are spending their time bashing Amanda, while Josh says he’s never heard one intelligent thing come out of her mouth and calls her a skankass. He also calls Jen dumb as a rock. James notes the parts they’re all playing, that he’s the token crazy guy, Josh the gay guy, and Parker the black guy. Natalie is giving Matt a back rub, and he apologizes for being mean to her. She mentions not being used to being around guys (and just who is it that buys coffee from a woman in a bikini) and says in high school she was the MVP of her basketball team. He turns it around on her, giving her a massage, as she talks about getting in some major car accident.

Amanda and Alex are still playing their cat and mouse game, and it’s now turned into a pillow fight with her screaming at him to stop. James thinks Parker should stick with that token role as the black guy, and Chelsia thinks Amanda should stick with her role as the dumb girl. Is everyone in hi house rude and insensitive? Matt is still massaging Natalie as she tells him her ex-boyfriend paid $3200 for her boobs, then dumped her. What was the point of that?

Probably working on everything she just accomplished with him, Natalie goes outside to talk to the others, telling them things he said about his strategy. She mentions that their plan is to save Jen and Parker. She admits he gave her a massage and says their auras are now aligned. This group, including Josh, James, and Sharon, is now the group she should have told their strategy to, as they are very anti-Jen.

With Natalie gone, this group thinks Amanda and Jen need to go, and maybe even Matt and Natalie. James knows it was Matt that started the whole sibling thing with him and Chelsia. Josh is absolutely disgusted at the though of AManda and Parker getting together and reproducing. The thought is that hers is the ugliest picture up there, and that she is taking Jen’s role from last year, ugly on the outside and inside. Laughing about her being Italian, when she finally gets evicted, they want to say, “Bueno!” Josh repeats that she had said earlier she doesn’t care if her boyfriend cheats on her, as long as she can watch.

Matt and Natalie have gone to bed, and he kisses her for not long at all, and says he only did it because it was Valentine’s Day, and that’s all she gets. Nice. The group outside is worried there is another couple still in the house they don’t know about. Since Parker and Amanda are so into each other, they wonder if it’s them. James thought his ex-fiance was going to be on the show, and everyone is shocked he was engaged before. He claims he “disengaged” her.

Giving in, Matt and Natalie are now making out under the covers. She starts to moan a little bit. It then appears she is on his plan for the oral sex. I’ll spare you all the gory details, but the video in the post below show the end result. After telling her not to get to attached to him now, he also tells her to not tell anyone, as he doesn’t want anyone else to get jealous. What? of being allowed to do that for him Or jealous of him that he got it? He then turns and faces the camera with the best shit-eating grin as if it tell us the viewers, he just got away with something.

Now that each and every one of us is thoroughly disgusted, go and enjoy your day.

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2 thoughts on “Big Brother 9 Live Feeds, February 14th, Part Two – An Appropriate Ending for Valentine's Day?

  1. I think they’re counting on having the nudity and hookups entice a whole new set of viewers to the show. The problem is that the fans who have been around since forever are fans of the game itself, not so much the twists and partnering.

    Nothing wrong with a little nudity and sex, but they’ve only been in the house for a little over a week and look at what we’ve got already.

    I agree though that Amanda needs to go. Parker too – he’s the instigator most of the time.

  2. I really think Amanda has to go, she is the biggest tease going. If big brother thinks these are soul mates this whole is in trouble. I watched this show from big brother 1 so much better with singles. What happen to peanut butter and jelly. They seem to have everything and still bitch and whine. One week with Amanda’s voice and I would had shot her. All shes knows how to do is stick her butt out. I really hope Alex is smarter then that,or just playing the game good, after 2 weeks you think this is love really. Where are they brains in one place I guess. This season is so boring, who cares who is kisses who and with who, they need to play the game. Having couples I think is ruding the show.So much drama. I really think Amanda & sorry Alex but your with her have to go. I think a big twist should be they bring ex-girlfriends r boyfriends or freinds to put a little squeeze on things.

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