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Save the Drama, Latina Mama: Next Action Star Update

This episode was mostly about Miss Viviana, the colombiana with a bit of an attitude. The girl is courting some serious drama. In this episode, she fought with almost all of the other contestants. She and Linda, the Italian-born wardrobe stylist almost came to blows at one point. It would have been an interesting catfight.

This week, the contests got to meet Joel Silver finally. Many of them said that “it put the whole thing into perspective” for them. I was so glad to hear that. It’s nice when actors know that they are making a difference.

Meow! That was catty.

In their acting class with celebrity acting coach, Howard Fine, everyone got really emotional. Jeanne told about the child she gave up for adoption. Howard “House”, the youth counselor from Atlanta, discussed his gangland days. He almost didn’t snap out of his reverie. It was no big surprise when he and Jeanne won the right to pick their teams and role for the next scene.

All the contestants went to weapons training. Everyone agreed that Viviana should not be allowed to hold a weapon. She was a bit scary with it. Oh yeah, then she and Jared got into a few different arguments.

It’s a good thing Viviana uses a waterproof mascara. She shed lots of tears tonight. (Perhaps, Jeanne could buy one for herself. She looks a little Brandon Lee as the Crow when she gets emotional. I’m just saying!)

At some point, Viviana made the decision to leave the show. None of the remaining women got sent home as a result.

With her goes some of the drama. I’m not sure if I’m sorry to see her go. As a latina myself, I’m kind of upset that she played the overly-emotional-spitfire-stereotype so negatively.

Oh well! I’m sure the producers will concoct something else, right?

Santino, the Miami-based stock broker trainee, was let go on the men’s side. The casting directors didn’t feel he had what it took to carry a whole 2-hour movie.

I’m not sure if I agree with their decision, but I’m not the professional. Tomorrow, Next Action Star moves to its new, Wednesday slot.

The contestants get romantic for a scene, but two of them carry the feelings over into real life. I wonder which set of contestants pairs up.

Stay tuned for my update tomorrow.


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