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BB9 – One Out, One In

I have no idea what’s going on at the moment, but after about an hour of trivia, we return to find Neil gone and Sharon back in the house. Sharon mentioned that she gets to sleep alone, so I guess she and Joshuah are playing solo now? Joshuah is upset because he liked Neil and didn’t get to say goodbye.

Update: It sounds like Neil was called to the DR and left from there because of a personal matter outside the house. But Sharon must have been close by, and sequestered, to be able to come back in. If they’re sequestering the evicted hamsters, that means we might see more evictees returning to the game.

3 thoughts on “BB9 – One Out, One In

  1. Shannon – I might have misunderstood that. Sharon and Joshuah both had a conversation about how they’re playing for “four people” instead of two (meaning their original partners and themselves), so maybe they are indeed playing together. I have to rewatch a couple of camera feeds to figure this all out.

    Carl – I so agree! She said it on the show last night too, that she was being backdoored. Not sure how one backdoors someone when there aren’t any nominations, no POV, and no vote. *lol* That Sharon talks a mile a minute!

  2. I like how Sharon is running around saying that she and Jacob
    were “backdoored”, and that Jacob was just trying to protect
    their alliance. LOL

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