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Big Brother 9 Live Feeds, February 14th, Part One – Breakfast In Bed

Our early morning HG is indeed Sheila once again. She’s joined this morning by James who starts making breakfast while she hits the shower. Out of the shower now, Sheila rejoins James, as each decides to make breakfast for their partner. Sheila wants to do it for Adam because she feels bad for not being nice to him. I’m not sure what’s causing this change of heart for her, but maybe it’s a Valentine’s Day thing. “Happy Valentine’s Day! In honor of you, I decided not to be a bitch today!”

The two start talking game, and Sheila mentions being relieved the nominations are over and that she and Adam aren’t on the block. While James is relieved too, I don’t think he has as much to worry about, as both he and Chelsia are likable. Sheila points out because she and Adam weren’t getting along from the get-go, they have had to worry about threats from everyone in power so far to get rid of them. That was pretty evident seeing her face when Jen and Parker were evicting the first couple. Their words were making Sheila think she was done. All that is behind her now, though, as she is feeling so badly about how she treated him in the beginning, and now they’re starting to be able to accept each other a little more.

Anyway way he looks at it, this is all easier for James than his day-to-day life of riding his bike around the world. He does all this with no money whatsoever, and now he’s getting $750 a week just to be in the house. Sheila questions this lifestyle, and he says people offer him money, but he won’t accept it, preferring to do without. The subject of watching the show comes up, and James says he never got a chance to watch the show, being on the road. Sheila never really watched it either, and thinks maybe they’ll do better here, since they aren’t so wrapped up in it. Interesting point-of-view, but it seems those that do well on this show know exactly what they’re doing walking into the house. Look how well Dick and Danielle knew the show!

Sheila finishes Adam’s breakfast and takes it to him in bed. He wants her to share it with him, but she tells him it’s all his, apologizing to him for being so mean to him so far while they’ve been here on the show. At first he doesn’t seem like he wants it, but then he eats, thanking Sheila for doing this for him. Just when I wasn’t liking these two, they have to go and turn likable on me. Chelsia tells James she normally doesn’t eat breakfast, but she eats it nonetheless.

The wakeup call goes out to the house as we get to see the guinea pigs enjoying their own Valentine’s Day breakfast. One seems to be struggling to get a drink of water, so maybe the HGs should add some water to the bottle.

Matt is in the holiday mood as well. He made a Valentine’s Day card for Natalie … with nail polish … since they have no other arts and crafts supplies in the house. That won’t come for several weeks yet, until they’re all desperate for something to do. Right now they’re in no way close to being bored enough yet. They haven’t even started playing nightly games yet. BTW, just so you all know, I finally played beer pong a few months ago!

Adam finds a newspaper in the backyard that blew in with the wind, and gets excited just to find some basketball scores. The feeds cut to the guinea pigs for a bit, so the paper must have been confiscated. God only knows finding out basketball scores would change the scope of the game! Why don’t they just line the guinea pig cage with it?

Parker is back to being whiney, telling Jen they have no chance of winning. He goes on the attack against Jen again, upset with her for lying about her relationship with Ryan. She tries to make him feel better, but is also defending her action.s He moves on to talking to Amanda, and whines to her now, telling her that he has told Jen how much he hates her in the game. Obviously trying to save them, to make it seem like they are so distant, they’d never be conniving together, and must be safe.

Everyone moves outside on lockdown, and Alex runs laps out there. I always think that’s what I would do to keep fit in there, instead of working on the treadmill. And, of course, there is no workout room anymore anyway! Sheila talks to Allison, and is upset that the others in the house seem to think she and Adam are weak players. She is really irked that they were being told they should feel lucky to still be there. She seems to think us viewers wouldn’t want to watch them if they were getting along. True in a way, but her display to Adam when finding out he was her mate wasn’t fun to watch either! Allison tells her about taking some cereal and getting yelled at, as it was cereal Alex thought was his.

Sheila doesn’t appear to like Jen very much, and says she thinks she bosses Ryan around and is probably the one that wears the pants in that relationship. She doesn’t think she and Adam will try to win the power of veto, and she really hopes Allison and Ryan win it. If she and Parker do win it, they’ll save Allison and Ryan. Who the hell is she kidding? Does she really expect Allison to fall for that?

Newly formed pair Sharon and Josh work on some strategy, with her thinking they should make everyone feel they are worth keeping around. She thinks Jen is still on power trip from when she and Parker were the “power couple.” Sharon is a smart one, though, as she realizes the pictures on the wall aren’t by couple, but single, as her picture has goes back up.

Now on an inside lockdown, Amanda tells James in the storeroom that she hopes it’s Ryan and Allison that go home, as it’s not fair that they have a double chance to win. Didn’t we already go through this last year with Dick and Danielle? James either doesn’t want to take sides or doesn’t want to admit where his allegiances are.

Over lunch, Jen decides to share with everyone that she is now going to the bathroom regularly, but before being in the BB house, she was only going once a week. Is she trying to find reasons for why she keeps going in there? The cat’s out of the bag! We know you and Ryan were having sex in there! Unless, you want us to think that he was helping you bend over to poop better.

Parker takes his whining act to Allison, telling her it has to be the most unfair season ever of BB. He now tells her about telling Jen that he hates her, and together they somehow think they can tell their partners they want to “break up.” Is that possible in this game? Allison goes on to complain that Ryan doesn’t talk to her. It’s too late, Allison. We already saw your comments. Before you found out, you wanted Ryan for yourself. You’re only acting now out of jealousy.

After a discussion in the hot tub over the better places to live in California, Chelsia says she felt bad that James made her breakfast and she wasn’t hungry. Matt thinks James is digging her, and she thinks it’s funny that he’s actually very different than the guys she usually dates. She’s normally into the football player types, but she thinks James is really cool.

Allison now tries to convince the others she wasn’t falling for Ryan, telling Natalie she has had the same boyfriend for about ten years, and while everyone her in the house is really cool, her boyfriend is just amazing. Interesting that his name never came up before when she was having her DRs about how Ryan is just her type.

In this day meant for love, Amanda is only in love with her legs, wondering if anyone will caress them today or have them wrapped around their body. She wonders if her legs will get groped.

Josh and Allison have a discussion in the kitchen about winning the veto. She said it feels good to know she’s not going home, making me a little confused to why she is so sure of this. Josh is still mopey about losing Neil, saying it’s like he lost his best friend or something, like he has lost his sanity. Hey Josh, you knew the guy for a week. Just wanted to throw that reminder out there. The two think Sheila and Adam will go up if Ryan and Allison come off the block.

After a fight between Amanda and Alex, Amanda tells Sharon in the bathroom she just found out Chelsia doesn’t like her, but she doesn’t care about Chelsia and her shoes anyway. The only thing she cares about is if Parker likes her or not. The two wonder if Ryan goes home, if Jen will lose her desire to stay in the game. Parker joins the conversation, still whining, and Amanda asks him why he never cuddles with her. Yuck. The obvious ones drive me crazy. Don’t beg for it for gosh sakes! Sharon admits to them that she sand Jacob almost got married when she was 18, and Parker relays he doesn’t want to get married until he’s around 35. Amanda sees herself possibly getting married in a few years. Well, in case Parker was starting to dig you, he wouldn’t be now as he just said he wouldn’t get married until he’s 35.

As other people join the hammock group, Amanda tells Jen and Parker than Alex doesn’t really want to take them off the block. He really just wants either Jen or Ryan to go home, and he doesn’t care which it is. ryan joins in on the conversation, oddly, and Parker tells all that want to listen, probably not many, that if he had known someone coming into the house, he would have told Jen about it right away. He’s full of crap, if you ask me. Right. The guy who makes a living stalking and taking pictures of celebrities would have been honest from the start.

Amanda says she has said her soul mate would have to believe in the Bible, and it can’t be Alex, as he doesn’t believe in the Bible. She thinks this because in their fight, he said, “Swear on the f’ing Bible, Bitch!” I’m not sure I get to connection with not believing in the Bible here.

The conversation moves to Ryan talking about he and Jen doing it in the bathroom last night. Parker makes jokes about hearing it and the grunting going on. Ryan says he talked in the DR about it. No kidding he talked in the DR about it. Like the show was going to let that one slip by without them making it into a whole segment with interviews with everyone surrounding it?

This is becoming like a real Peyton Place in here, or Melrose Place at the very least. While BB is built around everyone talking behind each other’s back’s, this focus on youth and hooking up puts an interesting spin on the show. Instead of the focus at this point being on building alliances, they’re only focused on who is sleeping with who and who wants to sleep with someone else. If Parker would quit whining long enough to see the forest for the trees, he’d see that was the point of whole season. Instead, he seems to think the point of the whole season is him being here and how “fair” everything is. Yet again, he follows Britney Spears around taking pictures of her having a breakdown.

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