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Big Brother 9 Live Feeds, February 13th, Part Two – Hamster Swap and Sex in the Bathroom

Part one of February 13th’s feeds is right here.

After a decidedly dull beginning to the day in the BB house, things didn’t really pick up until much later in the evening.

Jen and Ryan have a couple of little spats, because Jen thinks that Ryan should roll over and give up so she can stay in the house. She accuses him of campaigning against her, and says that she can’t trust him any longer. She even shouts out to everyone else that she doesn’t want them to put her up – she’ll vote Ryan out because she can’t play the game with him there. So much for the whole “we’ll get to the end together and no one will ever guess our secret” thing.

Ah, now everything is clear. Jen has wanted to be on BB for sooooo loooong. She applied many times, was on the short list last year, and then got the call for this season. Ryan didn’t even apply, he was just a bring-along. Like Jen’s shoes and toothbrush. So obviously she has to stay, even though she has zero personality. Even though Allison is much more entertaining and will end up suffering collateral damage from the whole situation.

I have a solution for this – a whole new twist. Boot out all of these hamsters, let us watch the guinea pigs for a day or two to cleanse our minds, and then bring in an entirely new group. How’s that BB?

Lots of trivia seems to indicate that the nomination ceremony is finally going down. But why do these things take so damn long? Do the HoH’s have trouble reading the teleprompter on the TV screen? Did Amanda flip her hair with a little too much oomph and get it jammed in the key box?

When we finally return, it seems that the nominees are Parker/Jen and Ryan/Alison. Surprise surprise. Alex assures Parker that he has his back and wants R/A out. There’s much talk of having to win the veto, as usual. So what do hamsters do when the tension is high? They play charades, of course.

Jen and Ryan have kissed and made up. Warning: grossness ahead. Serious, serious grossness. Or grossosity. Or grossery. However you want to phrase it, disgusting sentence forthcoming. You’ve been warned. Jen complains that her tampon is falling out, so Ryan offers to push it back in for her – which he does. I know. I’m sorry. But just like seasons past, if I have to watch it, you have to read it.
James, who I’ve been waiting to accurately call “Crazy James” but haven’t yet had the opportunity, tells Chelsia that there isn’t a single person in the house that he’d hang out with outside of the show. I’m not sure if that includes her or not, but James just went up a few pegs on my admiration scale.

Amanda tells Sheila that, if one of the nominated couples wins the veto, she and Alex will have to put Sheila and Adam on the block. Sheila doesn’t seem to really care much. Then Amanda tries to convince her that they should get Alison out of the house this week, and now Sheila is non-committal and quiet. Way to go Amanda, show your hand to Alison’s best friend in the house. Where did these people learn strategy? From Amber?

More trivia, for at least 45 minutes. What could this be? Food comp? Dispensing of meds? When we come back, Joshuah looks like he’s about to cry and says that he really liked Neil. What happened? Did Neil go batshit crazy and threaten them with the plastic knives?

Hold the phone. Sharon is in the house. Remember Sharon, one of the people we never got to see on the feeds ’cause she was evicted so quickly? From what I can gather from a sobbing Joshuah and the others, Neil left the game because of a family issue, and Sharon was brought back in. This means that Sharon was sequestered. And why does BB ever sequester early boots? That’s right – to bring people back into the game. I see another twist on the horizon.

Joshuah spends the next … well, the rest of the evening really, in tears. He never got to say goodbye to Neil, and now he feels alone in the house. Apparently the two of them kissed last night, and now poor Josh is heartbroken that the person he’s known for less than a week is suddenly out of his life. Sigh. He sets about the task of packing up Neil’s things, as the other hamsters file in to give him their condolences.

Sharon gets filled in on what she missed. She is royally pissed off for two reasons. First, she told Jen about her situation with Jacob, but Jen never returned the favour and didn’t tell her about Ryan. Second, she feels that she and Jacob were “backdoored” and she doesn’t like it. Sharon, honey, the backdoor method of eviction depends on two nominations, the power of veto, and the use of said veto. You? Were unceremoniously booted by the “power couple.”

Alison is upset and teary as well, but it’s not because Neil’s gone. It’s because she’s very emotional that something could happen in her family as well, and she wouldn’t know about it. She wrings every last drop of attention she can out of this hypothetical situation.

Sharon makes the rounds, getting the scoop and just basically being angry. Man, that woman can talk! And swear! She’s even sticking up for Jacob, saying that she’s back in the game to play for herself and for him because he didn’t deserve to get screwed over by Jen. It was all Jen’s fault, of course, because Sharon has decided that Parker is her ally now and she’s hanging all over him. Amanda is too. Weird.

No matter which feed I go to, I can hear Joshuah crying and Sharon talking. That’s really what most of the rest of the evening is made up of. Throw in some tears from Alison too, and that’s pretty much it. Sharon says that she can sleep alone in the house, but apparently she and Joshuah are actually playing as a pair because they decide together that they’re playing for themselves and for their partners who are no longer in the game. Aw.

Sharon hangs on Parker some more, complaining that Jen has messed up everyone’s game and they need to get rid of her. Sharon is sure that the partners thing isn’t going to last the whole game, so Parker has to stick around so they can get rid of Jen together.

The hamsters sit down for dinner at 10:30pm. They’re eating some kind of meatloaf or something that looks undercooked, rice, veggies, and mac & cheese. I hate to bring this up, but boy do I miss watching Dick cooking. Everyone gathers around the table, and a few minutes later Joshuah is crying so hard that he has to leave. He escapes to the spa room, and Chelsia goes in to join him.

Sharon and Joshuah end up, separately, complaining to other hamsters that they don’t trust each other. So, are there any couples left who actually like each other? Matt’s complained about Natalie, Alex has decided Amanda isn’t his type, James hates everyone … nope, the soul mate twist is officially a dud.

The rest of the evening is just more of the same. That is until Jen and Ryan go off to the bathroom to have sex. We get flames, but the audio is running. Check it out right here – sounds like Jen got the short end of the stick (pun intended). She’s pretty sure that the cameras didn’t pick any of it up, because the kind camera folks would want to give them privacy. This is the same chick who has wanted to be on BB for sooooo looooong. She should know better.

And, without any fanfare, hamsters are getting ready for bed and going off to sleep. I can still hear Sharon talking though. And I probably will all night long. In my sleep.

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